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Each week new workers join to compete for your remote, freelance jobs, assignments and projects. Whether your business needs to execute a project, fill a quick part-time role or source a full time remote employee, we have the talent ready, willing and able!

We meet the complex hiring needs of today’s modern businesses by providing strong candidates for every type of position you’re seeking to fill, from short-term projects to part-time and full time remote employees. Grow your business hiring 1099 Freelance Contractors.

Save time and hire better workers using our break-through patent-pending solution: The Enhanced Virtual Resume. See candidates video resumes, photos, links to social networks and more, so you can weed out candidates before they interview. With the Enhanced Virtual Resumes we have made hiring an enjoyable experience!

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Home Office Careers has developed a better system for hiring remote talent to grow your business

We understand the process businesses go through in sourcing high quality workers for freelance and high turnover jobs.

Hire all types of employees that your business needs to most cost effectively operate and grow. Whether you need full-time freelance talent or you just have one-time assignments, you will be able to source all your needs here.

With applicants Enhanced Virtual Resumes, small business owners, hiring managers and HR departments save time with fewer interviews and the ability to weed out candidates before they ever set foot at your business location.

Part-Time Hourly Workers to Full-Time Salaried Employees: Build your team by nurturing the freelance relationship into an ongoing work agreement to retain talent and grow your business.

We provide custom solutions and develop direct feeds for enterprise clients with advanced employment and recruiting needs. If you represent a large company or organization that needs a custom solutions to feed large amounts of jobs directly to our platform, then please contact us now.

Benefit from our candidates’ Enhanced Virtual Resumes

Get to know the applicants before you interview them
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The future of online hiring is here! Home Office Careers has developed a patent-pending breakthrough solution to help hiring managers across America hire better talent and save time and money.

When Employers post a job on our site, they receive applications directly into their accounts from candidates with Enhanced Virtual Resumes. The Enhanced Virtual Resume was developed for Employers to learn much more about candidates before scheduling an interview.

Traditional resumes and other career sites don't stand a chance compared to our applicants’ Enhanced Virtual Resumes!