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Mike du Jour is, according to its creator Mike Lester, the rare triple entendre: the main character's name, the artist's own name and an honest description of the strip. "Like the freedom of a chef designing a menu every day based on what's fresh, MDJ is whatever fresh idea I can cook up," he says.

Mike (the character) is an autobiographical composite. He's "a combination of Walter Mitty, Buster Keaton and moi. He's single, a bit of a loner and a situational counterpuncher, heavyweight division," Lester adds. Mike works in a generic office environment known as Big Bottom Line Inc., and since he and his co-workers don't have enough problems, they invent them. "Office work is boring," says Lester, "or so they tell me."

Mike Lester also creates editorial cartoons. Both Mike du Jour and his editorial cartoons are distributed to newspapers by the Washington Post Writers Group.
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