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At the Cartoonist Group, we are passionate about humorous art. We marvel at the skils and abilities evident in the work of the cartoonists whose work is included here. A line here, some color there - these artists are masters at combining visuals and text. In the process, we, as the audience, are entertained and sometimes even educated in a way that is unique to this artform.

Our efforts are guided by three key principles.
First and foremost, the creator's/copyright owner's interest in their work is paramount. This means that we take copyright ownership very seriously. We intend to utilize all means available to us to protect the work featured here.
Second, you decide what you see ... not us. All comics and cartoons in the database are treated equally so that your own searches determine how you see and select images.
Three, the work here is valuable. Other providers license comics and cartoons for a lower price... but our preference is to provide the best value meaning the best quality for the best price. Frankly, to do otherwise ultimately means that there will be no editorial cartoons and comic strips available to license.

The impetus for the Cartoonist Group grew out of our respect for this art combined with the belief that digital technology offers new ways for people to access and to utilize this art. Additionally, our interest in a database-driven site was fortified by experience with the Frank and Ernest database. In general, our goal is to make diverse and high quality humorous art available to users - on terms that make sense to the users - and to make the art available for multiple products and services at a price that is a good value.

We thank you for your interest in The Cartoonist Group
and we will be happy to respond to questions or comments.
Please call us at (206) 284-6765 or reach us via e-mail.