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Nina's Adventures

Published 1995-01-13 (Image 1931)

This tape player doesnt work.  Maybe its like that on purpose.  Why would anyone make a defective product on purpose?!  Simple.  Employee sabotage!  See the capitalists who own the company that manufactured your tape player exploit the employees who actually do the work!  Theyre trapped by economic necessity slaving for "the man" on degrading, meaningless production line tasks!  Messing things up is one of the only ways a worker can express dissatisfaction!  In a system where almost all their power and dignity is stripped away from them, sabotage can make a difference!  So when you open that crappy product, when that appliance breaks as soon as you plug it in, when the goods you purchase are riddled with gaping conspicuous flaws - it means another blow has been struck for the REVOLUTION!!  I still want my money back.  Sure!  I only work here!

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