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Nina's Adventures

Published 1993-12-17 (Image 1714)

Mr. Jones Makes the World a Better Place.  Satancorp.  Welcome aboard, Mr. Jones.  As an employee of Satancorp, youll be working to exploit poor people in third world countries, dump toxic waster into the air, earth and water, create wars, encourage political corruption and wipe out whats let of the rainforests.  Well pay you $50,000 a year - a  remarkably high salary in todays depressed job market, but well be profiting many times that for the work you do!  Youll be expected to work 9-to-5 like everyone else, and attend after-hours social functions with your co-workers, thus not only will you be a cog in a large soulless machine, but also by example youll be reinforcing the mindless, dependent lifestyle that keeps companies like Satancorp running smoothly!  Heres your first paycheck!  Gosh, now that I work Satancorp, I can finally afford to donate to charities and buy that recycling bin, thereby making the world a better place!

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