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Nina's Adventures

Published 1990-08-01 (Image 2355)

"Food Poisoning".  One afternoon at a business lunch … Bargain negotiate.  Wheel deal.  That night …. My housemates drove me to an emergency room at 2am … Our Lady of Patriarchal Domination.  This is the only place thats open.  Well do a pro-choice demonstration outside while we wait for you, Nina.  You poor thing.  You must feel awful.  We just need to take a little blood sample.  Poke!  This shot will make you feel better.  Well, nothing shows up in your blood test, so youre perfectly well. Go home.  4am ... You were in there for hours!  What did they do to you?  You look like hell.  They tortured me.  2 weeks later .... Hospital Charge  28.94  198.50  30.75  65.00 34.00  357.19  Lets see ... I got food poisoning at a business lunch, and then I draw a cartoon about it ... Maybe I can write it off of my taxes?

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