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Nina's Adventures

Published 1989-01-23 (Image 2525)

On the Mall. The Panhandler Game. fish fish.  Hey sister, can ya spare a quarter?  Got 47 cents?  I want to buy a cup of coffee.  Spare 60 cents for bus fare?  Got 42 cents?  I need a pack of gum.  Spare change?  I need to feed my cat.  Ill recite my latest haiku for 50 cents.  Give me 45 cents or Ill start screaming and publicly embarrass you.  Jeez I thought Id never get past all those panhandlers. Natures Overpriced Health Food n Stuff. Thatll be $15.72.  Oh no!  I dont have any money left!  Later... Ease your guilt for 50 cents? Buzz off.  Repeat 30 or 40 times then start game all over again!  Provides hours (or days weeks, months, years, etc) of entertainment for all ages!  Anyone can play!

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