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Work from Home Careers for the New Economy

Our Specialized Employment Service is leading the work from home industry:

  • Jobs posted are all 100% work from home positions
  • Jobs go through our human double screening process for quality and relevance
  • All members have dedicated account managers for personalized support and guidance
  • New jobs are posted daily; thousands posted every month; perfect for new economy workers.
Highly Rated Companies need Reliable Home-Based Workers ASAP!

Home Office Careers brings great jobs offers to thousands of serious stay at home workers every month!

At Home Office Careers we verify and present great opportunities to our members; No Hype, No Gimmicks, No Nonsense – Just Real Work from Home!

“Just because you don’t leave your home doesn’t mean you can’t have a career! Staying at home, working around your own schedule and being financially independent – that’s our mission for every one of our members.” I. Klein, ceo

The new economy is changing employment in America

The future of job growth in America is in the online information industry and careers that support the internet companies. We are no longer in a manufacturing led economy, America’s new work opportunities are not in the big box stores and factories or offices – they are from your home on the internet.

The new economy is being driven by outsourced jobs, where companies save thousands per employee in overhead and benefits savings and workers are free to work more than one job around their own schedules.

Home Office Careers exclusively posts online jobs and provides a unique service that uses real humans to screen and validate each new job before being posted for quality assurance. Home Office Careers offers members unlimited one on one personalized career guidance, job recommendations and support services. Our winning combination of job verification and personalized support for each member are a proven solution to help home-based workers find online jobs quickly and ongoing throughout their career!

Are you new to Work from Home?

Don’t worry we’ll teach you what you need to know and how to proceed.

After you complete your membership registration, schedule your introductory phone call with member services right away so they can walk you through our website and provide you with all the support and direction you need to get your home career started quickly!

After using our career service for a few weeks you’ll be sharing this site with all your friends!

Our Career service is designed to be the last job site you will ever need to use for the rest of your working days. Our team continuously verifies new positions because we understand the new economy jobs can be part time or short-lived. We deeply understand the needs of a home office worker and the demands of businesses leading the new economy. While there are some long term careers available for home employment, workers must stay ahead of their careers by using our service on an ongoing basis to make sure you always have sufficient income and security.

We have hundreds of available work-at- home positions that need remote workers ASAP! We have jobs in dozens of industries but here are some of our most popular, hot job categories:
  • Typing & Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare
  • Assistant
  • Sales
  • Transcription
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Administration
  • Business
  • Online Tutor

"You have what it takes to be a successful home office worker – we provide the service that makes it happen!"

Support & Guidance Services

Customer Support

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week through Email & Phone support. Plus, once you complete your membership registration you will be assigned to a dedicated career manager who will help advise your work from home career path and provide recommendations.

Career Counseling & Job Concierge Services

Going through a career transition? New to the work from home industry? Our helpful support team will evaluate your experiences, get information about your interests and then provide insightful guidance for your home-based career.

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