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Working From Home: The Power Of Persistence

Working From Home: The Power Of Persistence

Alan Klein is Home Office Careers Chief Marketing Officer and he has been helping people fulfill their potential and achieve success throughout his own long career.

This is a Home Office Careers Podcast, created to help you find a great work from home job. Whether it’s for full time or part time work, Home Office Careers is the leading employment resource for the new economy, and we’re dedicated 100% to helping our members find honest, good work they can do from their homes. So whether you are early in your career or have decades of experience, if you want to find a great home-based job, you’re in the right place.

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Hello, I’m Alan Klein, Chief Marketing Officer of Home Office Careers. I’ve been helping people fulfill their working potential and achieve success throughout my own long career in advertising. I’ve worked with thousands of people and with hundreds of different types of employers, and I’ve learned through experience how to coach and train all kinds of people in career management. And nothing gives me greater satisfaction than being here at Home Office Careers, helping people benefit from the growing trend among employers who are hiring more employees to work from home.

I want to speak with you today about the importance of persistence in your efforts to find a good work from home job.  Every day we receive requests from our members who are frustrated, especially because they have submitted applications to job offers, and have not received any acknowledgement or other notification from the employers they have applied to.  For example, here are typical comments:

“I submitted 5 or 6 applications over the past few weeks and haven’t heard a thing. What’s wrong?” Or, “I’m giving up. No offers after a month of applications. Maybe there are no good jobs out there.”

We can’t blame anyone who has had these experiences to feel frustrated, to become disappointed, and to no longer feel enthusiastic about their ability to find a good full time or part time work from home job.

These disappointments happen to good people who conduct a thorough search through the job offers we post on our Web site, and then submit an application for each job that interests them. These members have sharpened their resumes and their cover letters, and attached them to their applications.  And then . . . nothing.

But the truth is, the opportunities are better than ever. More and more companies are hiring home-based workers, and in a few years, a majority of jobs will be for people who work from home rather than in the offices and premises of the employers. The point is, the jobs are out there, and are being filled. So my message to you is twofold:

  1. Manage Your Expectations, and
  2. Develop A Strategy Of Persistence.”

Let’s think about each of these points.

Managing your expectations means accepting the reality that it takes more time and more applications than most aspiring home workers realize. If you have read our blogs or listened to our podcasts, you know that we put a lot of emphasis on an aggressive application process. Here’s why: It takes more time and more applications than most jobseekers realize. In most cases, you need at least 4 months and at least 40 or 50 applications to get that good job. This is why we encourage our members to sign on for longer-term Premium memberships; it may sound self-serving, but it’s a fact of the job-hunting process. Getting a job, any kind of job, takes time, so manage your expectations and give the search and application process the time it needs.

Now, what is a Strategy Of Persistence? Here’s a quick example. Did you know that professional writers who submit their novels and articles to publishers expect to be rejected. Not once or twice, not 10 or 20 times, but literally one hundred or more times. But they expect to be rejected or ignored and are not discouraged; instead, every rejection is matched by a multitude of additional submissions to other publishers and sometimes back to the same publishers. And sooner or later, the right publisher sees the novel or the article at the right time and bingo, a sale. This is persistence, the ability to keep trying, and instead of becoming discouraged, becoming even more determined with each setback.

Now, let’s apply a Strategy Of Persistence to the job-hunting process. Assume that you will not hear back from most employers – that’s a reality, so we need to get past it and move on to other employers.

Imagine you have submitted 10 applications during the past couple of weeks. That’s a good start, but it’s a start, a beginning. Plan to keep submitting applications every day if you can, or at least every few days. Keep track of them, and be proud when you’ve reached 40 applications. The see if you can get the applications up to 60. Then 80. Submit every application as if it’s a winner, the one that’s going to get the job. Keep a positive attitude, and do not let disappointment enter the picture. That’s a Strategy Of Persistence.

To ensure you have enough job offers to apply to, widen your job search into new career categories. There are 30 different job categories at Home Office Careers with over 1,000 offers so get browsing into fields that might be outside your comfort zone. Like Customer Support, and Healthcare, Administration and even Sales.

Summing up, say to yourself, “I can do this, I will succeed by persistence and confidence. No more discouragement, only optimism. Believe me, it will make the difference for you.

I hope you will use the social buttons to share this podcast with others, and please send any questions you may have for me to This is Alan Klein at Home Office Careers, wishing you success. Until the next time.

15 Responses to “Working From Home: The Power Of Persistence”

  1.' Thozama Msizi says:


    I hear Alan Klein’s story which is inspirational and challenging too in a good way. I feel like I would have been very far by now and have made a lot of money if I had got an online job long time ago.

    So I really need more info regarding these work from home online jobs and I have full internet access and I own a laptop too. Please tell me more about them. Also please let me know if it is legal to be asked to pay some money before you start working like say, R440 or $70 or $35?

    I hear a lot of complaints from people who actually paid but are not making money at all.

    Thanking you in advance for your clarity.

    Kind Regards

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Thozama – Your comments are much appreciated and I am pleased that my podcast was inspiring to you. Be assured that we have helped many of our members find good work from home jobs, but it is not possible to place everyone: The job market is very competitive, and it takes on average over 4 months and over 50 applications. Yes, we do charge a small fee for Premium membership to help offset our costs of finding these jobs, and screening to ensure they are real work from home jobs from honest employers. We also provide our Premium Members with Career Counseling and other support to help them succeed. WE recommend you wait to upgrade until you are confident there are a number of good offers that appeal to you and that you may qualify for. We hope you will give it a try, and remember that satisfaction with our services is guaranteed.

  2. Can you send me all the applications you can so I can work from home asap like data entry typing.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Angelique – As a free Basic member you are now able to see all of our job offers, including Data-Entry & Typing. Also search in other categories where data-entry jobs may be “hiden” – these include Assistant, Business, Consultant and Human Resources. Be sure to take the time to look through the job offer descriptions.

  3.' OMAR says:

    im bilingual spanish/english i have been thinking to be a lenguaje traslator probably for documents and actually im asisting to a public school to finish my GED, cause im a droop off high school wen i was in 11 grade, but i just have 8th grade diploma .and I really want to try work from home, cause i have 5 girls who need me + my wife .thanks let me know if there its any possibility.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Omar – We have a number of Translator jobs that you can find in the Search Jobs section of our site. We understand that your education is limited but that does not mean there may not be jobs for you – so start searching today.
      All the best,

  4.' elizabeth says:

    Please what is the exact work we are assigned to do/ to help this company earn more customers

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Elizabeth – thanks for your inquiry. We have over 1,000 work from home job offers in 30 career categories, so start looking through the offers to see what’s best for you.

  5.' Lesstelle says:

    I don’t have a comment i just found this site and was wondering will work experience be enough for some jobs verses book or college degree experience cause i only have work experience.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Lesstelle – Please be assured that we post many job offers for work at home positions that do not have high level experience or educational requirements. The best advice is for you to sign up as a free Basic member and start looking at the job offers.

  6.' Omolola says:

    Please l am living in Nigeria(an African country), is it possible to get a work from home job. If possible what are the requirements? Or do l just apply like everyone and expect to be called upon.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Omolala – Thanks to reaching out to us from Nigeria. Most of our job offers are for U.S. residents, but as a free Basic member you can use the Search Jobs page to find these offers. Select “Job Location” and then “Allows Residency Outside The U.S.” Start there and then consider if there are offers that you can qualify for. If you want to apply to these offers, it will be time to upgrade to Premium membership.
      Best of success,

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi – Thanks for your interest in Home Office Careers. We are dedicated to providing job offers from employers to people who want to work from home.

      Hi Omolola – We understand that you are not a U.S. resident and are living in Nigeria. Home Office Careers is an American company and most of the job offers we post are for residents of the U.S. However, there are some offers posted every day that have no residency requirements and can be performed from anywhere! These offers can be found on the Search Jobs page by clicking on “Job Location” to open the option of “Allows Residency Outside U.S.” (It’s on the left side of the page, under “Advanced Search.”

      If you are not yet a member, we recommend that you join today as a Basic member by going to and signing up for free. As a Basic member you may search for jobs and use Resume Assistant to create a professional quality resume.

      Wishing you success,

  7.' badou bojang says:

    I like to work in home office

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Badou – Please join Home Office Careers as a free Basic member so you can see the job offers. As a free Basic member you can use the Search Jobs page to find these offers. Select “Job Location” and then “Allows Residency Outside The U.S.” Start there and then consider if there are offers that you can qualify for. If you want to apply to these offers, it will be time to upgrade to Premium membership.
      Best of success,

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