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Working at Home – Myths Vs. Reality

work from home

Rebecca is a newlywed and an aspiring fiction author that got her start in content creation five years ago with her beauty and lifestyle based blog and YouTube channel.

Working from home, as I’ve said on several occasions, is amazing AND challenging. It’s never just one or the other. Part of the challenge in it involves the expectations the world has placed onto us.

I’ll go into these thoughts in this article but I’d love for you work from home novices and veterans to let me know what you thought about working from home before and after you got started in the comments!


Myth #1: If you work from home you get to sleep in and work whenever you want — in your pajamas

Reality: This is technically true, we could do this. But as I’ve talked about in my “how to” post on going from distracted to productive, having a schedule is the most important thing a remote worker can do, so most seasoned workers don’t do this.


Myth #2: If you work from home you can pick up and go to help family with errands or emergencies easily, no matter the time

Reality: No, we can’t. It may technically be easier to leave “the office” since in most cases we don’t have to clear it with a boss, but that doesn’t make it any less disruptive to our work day. Usually we have to sign back into work when we get home, no matter the time.


Myth #3: If you work from home you work from your bed

Reality: Not unless we are as sick as a dog! (Although I am guilty of occasionally working from my couch.) No one gets work done from their bed, unless their goal is to browse social media and double tap Instagram photos. It is SO important to designate a space in your house, specifically for a home office. This will keep you on track throughout the day!


Myth #4: If you work from home you have nothing to complain about

Reality: We’ve all heard it — “But you work from home, that’s great.” Just because we were lucky and resourceful enough to have pursued a career from home, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to complain about our job from time to time. All work is difficult, no matter the location.


Sound off in the comments! What expectations did you have when you were gearing up to start a work from home career?

10 Responses to “Working at Home – Myths Vs. Reality”

  1.' Marie says:

    I’d love to find something legitimate that’s honest . I work full-time . My husband is now on disability and our income is half of what it was when he was able to work . I want to do something in the evening to help with the bills .

    • Hi Marie! I can completely appreciate your desire to find something you can do to bring in extra income. All of the jobs posted on our site are screened to ensure 100% legitimacy and quality assurance so you never have to worry whether what is posted on our site is legitimate or not. It truly is amazing how many companies these days are hiring remote employees! I’d be more than happy to help you find something that suits your needs. Please feel free to reach out to me via email – Look forward to hearing from you!

      •' mabaka bolebano says:

        I am a resident of Botswana and a few days ago I did ask whether am eligible to work from home or not, but I never got any reply

        • Alan Klein says:

          Hi Mabaka = Most of the job offers we post are for residents of the U.S., but we do have some offers that are without residency requirements. To learn more, go to the Search Jobs page (once you are a free Basic member) and on the left side, click on “Location.” That will open up a link for the non-residency jobs. Wishing you success,

  2.' Brenda Pace says:

    Hi Stephanie!

    I love how you explained each one to us. As someone who is working her way out of Corporate America into a Virtual Assistant position at home, I often wondered about the pajamas! haha However, I know sometimes you may have to check in with your boss via Skype or what not so probably not a good idea especially if your jammies are in the buff!

    Anyway, I just subscribed to this feed and am anxious to learn more so that I can apply it to my own work-at-home career. Thanks for sharing it!


    • Hi Brenda! I am so glad to hear you found this article to be helpful! I can tell you as someone who has been working from home for several years I often get asked if I work in my pajamas all day – absolutely not! I feel so much better about myself, as well as more productive, by getting dressed in REAL clothes every morning! I am happy to hear you subscribed to our feed and will be stopping by to read up on more of our articles. Take care!

  3.' Berenice-Rangel says:

    I want to get a job in work at homem, but what is your salarary payment system? You pay us with,check, Direct deposit, money orders?

    • Hello Bernice! I am glad you asked that question. Let me explain to you our services at Home Office Careers. We connect people looking for home-based work with those companies hiring remote employees. The positions posted on our site are those that outside companies are hiring for. We screen every single job and company prior to posting the positions on our site to ensure 100% legitimacy and quality assurance. Many of the companies we work with are large, Fortune 500 corporations! Once you apply to any of the jobs posted through our site the rest of the hiring process is up to the employer such as setting up an interview, onboarding, training, and compensation. All of that will be discussed with you by the employer that hires you. Most companies will pay either by check or direct deposit, but again that will be discussed with you once you are further in the hiring process with the company you apply to work for. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

  4.' Yaleska says:

    Please Help me because I need a job from because of my health

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Yaleska – I’m pleased to recognize you as a continuing Basic member of Home Office Careers and hope you are taking advantage of our services that are available to you. There are nearly 1,000 work from home offers in 30 different career categories for you to search through. Be sure to use Resume Builder to create a professional quality resume to upload to your profile. When you find job offers that are right for you, it will be time to upgrade to Premium membership.

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