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Work at Home Sales Jobs

Sales Jobs Work at Home Office Careers

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Work at Home Sales Jobs are great opportunities for motivated workers. There are two types of sales jobs; inside and outside sales. Most work-at-home jobs in sales are for inside sales reps and the types of opportunities vary greatly. Sales agents are needed in most categories of business creating sales opportunities for most industries. Regardless of your background or previous experience, you can likely find an inside sales job that matches your interests and abilities.

Work-at-Home sales jobs present great opportunities for Part Time Employment. Sales agents can earn a base-salary and usually earn commission as well. A good sales agent can work a part time flexible schedule and earn more than a typical full time job. In a recent article I wrote for, Inside Sales Jobs from Home are one of the 12 Work from Home Jobs you should consider. Sales jobs can be high paying and rewarding when it’s a good brand and a good fit for the sales agent. Success in this field is based on skills and motivation. You need to have the ability to close a sale and be willing to work hard at it day after day. Sales agents need to be self-starters and willing to challenge themselves to keep generating revenue.

Sales Jobs can have different roles depending on the assignment or the needs of the company. Some businesses might provide you with phone leads and request that you cold call and try to generate new business through telemarketing. This is the most difficult and least desirable way to do sales. Preferred sales positions will have inbound or warm leads to call compared with cold calls to people not expecting your call. Warm leads are much more approachable because they are from people that want to learn more and have requesting a call. Additionally, you could expect to contact current client accounts to try to grow the sales numbers. The size of the businesses you are working for, the demands of the job, whether it is a short term freelance assignment or a long-term ongoing position; all these should all be taken into account when deciding which types of work-at-home sales job is right for you.


Inside Sales Jobs

Inside sales reps are employees whose job responsibilities include developing new business for the company and increasing new business with existing clients. The inside sales job can be seen as either a short term or a long-term opportunity. The short term inside sales rep might come in to work on a specific project or assignment and then leave. A long term sales rep, according to Ideal candidate, is one who works between the business development team and the outside sales reps of a larger organization. Some inside sales reps act as the lead generators for the outside sales team. The typical salary of an inside sales rep is about $50K a year but that varies greatly based on commissions and experience.

A work from home inside sales rep can do all the same things an inside sale rep who goes to an office can do. Most sales are performed with a combination of email, phone and real time video chats like Skype.  In other words, there are no disadvantages to doing an inside sales job from home. I think the advantage would be for the home-based inside sale agent vs. the onsite office-agent, because sales calls frequently need to be done at all hours, not just during set hours. Having the flexibility of a work from home sales job will allow an inside sale rep to cover a broader range of the day’s hours.


Sales Jobs Work at Home Office Careers


Outside Sales Jobs

Outside sales jobs are for highly motivated and social people. An outside sale rep’s job is to meet and have face-to-face encounters with clients and perspective customers. Even if an outside sales agent is having a bad day, he needs to be able to put on a smile and be ready to greet people in person. As says, outside sales agents should be able to adapt to new environments and people easily.

A work-at-home outside sales agent is a bit of a juxtaposition as you can’t really work-at-home and be traveling to meet and greet clients. But, you can certainly have your home office be your base and from where you schedule and plan your sales meetings. An outside sales rep can be partially working from home, but not full time, as that would make the position an inside sale role not an outside one. If you have an interview for an outside sales position as a remote worker, you should expect to have a virtual interview so the employer can visually see if you match their requirements for an outside sales rep.


Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

Outside sales is not as popular as inside sales for both the customer’s clients as well as the sales agent. In fact, according to The Sales Benchmark Index, 75% of customers would rather not see a sales person face-to-face. In today’s world, most people are too busy for in-person meetings and many people feel more comfortable conducting business over the phone or by email. Inside sales has become so much more popular in recent years that now the ratio is 15:1 inside sales vs. outside sales agents. Inside sales positions are also more appealing to entry-level agents and newcomers because little experience is needed to do some telemarketing or cold-calling, like what I experienced during my first internship in finance 20 years ago.


My Internship in Sales

I remember my first summer internship, it was back in 1997 in a stock brokerage office at Prudential Securities in New York City. Back then, wealth managers and financial advisors were commonly called stockbrokers, because prior to the Internet, if you wanted to buy and sell stocks you needed to run this transaction through your stockbroker. The broker would write out a buy or sell ticket and then hand those tickets of to the trade desk. This consisted of a group of women picking up the telephone and calling the trade desk downtown in the financial center.

Anyhow, back in the old school stockbroker’s office I was handed a small box of what looked like flash cards, but were called leads. Each lead card had a person’s name, address and phone number and that’s about it. I went into an empty office with no window and there I spent a few hours calling one card after another. Call after call I made without a response. Finally I start to get some people on the phone.  I am nervous, very nervous, it’s terrifying doing this for the first time – for all of you reading this right now who have never cold called before. Not only is this my first time cold calling leads, but I had no idea what I am even supposed to do when I get a person on the phone, my only instructions were, “You ask the person if they want to make money with better stock tips or financial advice. If you get a lead (someone who is interested) then you ask them if it’s ok if a senior broker calls them back.” Seemed simple enough when the office manager gave me the cards and these detailed instructions to a 22 years old senior in college who had no idea what he was doing.

So I call the cards and keep calling and finally get some people on the phone and I stutter and fumble and I get through making some terrible pitches, but nonetheless I get through it. After a few days of torturous cold calling I had a couple good leads, which I proudly brought to the office manager that had me do this. While I thought they were good leads, it turns out the only people who talked to me were the people that couldn’t hear or understand me and were just too nice to say no when I asked if they could have a call back. Oh well, I gave it a shot, but would never return to do cold calling again in my life.

Sales jobs are not for everyone. You need to really be comfortable reaching out to strangers and people you don’t know. Some people are better than others at doing this, you’ll know as quickly as I did in my internship 20 years ago if you can do sales jobs or not. Just give it a shot and you’ll know soon enough.


How to find a Sales Job

Sales jobs are not hard to find or difficult to come by; most major online job sites have thousands of inside sales jobs. Finding a good sales job is more challenging, because you want a position where you can perform well and earn a good commission. If you are selling a product or service that’s not very good, or not very easy to sell, then you may find yourself getting frustrated and moving on to your next position. Some websites offer sales jobs as gigs or projects like through Freelance sales jobs are common for small companies and startups, but not recommended for sustainable work from home careers.

If you are new to sales as an entry-level worker or a recent college graduate and looking to get into sales, then it’s recommended that you start with an inside sales job. After you gain experience working for a company and learning, you will be better prepared for an outside sales career. Business Insider does not recommend taking a job in outside sales early in your career for these reasons.

Work-at-Home Sales Jobs are more difficult to find than a typical in-office sales positions. It’s like this for just about every category of employment, because work from home positions are more sought after than onsite jobs. Here at Home Office Careers we have a few hundred available sales jobs at any given time. We have work-at-home sales jobs in many industries, but I recommend you use the filter for Sales Jobs and you will see all the industries available. If you need any further assistance finding a great work from home sales job here on Home Office Careers then please contact your account manager or the Career Assistance team for personalized help and job recommendations.


If you have had a work at home sales job or would like to start one, then please share your experiences and questions below – thanks for commenting!

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      Hi Wisani – We have over 150 good work from home sales jobs posted currently, and all are either salary or salary plus commission. Sign up as a Basic member to see all the jobs, and upgrade to Premium when you are ready to apply.

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      Hi Andresito – Thanks for your question. At Home Office Careers we have a career category called “Customer Support” and it usually has about 140-150 work-from-home job offers posted. We recommend joining us as a free Basic member so you can search through all of the job offers before you decide to upgrade to Premium so you may apply.
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