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Three Tips to Stay Organized at Home!

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Alan Klein is Home Office Careers Chief Marketing Officer and he has been helping people fulfill their potential and achieve success throughout his own long career.

Many remote workers have questions about staying organized at home. It’s not as easy as you may think. If you already struggle with keeping up with the laundry, packing lunches, preparing dinner, this is probably not going to change immediately when you start your new home office job and you discover you actually have to work! Yes, you may have a spare moment to throw in towels in the washer or make a healthy lunch, but you are going to spend considerable time focused on your job. However, the more organized you stay, the better you will become at balancing your work with your home.

    1. Discover How You Operate: Organizing your home office is like looking into your own mind. Do you keep thoughts in files, do you think in reference to dates, do you keep lists, or are you easily distracted? Set yourself up to win. It’s obvious you are going to need a desk, filing cabinet, printer/scanner, pens, notepads, etc. But think location too. If you are easily distracted, don’t set up your office in the same room as the TV. If you forget dates, buy a large calendar and hang it over your computer.You can also use an electronic calendar and take advantage of the reminder feature. If you have kids at home, set up your office close to the play area. Also make sure you have a door that can create a quiet environment for when the boss calls. Keeping your work area separate from your home area sets you up to succeed! Make sure all of this is prepared and ready to go before you even have an interview- then you can be confident telling your future boss that you are the perfect candidate for this opportunity. For more tips on setting up your home office go to PC Repairs Ipswich home page.
    2. Organize Your Work Day: Once you have established your workplace make sure you establish your routine. I recommend you block out the first few l hours of your day to getting the most important work-related tasks done. Procrastination can destroy the home-worker. Make sure you are meeting the needs of your employer before you get to that load of laundry. This ensures that you won’t fall behind, you will keep your employer happy, and you get to keep working from the comfort of your home.One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting their job still comes first during work hours. In the later part of your work day- once the most important tasks are dealt with- you can break up your day with your home or personal agenda. Complete one work-related item and then throw in one load of laundry. Complete another work-related task, and then take care of home repairs. Have a snack. Walk the dog. Then complete another work project. Enjoy the freedom of working at home by bringing balance to your day!
    3. Keep it Clean: I highly recommend that one of your daily tasks is to clean your desk. Do this every single day no matter what. Home workers often fall into the lazy pleasures of working from home. It’s easy not to clean your desk when you know your boss is never going to see it. However, if you let it get out of control, your boss will see it in your work quality. Take5 minutes when you are working to reorganize and your work week will flow with ease.

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