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The 10 Best Job Search Websites for Your Career

The 10 Best Job Search Websites – Home Office Careers

Isaac Klein is the CEO of Home Office Careers and NGM Media LLC. As an internet entrepreneur, Isaac is always creating innovative ways to better help people and businesses. In his spare time he enjoys; being with family, playing sports and helping several charitable organizations.

Job Search websites are everywhere online, there are thousands of different career websites posting jobs and other resources like; Resume templates, interview techniques, salary information and so on. But, the reality is, most job search websites provide little to no value, because they do not have their own jobs to post or technology to list them. Thousands of so called career websites, use the job search functionality of major career boards through API’s (data feeds), and have little to no unique information to provide job seekers or employers.

Finding a job takes time. Job seekers typically don’t have a lot of time to waste on poor career websites or phony job listings. Online job sites can be a huge help and convenience to finding, applying and getting started working. But, it can also be a huge inconvenience and waste of time using employment sites that don’t have any unique information to provide you. When searching for a job there are 2 things you want to be able to get from the site: 1) Great job listings that are relevant which you can apply to, and 2) information that can benefit your career or your job search, like free resume templates, or sound career advice.

The 10 best job search websites presented below all have the following characteristics of a good employment website:

  • Great aesthetic appearance; does the website look good and have good branding
  • Good user experience; is it easy to find information and navigate the website
  • Job Search Results; are the job listings relevant and useful
  • Add Value; does the job site provide something unique and helpful to job seekers
  • Facebook Likes & Social signals; are job seekers Liking and Sharing the site proportionately


Using these 5 guidelines, I reviewed many popular career sites to bring you this list of; The 10 Best Job Search Websites for Your Career. The list of 10 has been split into two sections;

  • The 5 Best General Interest Career Sites
  • The 5 Best Specialized Career Sites

The results are not listed in any order, all 10 websites below are outstanding and highly recommended for anyone serious about finding a job or learning more about their career.


The 10 Best Job Search Websites – Home Office Careers


The 5 Best General Interest Career Sites


Live Career

Live Career is one of my personal favorites. I like Live Career for several reasons; their website is beautiful, they have a great resume builder and their website has a lot of great career information. Live Career’s website won the 2011 Web Award for Outstanding website in the categories of professional services and Employment. I like their websites UX, or user experience, as it’s easy to navigate through the website and find the information you are looking for.

Live Career has a free resume builder which is great if you don’t have a resume yet and are looking for a fast and easy solution. Their resume builder is simple, just enter your personal information as prompted and step by step follow the instructions until you are done. Live Career also offers premium resume assistance for a fee if you need more help or don’t want to use a standard template.

Live Career has many other resources for job seekers, such as their; sample cover letters, interview tips and a useful salary calculator. The website was well planned and when you visit Live Careers, you’ll likely find yourself curiously moving from page to page within the site effortlessly. I like that the site is free of distracting ads and they have a combination of free and premium services.


Simply Hired

Simply Hired is simply put; a great career site! Simply Hired uses advanced technologies to index as many jobs as possible and employ algorithms to match employers with the best job seekers. The result is a website doing in excess of a billion job searches a year and managing over 30 million visitors every month. Now one of the 10 largest career websites by traffic, Simply Hired has become one of America’s most popular job search sites.

Simply Hired also performs its own research and has created some helpful resources for your career. On their data-and-research page you will find; employer and job-seeker e-books, infographics and employment outlook reports. My favorite page is the Job Openings by Metro, which uses a data table and a dynamic graph to show where the most openings are listed through the top 50 metropolitan areas in the US.

Simply Hired is overall a great career website full of useful information and their job search is among the largest in the career industry. Whether you’re looking for a new job, or would like to learn more about your career opportunities, you can use Simply Hired to help achieve those goals.


Glass Door

Glass Door is a leader in the job search industry and provides great value to both job seekers as well as employers. Glass Door aggregates employer driven data and uses it to help their 2,000+ companies that hire through them. By accumulating all this data, they are able to provide more precise insight to their clients, the employers. Also, Glass Door does a great job, providing research reports regarding economic employment forecasts, namely job reports, and unemployment changes. I was impressed to find that they have an in-house economist who digs deep into their data and macro-economic signals like job trends, to provide as much information as possible.

The Glass Door website looks great and is very easy to navigate. The website is full of fun and useful resources like their Top Companies page which breaks into 4 neat parts; culture and values, comp and benefits, career opportunities and work-life balance. I especially enjoyed reading about the top companies for culture and values, because that says lot about an organization, providing great information for serious job seekers. I am certainly not the only one to enjoy that page on their website because it also has a few thousand social shares.

The Job Search results from Glass Door appear a bit different, but I like them because they are both visually appealing and they have reviews with a score. We all love reviews from our peers, so it’s very thoughtful and clever that they have enabled reviews for the employers listed within the site. Another aspect of differentiation that I like from Glass Door are the industry specific interview questions. Within the job seeker area, they have a community interview page, specific to each industry. So if you want a job in, for example; data-entry, you can see common questions with community responses, a great learning resource for mastering an interview in your industry.



Beyond is one of the oldest online career websites. Founded in 1998, – yes, the past millennium, it has been a brand name in the career industry for a long time. Beyond touts an impressive member list of over 50 million members. While this is a huge number, I think it’s safe to assume and hope that not all 50 million of their members are active, nonetheless a great milestone achievement. I know the Beyond marketing team has worked hard in recent years building the Beyond brand, as CEO of NGM Media LLC, we many times tested the Beyond Affiliate program as publishers in the career industry. Most brands are not savvy enough to navigate the affiliate marketing industry, but Beyond has proven otherwise.

I have always been a fan of Beyond because they have great content resources and I like their smooth blue website. Convenient for job seekers they offer a job search box at the top of their pages and their website while full of information, is not overwhelming and the resources are easy to find. I like the Beyond Infographics page, some of the infographic creatives are quite amusing.

The Job Search page is simple and easy to use. Beyond has extensive job search results and has been around over the years to help job seekers. A neat feature of Beyond are the industry specific channels they have created. For example, if you are an accountant, they have a page dedicated to accountants, including relevant industry information and communities.



Indeed is decisively the largest career website on the planet. Indeed is an aggregator of jobs, their mission is to provide as many job listings available as possible. Many other smaller career websites, or general information sites use the Indeed jobs’ feeds to display the Indeed listings directly through their website. You have probably used an Indeed job search before on a website and you may not have even known it was Indeed, because you never left that other site. Indeed is everywhere there are jobs and for good reason.

As the largest jobs website, Indeed receives more visitors from job seekers than any other employment site, and hence many employers turn to Indeed to receive the maximum visibility for hiring. But, bigger sometimes has its drawbacks and users of Indeed should expect to see a lot of results, maybe even more than your looking for. Like Google, Indeed is a super search engine, but for jobs, and like Google, it has unlimited results. Make sure you use the filters to narrow down your job search otherwise the results will be overwhelming.

Indeed has a simple and clean layout and they have a good resume search as well. Enter your job title and you can see other job seeker resumes in your field and in your area. This is handy for both job seekers as well as employers. Job seekers can see their peer’s resumes, providing ideas and insight, and employers can easily search for hires using the same.


The 5 Best Specialized Career Sites


Snag a Job

Snag a Job is one of the best websites to help you find hourly jobs. Specializing in this type of employment, Snag a Job has become one of the most used career websites in the country. Hourly jobs are essential to the retail and customer care industries, as well as for many more, which Snag a Job targets well.

The Snag a Job website is visually appealing and easy to use, so little time is wasted finding what you need. I find their website very useful for job seekers looking for; part time jobs, temp work and hourly gigs. A great feature they have is their Security page for job seekers. They go above and beyond providing detailed articles about how to recognize phishing scams and fake jobs, especially in the work from home industry, which is very true.

One of the reasons Snag a Job has my respect and made this difficult list, is through their caring and compassion to the community around them. I love businesses that give back to their communities and Snag a Job posts their Giving Back page as an example for other businesses to follow. Snag a Job supports over 9 charitable organizations including the Special Olympics and the Salvation Army.


USA Jobs

USA Jobs is exclusively for use by federal government agencies and employees to post jobs. Federal workers anywhere across the United States, can post jobs for free using this single job board. This job search website provides a great amount of convenience for federal government agencies and their employees because; i) This singular site covers all the legal obligations associated with the posting of federal jobs, which needs to be done publicly and fairly, ii) this site saves money and effort from countless federal agencies looking to hire, iii) because of the size, scope and aggregation of all these jobs, USA jobs is a top search engine result for online career searches, hence providing great visibility for all available federal positions across the country in the relevant SERP’s, (Search Engine Results Pages).

Government jobs are in very high demand. In fact, I was shocked to see how many people search for government jobs each month on Google and Bing compared with other job titles. I recently wrote an article spotlighting the intense demand and popularity of data-entry jobs which had about 14,800 search requests on Google last month. Whereas, using the same keyword frequency tool from MOZ pro, searching for Government jobs had over 201,000 searches in the same period. That’s roughly 7 times more! I was surprised, but we have to remember, Government jobs are not a single industry, they cover all industries but have a singular employer; The United States of America.

Government work can mean just about anything. Under the greater umbrella of government jobs, there are all of the usual career categories like; clerical and admin jobs, accounting jobs, healthcare jobs and so on. There are pros and cons to working for the federal government. These opportunities are perfect for some people but completely wrong for other personalities. Compared to private sector careers, government jobs tend to have more rules, restrictions, and formal organization. With typically better working hours and great fringe benefits government jobs will be a safe haven for many American workers looking for the long term stability that a federal worker can expect to have.



Idealist is the largest hub for non-profit information and jobs. With over 100,000 non-profit organizations listed on Idealist and over 1.4 million monthly visitors, any job seeker looking for employment in this field, should be in good hands.

Finding jobs on Idealist is very easy. I like the visual presentation of their job results, and their industry specific filters located on their left margin allow workers to select results based on areas like; woman, family, action opportunities and working with youth. Because many non-profit organizations have limited budgets, idealist makes the easy distinction between volunteer non-profit positions and paid jobs.

Even if you have never thought about applying for a job with a non-profit organization, I would recommend this site for all job seekers because you never know if there is an opportunity for you. Keep in mind, the non-profit industry is similar to the Government jobs industry and that there are so many sub-industries within the bigger category. In other words, non-profit careers could include jobs in; finance, administration, sales, fund raising and so much more depending on the nature of the non-profit and the types of work they do. To learn more about non-profit careers, check out Idealist’s Info center page which is full of helpful articles.



Dice is quite possibly the oldest job board I can think of. In fact they have been around so long, they were posting jobs before people were online. Dice was founded in 1990 as a local job board for tech and computing jobs in the San Francisco Bay area. Fast forward 25 years to now and Dice has become the online leader for finding technology and development jobs. Dice is part of the DHI Group which is a conglomerate of targeted career sites. The DHI group invests in top niche career sites and has grown its revenue s by over 100% over the past 5 years. This means good things should be expected to come from Dice under this type of management.

Technology jobs are not for everyone, especially me. I have been working in the online career industry for about 10 years now and I can go onto Dice and consistently have no idea what many of the positions do or what they are for. Dice is for the techies of this world and if you are one of them – you’ll be at home on Dice.

One of the features that differentiates Dice from other career sites, is the Dice Skills Center page. On that page, click on any of the primary skill sets like; jQuery, or html and you are presented with a brief education of that skill and its relevancy and history through modern development. This is a great tool for both non-tech people, like myself, or for new and less experienced developers looking to learn more.


Home Office Careers

Home Office Careers is a targeted website specializing in the work from home industry. All positions posted are exclusively for telecommute, more commonly referred to as simply, work-at-home. The categories of jobs are similar to that of a traditional job site, however there are several industries which do not offer remote work opportunities like; law enforcement, sanitation, construction and so on. But, among the careers which can allow for outsourced placements; Home Office Careers is the definitive leader in this space.

Home Office Careers is unlike any other work from home website. Unfortunately, the work-at-home industry has a bit of a bad reputation due to all the negative associations to scams and MLM schemes, which frequently hide under the disguise of work from home. Home Office Careers was created for the purpose of providing a legitimate resource for serious home-office workers to search, apply and start real jobs remotely online. To protect the job seekers from tricky scammers and low quality companies, Home Office careers employs a fleet of job screeners and researchers who painstakingly manually review each and every position before it’s posted. In fact, all jobs go through a double verification process where a managerial team of approvers do a secondary screening on jobs before they are presented to job seekers.

Home Office Careers also provides personalized career guidance and job concierge services. Members of Home Office careers need only to log into their profile and then select from our many career support options to receive professional recommendations and suggestions. This has been a big hit for Home Office Careers as the recipients of the specialized support have found it to be extremely beneficial.

Home Office Careers also offers free resume templates specific for helping job seekers land telecommute jobs. Resumes are a necessity for job applications especially for work-at-home jobs where you may never be in the same room as your employer. Your Resume is your greatest asset as a home-office job seeker. Using a free resume template is a great start, and then you should always further customize it to help yourself stand out.


Of the hundreds of career sites online, there are a handful that stand out to me and that I enjoy referencing for information or that I use to recommend to job search newcomers. You might be wondering why the CEO of a career site would recommend any other website in their own industry. While yes, as CEO of Home Office Careers I am naturally favorable of our site for the work-at-home industry, but other major main stream career sites are not competitors to us. In fact, here at Home Office Careers we recommend job seekers to always begin their job search using free resources like major job aggregation websites. Home Office Careers, is a niche service specifically for work from home jobs. We only post remote, outsourced positions, whereas major job sites post primarily onsite, traditional job posts. Another major differentiation between Home Office Careers and other traditional job sites, is that all jobs posted have been individually reviewed by a human being, before being posted. This is a very labor intensive step that is impossible for a major job site to provide because they index millions of jobs.

Whether you are just starting your job search or if you are an experienced executive, The Top 10 Job Search Websites for your career described in this article can give job seekers a huge leg-up for their career.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Do you have a favorite job search website not on this list? If so, please share with me through commenting below:

13 Responses to “The 10 Best Job Search Websites for Your Career”

  1. I am interested to work at home, but could you please tell me before I sign up, is there any fees, monthly, or membership fee for this website or to find the job? Also Pl let me know how it’s work.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Jayshree

      We have over 1,200 manually screened work from home jobs available on our website.

      You can get started for free by creating your profile and then you can preview the jobs. Once you have found a position you want to apply for, you will need to upgrade your membership to premium.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. BE_ALONE111@HOTMAIL.COM' raja says:


    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Raja,

      We have over a thousand screened work from home positions waiting to be filled by serious candidates like you.

      To get started, go to our “Sign Up” page or “home page” to learn more.

      thanks for commenting

  3.' Lorraine Moore-Green says:

    I am unemploy so I am looking for an data entry work at home job. Is there any membership fee or work at home fee

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Lorraine – I see that you are a new Basic member of Home Office Careers – Welcome! As a Basic member you can look through our 1,000+ job offers that have been screened for validity (these are real jobs!). You can also use Resume Builder to create and upload a professional quality resume. When you find jobs on our site (under Search Jobs) and want to apply, then it’s time to become a Premium member. There is a small monthly fee and it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Remember, you can’t get a job without applying, so I encourage you to give it a try.

  4.' Virginia G says:

    Do you have any recommendations for the healthcare or nursing industries?

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Virginia,

      We have many jobs available in healthcare as well as medical coding and transcription. More and more behind the scenes healthcare jobs are going virtual, it really depends on what you are personally looking to do and what your qualified to do.

      Please start by signing up with a free basic account, search for jobs and then when you are ready to apply you can upgrade to premium membership.

  5.' Senthil says:

    Hi Team, Apprecite the effort to put this through. My question is, I live in Bangalore and looking to move to states for better opportunities. Need your advise in my job search.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Senthil,

      We have many open positions in several categories of employment. It’s a bit tricky to give you a good recommendation without knowing your skills and experiences, so I would suggest you start by creating your account and then use our “Career Assistance” tab on your dashboard page, and our career counseling team will provide you with professional advice and job recommendations.

      Good luck on your move and your new career!

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Senthil – We are glad to hear from you in Bangalore but we are unable to advise you on relocating to the U.S. We invite you to become a free Basic member of Home Office Careers so you can search through our extensive jobs database. While most of the offers are for U.S. residents, we do have some that do not have any residency requirements. Go to the Search Jobs page and selection “Location” to see these offers.

      Wishing you success,

  6.' Ritchel says:

    Hello,im came from Philippines and I really seaching for a home career job nowadays cause i dont have any job now and i need job to earn money. What kind of job could you offer me? Salary expectation..And is their any payment for the registration? I just want to make sure if i could really earn income for this job because i was once mistaken to rgster for online job which was nothing happened to my payment and i didint get back some income for it.thanks

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Ritchel,

      You can search and apply for work at home jobs for free on

      Please check with each employer to make sure that you can work from abroad.

      thanks for commenting

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