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Technology You Need to Successfully Work from Home

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Renee is an author of many articles for various magazines and blogs. She is the owner of the parenting blog, Next Generation Stay At Home Mom. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing on the beach with her husband and son.

Working at home definitely has lots of perks like starting your work day at the time that works best for you, having a flexible schedule, and having more time to spend doing the things you love. As together as most of us have it, we all have our frazzled days. If you happen to catch us on a frazzled day perhaps we have a nice dress shirt on top for our Skype conference and pajama bottoms on under the desk where the camera cannot see, we may occasionally procrastinate, or work longer hours than expected. However, there is one thing every good work at home employee knows to invest in and that is the technology you need. You are using technology to do all of your work off of, store in and it is in your care. You need to be sure that you are secure and safe. Here are some of the most popular technology items that you usually will need for your work at home job. Remember most of these are at least partially, if not all, tax deductible.

Laptop – You can use your old desktop computer, but you will get tired of your dinosaur technology very fast. You will be on your computer A LOT for every work at home job. It is best to get a good computer. Be sure to get a computer you are comfortable using, you may also consider getting one with an office type of package such as Microsoft Office, that way you can print your own letters and have your own spreadsheets. You may even use office software to keep inventory of your tax information.

A Good Phone – The type of phone you need will depend of the type of job that you have. The majority of us really need a good Smartphone. You need to be able to check and respond to emails at all times of the day. Working at home allows you to set your own hours, but remember some of your office may be working when you are not. Checking and responding to emails is much easier if you have a Smartphone and are able to open up documents and photos, and respond accordingly.

Some work at home jobs require an older fashioned landline phone. If you collect credit card information, health information or any personal information for your work at home job you usually end up having to have a landline phone that you use. The bonus is you can get the cheapest basic type there is. Also, internet and cable phones are not the same as landline. You usually want just a basic office phone to plug into your landline.

Connectivity – Fast internet connectivity is crucial to all work at home jobs; it is how we function. Some work at home jobs that have you taking personal and/or confidential information insist you connect through an Ethernet cord to your fast internet connection as opposed to a WIFI. Others let you work off of WIFI, but be sure to always make sure it is secure. Also a good thing is to make sure you have virus removal software on your computer and be sure you are always up to date on your software upgrades.

Web Camera – Many work at home companies Skype or do web conferencing. It is important to have a good web camera. Many newer laptops come with a good one already built in, but if you do your own webinars and conferences you may consider investing in a better one that has more options to let your viewers see you more clearly.

Headset Microphone – This is a crucial must have, especially for work at home jobs where you are on the phone all the time. You need a plug in headset with a microphone; most of the time this will plug into your landline phone. Some jobs require the headset with a microphone that plugs into your computer. Be sure you know which one to get. It comes in handy not only to have your hands free to type, but you can move around a little more, and they usually have more convenient mute functions and volume controls.

Data Storage – You are getting a lot of work done at home. Only you have proof that you have done that work. It is important to be sure to save your work not only on your computer but to be sure to have plenty of data storage to store past, present and future projects. It also comes in handy if you store all your personal items on a data storage; your computer will run faster with some of the programs you may have to have on it due to your job.

Alternate Keyboard/Mouse – You chose the sleek and slender laptop that is small so you can easily travel all over the world with it, if you want to with your new work at home job. There is just one problem. You may have a hard time typing as fast as your normal pace with the new flattened and smaller keys. You may also not be so good at doing your graphic design with a mouse pad you use with your fingers multiple ways. Before you know it you are opening many more windows than you needed. Perhaps you might want to go get an alternate mouse you can also plug in and use only when you are working. This also helps many times if you have to use your company software. Company software tends to be older than newer computers so sometime the older keyboard and mouse combination work better on them as opposed to touch screen methods.

What may seem like a big list, in the end, is the only list. Hopefully your new technology items should last you for a long time. You will definitely feel a difference with your work by making sure to upgrade accordingly as time goes on. The great thing about working at home is you need only a minimal amount of items and that is all it takes to get you started.

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  1.' sharon says:

    Your site is good and you seem to get lots of good jobs for your viewers and clients. The only issue I have with home office careers is why should I have to pay you to find a job that I desperately need to get paid for. I never paid anyone to get a job and I don’t think anybody should have to. The reason people work is because they need money not to pay to get a job. I thank you for listening.

    • Hello Sharon! Thank you so much for reaching out; we always welcome customer feedback! I can absolutely appreciate the notion of not paying for a job, however, that is not what our small, monthly fee is for. We bring 100% true work from home positions to you in one very convenient spot – saving you time, energy and frustration of having to look and do research on your own. We spend hours every day finding real work at home jobs for our members that provide safety and stability and we do NOT ever post “get rich quick” work at home schemes. You are not paying to be hired, you are paying to use our services and do not have to pay anything until you’re ready to apply to a position! It is completely free of charge to search and view the positions we post on our site and in our daily newsletters. Also, keep in mind that our team is here to help you every step of the way in finding a home-based position that suits your needs. Whether that means taking the time to look over your resume and provide you with some pointers, or get some more information from you regarding your past work experience and background to provide you with a few jobs that may be of interest to you. Our mission is to help our members be successful in finding a work-from-home position that works for them and we are always here to help! If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email: Take care!

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