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Can Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services Help Your Job Search?

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services

Alan Klein is Home Office Careers Chief Marketing Officer and he has been helping people fulfill their potential and achieve success throughout his own long career.

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services:

More Results From Our New Survey On How Digital Media Technologies Are Helping Jobseekers:

This is the 2nd part of our report on Home Office Careers’ survey of its members on the application of new and emerging digital technologies to the work-from-home job recruitment process (download the report).  In the 1st report last week, we reported on the experiences and expectations of work-from-home jobseekers using Social Media and Mobile Apps. (You can read that 1st blog by clicking here.)

Now this week we are reporting on our members’ experience with Staffing Agencies and your interest in “Virtual Staffing” as well as Freelancing Services, including your reaction to a concept called “Post A Project.”

Staffing Agencies

A Staffing Agency hires or pre-selects people directly . . .

and then the agency places these candidates with employers to fill specific jobs and assignments. So instead of being hired and paid by the employer, you would be employed and paid by the Staffing Agency, which retains a percentage of your salary as their fee for placing you in the job. Based on this description, we asked if our members would be interested in this kind of placement.

The answer is “Yes,” as the survey shows that a majority of our members are receptive to using a Staffing Agency to be placed in a job:

    • Three-quarters (77%) have either worked with a Staffing Agency or are interested in trying; 30% have already found a Staffing Agency to be helpful.
    • Only 23% outright reject the need for a Staffing Agency.

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services

And you may be surprised to learn that more than half of those surveyed expect to pay a moderate commission to the Staffing Agency:

  • 61% are willing to give at least 5% of their salary for the placement services of a Staffing Agency; 24% are willing to give at least 10%.

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services

We also wanted to know what to call this type of service, so a set of alternative names was used. Members taking the survey were asked to evaluate names, with the important qualification that the agency would be operating over the Internet, rather than in person. We especially wanted to know if the word “virtual” is meaningful as a descriptor.

  • “Virtual Staffing Agency” has been confirmed as a viable descriptor of this type of placement service.
  • “eStaffing Agency” and “Online Staffing Agency” are also understandable to jobseekers. The terms “Digital” and “Electronic” are much less appealing.

(download the report)

Freelancer Services

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services

A Freelancer or Freelance Worker is a person who is self-employed…

and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelancers tend to work on short-term assignments and projects, or ‘gigs.’ Freelancers usually depend on Web sites of agencies that post job offers for people who want to work while retaining their independence and not be employed permanently.

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services

A common term for this type of engagement is Independent Contractor. Most people think of a contractor as someone in the construction business, but an Independent Contractor can work in data-entry or accounting & bookkeeping, as an attorney or writer or just about anything you can do to earn payment for services you provide.

So we asked our members if they have ever used a Freelancer Web site. The results show that freelancer sites are not a “go to” resource for you and our other members; Freelancer sites have not been a reliable resource for work from home jobseekers:

  • Over three-quarters (78%) have never used a Freelancer Web site to find a project.
  • Only 5% have used a Freelance site successfully.

We think the reason for this is lack of awareness. Most jobseekers wanting to work from home have either been employed in traditional on-premises situations, or may have been out of the workforce for a long time, to raise children, for example, or due to illness or other factors. People coming from these situations do not tend to think of themselves as freelancers – it’s a term they either are not familiar with, or associate with creative jobs, like writing, design, or perhaps technical computer services.

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services

In consequence of this low level of Freelancer site usage, the implication is that awareness of opportunities to earn money performing short-term Freelancer assignments or ‘gigs’ needs to be raised.

Then we presented a new concept called “Post A Project.”

The idea is that employers who need at-home workers can post a single, short-term project and have it become immediately visible to all of our members. This is a service directed to employers, but it leads directly to increasing the visibility of short-term job offers to our members.
The response to this inquiry was surprising. Despite low usage of Freelancer sites, a strong majority of work from home jobseekers is receptive to using Post A Project, suggesting this is a more attractive and understandable concept than Freelancing:

  • 83% are interested in using Post A Project as either primary or secondary income source.

(download the report)

Staffing Agencies & Freelancing Services

You may expect to hear more about “Post A Project” at Home Office Careers in the coming months.

Next week we’ll cover a subject that applies to more than half our members: Home Office Careers For Seniors. You will be surprised how many opportunities are available for older workers, as many employers recognize the value of their experience, and their solid work ethics. Also, seniors tend to be free of the responsibilities of raising a family and have more free time to “jump back” into part time or full time employment.

I welcome your comments and questions, and wish you and all readers success in your work-from-home careers.

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