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HR Manager’s Survey Press Release

Press Release: HR Managers Survey – Home Office Careers

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HR Manager’s Survey Press Release Reaches Close To 10 Million

The “2016 Work From Home Employment Report & Forecast” from Home Office Careers has been published on 109 major U.S. news sites, reaching an audience of almost 10 million potential readers.

Home Office Careers conducted the survey at the end of 2015 to understand employers’ dependency on employees who work some of the time or all of the time at home, and not at the employers’ facilities. PR Newswire, a leading public relations press release service, released the report. Within two hours of release, the report achieved this high level of reach. The 109 sites carrying the press release include journals read by business professionals and employers, as well as a large mass audience.



January 28 2016 Press Release

Press Release: HR Managers Survey – Home Office Careers


Highlights from the actual press release:

PR Newswire

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 28, 2016 — HR managers say in a new survey from Home Office Careers that employees who work from home are a large & growing segment of the workforce; this segment is forecast to grow larger and more important to organizations from 2016 to 2020. Access the full Press Release

Overall, the HR managers report that an important percentage of their employees perform their work entirely or partially from home, and they project that work from home employees will increase in importance in 2016–2020. These findings coincide with recognized needs among some employees to accommodate longer commuting distances and to enable employees to balance work with family or lifestyle considerations.

Majority Engage Employees Who Work From Home

Two-thirds (64.6%) of HR managers report that part of their total workforce is working at home, either entirely or partially from home and partially at the organization’s facilities. Access the Survey Report

Half Of Home-Based Employees Work Remotely 100% Of The Time

We were surprised to discover that employees who work entirely from home (and spend no time in the employer’s place of work) exist in nearly half – 48.3% – of the organizations. Access the Survey Report

Home-Office Workers Who Are Employed Full Time

Nearly one-third of HR managers report that 100% of their employees who work from home are full time employees and more than half – 57.6% – of HR managers confirm that at least 20% of those who work from home are full time employees.  Access the Survey Report

Recruitment Ads Target Home-Workers

Job offer recruitment ads are indicative of the types of workers needed. It’s instructive that work from home positions account for over one-quarter (27.9%) of all recruitment ads in 2015. Access the full Press Release

Home Workers Are More Cost-Effective

One-third (33%) of HR managers perceive degrees of cost saving by employing outsourced workers. Importantly, among these 33.3% who perceive savings with at-home workers, the majority of this group (70.3%) cites savings of 10% or more.  Access the Survey Report

Planning To Increase Outsource Recruitment In 2016

The portion of employees who work from home is projected to increase. The survey shows that 21% of HR managers plan to increase recruitment of home-based workers to at least some degree in 2016, and 13.1% will increase recruitment by at least 10% or more. Access the full Press Release

Majority To Have Home-Based Workers In 2020

Two-thirds (63%) of HR managers forecast their workforce in 2020 would include employees who work from home (full time and part-time) in 2020. A third (32.4%) project at least 10% of their workforce will work from home. Access the Survey Report

Increasing Requests To Work At Home

The rate of requests to work from home is stable or increasing for more than half of HR managers with 57.2% experiencing at least the same rate or an increase in requests to work from home from current and prospective employees. Access the full Press Release

About Home Office Careers For Employers

Home Office Careers is a unique recruitment service dedicated exclusively to work-at-home jobs, and offers free job posting for employers. Employers may post as many positions as they need to fill, at no cost.

As more employers are recognizing the growing importance of home-based workers, the exclusive dedication of Home Office Careers to this sector of the workforce become highly relevant. Visit Home Office Careers Employers Welcome

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4 Responses to “HR Manager’s Survey Press Release”

  1.' Rhonda Leonard says:

    I am very interested in a job from home. I have been a nurse for 23 years but am burned out from it all. Lots of travel as I live in a rural area. I would be interested in either part time or full time.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Rhonda – With your background as a nurse you will be interested in seeing the 223 job offers we have posted in the Healthcare category. If you find jobs that really sound exciting, that would be a good time to upgrade to Premium membership so you can apply to as many offers as you would like.

  2.' JiMMY JOSEPH says:

    its my pleasure to have this time and say a word as far as home jobs are concerned.its well showned in statics survey that in terms of time,cost,commuting is more economical and efficient,so i would prefer that system. Thanks.

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