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The 3 Most Important Steps To Landing A Work From Home Job

The 3 Most Important Steps to landing a Work from Home Job

Alan Klein is Home Office Careers Chief Marketing Officer and he has been helping people fulfill their potential and achieve success throughout his own long career.

This is a Home Office Careers Podcast, created to help you find a great work from home job. Whether it’s for full time or part time work, Home Office Careers is the leading employment resource for the new economy, and we’re dedicated 100% to helping our members find honest, good work they can do from their homes. So whether you are early in your career or have decades of experience, if you want to find a great home-based job, you’re in the right place.

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Hello, I’m Alan Klein, Chief Marketing Officer of Home Office Careers. I’ve been helping people fulfill their working potential and achieve success throughout my own long career in advertising. I’ve worked with thousands of people and with hundreds of different types of employers, and I’ve learned through experience how to coach and train all kinds of people in career management. And nothing gives me greater satisfaction than being here at Home Office Careers, helping people benefit from the growing trend among employers who are hiring more employees to work from home.

So let’s get started with today’s subject:  The 3 Most Important Steps To Landing A Work From Home Job.

As someone who wants to be able to work from home, you obviously want to be successful in getting a job that you will like, a job that will pay you fairly for your time and effort and will allow you to balance your work and family or personal life – after all, that’s why we want to be able to work from home. But getting that job takes work, and I want to be sure you are investing your time and energy doing the things that will help you to succeed. So, of all the things you need to do, based on our experience with thousands of jobseekers at Home Office Careers, the most important come down to answering these 3 questions.

The 1st question is “How do I find the best job offers?” The answer is simple: Widen the job search to more categories. Let’s say you are looking for a job in data entry & typing. Your first step will be to go to the Search Jobs page, where all the job offers can be found. Look down the list and select the Data-Entry & Typing category and hit the filter button to bring up all the offers in this category. Now, once you’ve viewed all the jobs posted, you are not done – the possibilities are not exhausted! Go back to the categories, unselect Data-Entry and now select another category where Data-Entry jobs may be “hidden.” I say hidden because jobs like Data-Entry are often posted as Transcription, or in Human Resources, Healthcare and Insurance. By going into other categories, you will have not dozens, but hundreds of offers to consider.

The 2nd question is “How can I improve the odds of beating the competition for the jobs?” This is an important question, because there may be hundreds of applicants for each job you are interested in. And many employers use CRB check for their application. The answer is to increase the number of applications. Our own research, and U.S. Labor Department statistics show that, on average, it takes at least 40 applications, and in many cases, 50 or more before a favorable reply is received. This is why we tell our members to “Apply, apply, apply.” If you are sincere about landing a good work from home job, plan on submitting applications every day. I don’t recommend wasting time applying to job offers that you really are not qualified for; keep your focus on jobs that you really have a shot at. And then take that shot! Do it immediately – don’t wait for someone else to beat you to it!  Whenever the job offer description looks interesting, hit that Apply Now button and complete and submit the application.

Okay, the 3rd and final question is: “How do I close the deal and get the offer?” Our recommendation is for you to make a practice of following-up with employers you have applied to. Let me explain how to do this: With each application, record the name of the company, and any contact information they provide on the application. Also note any job offer number or the exact job title. If there is no contact information on the application, then go to the employer’s Web site and see if there is a “Careers” or “Join Us” link. If not, go to the “Contact” link where there should be an email address, or a telephone number, or a contact form you can complete. Specify the job you have applied for and state that you are following up. This will let the employer know that you are a committed candidate and the HR manager or recruiter may give your application more attention. In other words, by “showing up” you can set yourself apart from the competition.

So, to sum up: Broaden your job search by looking into career categories outside of your usual category; increase the number of applications you submit; and take the time to follow up with the employers you have applied to. I hope you will use the social buttons to share this podcast with others, and please send any questions you may have for me to This is Alan Klein at Home Office Careers, wishing you success. Until the next time.

16 Responses to “The 3 Most Important Steps To Landing A Work From Home Job”

  1. Hello, Mr. Klein I’m very interested in working at home. Dedicated, hard working, and learn able to catch on quickly!

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Inge – I see that you have been a Basic membership since early June and I hope you are searching through the 1,000+ jobs we post in 30 different career categories. Be sure to focus on the job categories that you have experience in, and can qualify for. I recommend you look into Customer Support – there are lots of offers and it’s a very satisfying field if you like to work with, and help people.

  2.' Theresacatherynne W Pryor says:

    7.10.16,Sun@1730 hrs KS time

    Dear Mr. Alan Klein
    Home Office Careers

    Re: To date have not recieve no email to get An data entry &/o Going jobs that au the $ 12 to $15/hr as stated.

    I’m an out a place account looking for work after being of for a y’r to battle breast cancer.

    Me I’m ready to go back to work & can’t find nothing in my field of work.

    Send me so.e email prospects do I can go to work & get out of debt.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Theresa – We’re pleased to recognize you as a Basic member of Home Office Careers. Here is some basic information to help you understand and take advantage of our services:

      As a Basic member you may search for jobs and use Resume Assistant to create a professional quality resume.

      If you wish to apply to any of the jobs you find on our site or in our daily newsletter, then you will need to become a Premium member, with the ability to apply to as many jobs as you want, as often as you would like. Premium members are also able to have access to our Career Counseling and Assistance service.

  3. I’ve been applied on line at home since last week. I probably applied more than five positions and submitted my resume. But i haven’t heard anything from them yet or email me at least. I am hoping that i would get interviewed from one of the managers. I have a question how long for me to wait to get any reply.

    Thank you

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Dane – We’ve learned from our members’ experience that it takes about 4 months or more, and 40, 50 or more applications to land a home-based position. This is corroborated by data from the U.S. Department of Labor. So follow our advice and apply, apply, apply – it’s the way to beat the odds since there are many competitors for each position.

  4.' anup sharma says:

    How started this work?

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Anup – We understand that you are not a U.S. resident. Home Office Careers is an American company and most of the job offers we post are for residents of the U.S. However, there are some offers posted every day that have no residency requirements and can be performed from anywhere! These offers can be found on the Search Jobs page by clicking on “Job Location” to open the option of “Allows Residency Outside U.S.” (It’s on the left side of the page, under “Advanced Search.”

      If you are not yet a member, we recommend that you join today as a Basic member by going to and signing up for free. As a Basic member you may search for jobs and use Resume Assistant to create a professional quality resume.

      If you wish to apply to any of the jobs you find on our site or in our daily newsletter, then you will need to become a Premium member, with the ability to apply to as many jobs as you want, as often as you would like.

  5. Hi Mr. Klein. My name is Percy. Your blog has been a big help in educating me on how to look for a Work from Home job career. Thank you so much for this information. I have been working two jobs most of my adult life, but now ready to settle down and stay home. Thanks for wishing me great success. Until next time.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Percy – I’m pleased to learn that you have benefited from our blog and hope you will continue to use our member services. I see that you are a new Basic member, so be sure to look through our over 1,000 work from home job offers and take advantage of Resume Builder. Once you have found jobs that interest you and you feel qualified for, it will be time to upgrade to Premium so you may start submitting applications for the jobs.

  6.' Inayat Khan says:

    i am really interested on home work job. i am Finically weak and i hope your great organization support me.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Inayat – Thanks for your interest. If you have not yet signed up, you may begin as a free Basic member and be able to see the 1,000 work from home job offers we post. You can also use our Resume Builder to create a professional quality resume. When you are ready to apply to jobs you will need to upgrade to our Premium level. Wishing you success.

  7.' Shay'Brisha says:

    Hello i just started this home online jobs and i am just leaving a comment for you I really think your work is amazing when help people that is need. When read this I thought it was outstanding it was helpful too me I hope that I can work for you

  8.' Jacqueline Diallo says:

    Please explain why only premuim members can apply for career opportunities and/or job offers. Why do you require a fee to upgrade? Do you offer any guarantees and/ or refunds? If someone has not received a position within the a timely manner or documented number of submitted applications. (as suggested in your blog scenarios and feedback suggestions)
    Based on what I have read in blog/podcast tips. So, far I have been reviewing the tools available to free membtos. And plan to upgrade in the near future.
    Thank you, for taking the time to respond to my inquisitive

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Jacqueline – It’s great to hear from you; we appreciate your honest questions about Home Office Careers. We help thousands of people like you by providing direct access to over 1,000 work from home jobs. You may see all the offers, but yes, to apply, we request a small fee to help offset our costs of finding these jobs, and screening to ensure they are real work from home jobs from honest employers. We also provide our Premium Members with Career Counseling and other support to help them succeed. WE recommend you wait to upgrade until you are confident there are a number of good offers that appeal to you and that you may qualify for. Then, apply, apply, apply!

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