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Part Time Jobs from Home

Part Time Jobs from Home Office Careers

Isaac Klein is the CEO of Home Office Careers and NGM Media LLC. As an internet entrepreneur, Isaac is always creating innovative ways to better help people and businesses. In his spare time he enjoys; being with family, playing sports and helping several charitable organizations.

Part Time Jobs from Home are becoming more common and increasing in availability! This is great news for millions of Americans that consider themselves freelance or self-employed workers. Part time employment from home is a dream come true career opportunity for many people. With the progression of our new economy, more jobs are being made available for at home workers. From a recent Research Report by Home Office Careers, we found that Home Employment opportunities are growing across the country and Part Time Jobs make up roughly 2 out of 3 work from home opportunities. Home Employment is growing and part time opportunities are the most common.


Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs are those where an employee works less than the required amount of hours to qualify for full time employment benefits. Typically in America, a full time workweek is considered 40 hours, and any employee who works less than that amount would be considered part time. Part time jobs could employ a worker for full time a couple days a week, but not so many days as to have the workers total hours exceed the legal limit. The amount of work hours that constitute full time employment varies in different countries and different states. Frequently employers will offer jobs that present the maximum amount of part time hours allowed by law, without considering it be full time employment.

Part Time jobs from home are dream come true for millions of American workers. Stop Commuting, do your job in your pajamas or anything else you want to wear. Work from home is an amazing opportunity for people who work and stay at home. The advantages and benefits of a work from home career are endless and it comes as no surprise that most people would prefer to work at home. The Home Office Careers 2015 Employment Report discovered that 57% of HR Managers received requests in 2015 for workers who want to work from home. That’s a really high percentage of employees who have existing jobs that want to be able to continue their jobs – but from home. This is does not take into account the millions of people who don’t already have an onsite job that would be even more interested in home career opportunities.

Employers benefit from hiring remote part time workers. The Home Office Careers 2015 Employment Report found that 1/3 of the companies surveyed save money hiring home office workers compared to onsite staff. Companies save money on overhead, outsourcing jobs that would normally be done in an office. Businesses also like to hire Part Time employees from home, so they can save money on benefits like on health insurance and retirement plans. It’s more cost effective for a business to hire 2 part time workers from home than 1 onsite worker that require health insurance, a 401k plan and whom the company must pay time and a half to for any hours worked in over time. The company gets to almost have two workers for the price of one.


Part Time Jobs from Home Office Careers


Part Time Jobs – Full Time Career

Part time work from home jobs enable many workers to have multiple positions. Part Time workers frequently have more than 1 part time job. The culture of home employment has changed how Americans work online. In a traditional onsite career, employees usually have 1 job with benefits and a future. Those employees work hard and invest themselves in their jobs for the benefit of a long term career. Employers like part time workers because they don’t need to pay them benefits and they tend to be more expendable. This is especially true for home-based part time employees. So for all those workers who need full time work, many are left to gain employment with multiple companies.

Working for more than one business has its advantages for the employees. When you are not bound to a single employer your world will not come crashing down if you lose that 1 job. It’s great income security to have more than one source of income. The culture of work from home also tends to have shorter term jobs and more turn over. With employees and employers separated from physical contact, it makes employment relationships be shorter than those of onsite employment.

Home Employment tends to be shorter lived than traditional jobs. This is why it’s important for home-based workers to always be looking for new opportunities. Some work from home careers are longer than others, but certainly the employees who work part time as writers or freelancers, will need to really keep watch for new opportunities.


Part Time Jobs that become Full Time Careers

New employment opportunities for work from home frequently start out as part time offers and can grow into full time jobs. Some employers manage employee risk, by hiring people part time and then seeing how they perform. Good employees are offered full time employment while weaker ones are let go. This practice minimizes a company’s risk when hiring new people. Part time employment as a means of a trial period are a wise opportunity for companies to benefit from.

Job seekers can take advantage of part time jobs to show employers that hiring you full time is in their best interest. Since companies have a more difficult time hiring home-based workers than onsite workers, the home worker will benefit to build confidence with their employer and thus open more opportunities for additional work or increased hours.


Part Time Jobs for stay at home parents

Stay at Home moms and dads make great candidates for part time work from home jobs. Home-based parents that care for children frequently want to work, but can’t find work because they have children. For generations millions of American women were stuck at home raising children with very few opportunities to gain employment and be financially independent. Part time jobs from home offer more than just income opportunities, they offer hope, career opportunity and financial freedom for millions of good people that chose to make caring for family their #1 option.

You can have it all with Part time home employment! Stay at home parents can find part time careers that are flexible around their schedules. There are jobs which can be done at any time of the day any day of the week, like customer service or writing. Flexible jobs allow stay at home parents to gain employment and have the respect that comes with working and earning income. Even if a parent has the desire to work over 40 hours per week, or full time, they can do this through multiple part time jobs which can work around a complicated schedule.

Part Time Jobs from Home have done more than offer opportunities to woman and home-based parents, they have brought working parents back to the home. Bringing working moms and dads back to their home, so they can work part time jobs around their family schedules has had and will continue to have a profound effect on American society. Our culture of employment; how we work and where we work are changing.


Part Time Jobs at Home for Employed Workers

Part Time Jobs from Home are not only available for the unemployed. More American’s are picking up part time jobs online as second streams of income. A worker that might do 40 hours per work at their onsite job, might want to work an additional 20 hours per week in evenings or weekends and make more money. For an employee that might have a physical job, or who stands on their feet all day, will be greatly relieved to be seated, working from a computer at home or anywhere they want.

Starting a part time job from home is a great idea for people that have a job, but want to begin home employment. No need to quit your day job just yet, first start a part time position and then transition your career completely to your home when you are ready. Keep in mind, not everyone is going to prefer working from home compared with going to work. Some people thrive around others and need social interaction throughout their day. Whereas, other people benefit from a home career because they have fewer distractions and can get more done.


Earn more from Part Time Jobs

Part time employment and full time income is the best way to go. That’s the goal in life, be able to work a balanced day and have time for your family, your hobbies and everything else wonderful that you can fill your time with. While employers benefit from hiring part time vs full time workers, that are also more willing to negotiate compensation if they like you and think you are a good candidate. This is because two thirds of; HR managers, employers and recruiters, find it harder to hire home workers than regular in person employees.

Employers and hiring managers find it more difficult to hire remote workers because they are unable to see them in person. We all know it’s easier to judge a person based on face to face interview vs a virtual one. So, present yourself well, have a great resume and convince the employer that you are a top candidate. Because even though hiring managers are inundated with applications, they are really looking for one good person like yourself.


How to Find Part Time Jobs from Home

The best way to get started with a part time job from home is to sign up and create your account at Home Office Careers. Once you have registered you will be able to search jobs and find your perfect part time work from home opportunity. While there are many high quality career websites on the internet, there are none that specialize in legitimate work from home jobs like Home Office Careers. Looking for home employment online is a time-consuming and risky process, as there are more scams and phony offers for work-at-home than for real jobs. Home Office Careers has a team of humans that painstakingly verify each job post before publication and our job seekers have dedicated account managers who help job seekers find jobs from home.

Part Time Jobs from Home Office Careers


Part Time Employment from home

Part Time Employment from Home is a growing niche of our new economy producing millions of new opportunities to earn an income from anywhere with your computer and good internet access. There are many different types of jobs from home a job seeker can find for part time work. Just about any job industry which offers home employment opportunities, will likely offer part time jobs. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started with your career or if you are a veteran, there are opportunities for everyone.

The 2 most popular industries for part time home jobs are; Data-Entry and Customer Service Positions, but there are offers in every industry for part-time. Data-Entry Jobs: Very Popular Work from Home Opportunities, was an article I wrote recently about the immense demand for these positions by home-based workers. Even though there are not that many of these positions available for home-employees, there are in very high demand.

Customer Service Jobs are the most popular industry for Part-Time Home Employment. At Home Office Careers, we have more jobs available for Customer Service than any other industry at this time. Customer Service and Support Jobs are ideal for Part Time workers because they tend to offer flexible schedules and many operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this kind of open scheduling and work flexibility, it’s the most recommended career for part time employment. To learn more about Customer Service Jobs, I recommend you read my most recent article; Customer Service Jobs: The #1 Work from Home Opportunity.

Part Time Jobs from Home are more than just income opportunities for millions of American parents that stay at home caring for their families each day. Part-time employment online enables people that want to work the ability and choice to do so. For generations and generations stay at home moms had no opportunities to work and raise their children while being at home, woman have had few chances to contribute financially to their households or be financially independent from their spouses.

Part Time Opportunities Online are providing a cultural change for who can earn income and how people earn it. Not only stay at home parents benefit from these offers, but all people who can’t or choose not to leave their homes each day. Millions of Americans with disabilities and other reasons they can’t go to work are being granted new opportunities. Existing onsite workers are using part-time employment to transition from their old careers to a new one from their home.

Home Office Workers are changing the culture of how people work. With shorter job duration, less career security and no job benefits, part time home workers are taking multiple positions and changing the nature of employment. It will be exciting to see how part time home employment evolves in the years to come.

Read the complete 2015 Employment Report.


Do you have a part time job from home?

Are you thinking about starting a part time job online?

Please comment and share your experiences with me below.

90 Responses to “Part Time Jobs from Home”

  1.' Haris Ali says:

    I want part time home job

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Haris,

      We have many new positions for home employment now available.

      To get started, go to our “home page” to sign up.

      thank you for commenting and good luck on your job hunt!

    •' Mary Ellen Campbell says:

      I would love to find part time at home work, either transcribing or writing. I have over 25 years’ experience in typing and word processing. I love to write and I am very proficient in grammar and the English language.

      I am currently working for a temporary agency, and they keep me busy, however I would love to work from home.

      Thank you!

      • Isaac Klein says:

        Hello Mary,

        It sounds like you have a lot of work experience and it would benefit many companies to have your services.

        Please sign up for free and begin browsing the positions.

        Thanks for commenting

    •' Judith M. Brua says:

      I want a part time typing job after my retirement in 2017. Hope to be of service to your company. Thanks a lot.

      • Alan Klein says:

        Hi Judith – thanks for your interest in Home Office Careers. We have many data entry, typing and transcription job offers posted. So join as a Basic member to use the Search Jobs function to look at all the job offers in each of those career categories. When you are ready to start applying to the offers, then it will be time to upgrade to Premium membership.
        Best regards,

    •' Elizabeth says:

      I am looking for a part time home job and I consider my self to be self motivated and willing 2 learn new things

      • Alan Klein says:

        Hi Elizabeth – please sign up today as a free Basic member so you can learn how our service can help you. You will be able to see the 1,000+ jobs we post and can use our Resume Builder. As you are self-motivated you will quickly learn how to use the Search Jobs function and start finding great offers. You will need to upgrade to Premium when you are ready to apply to the offers.

    •' Dina tharwat says:

      I want part time home work

      • Alan Klein says:

        Hi Dina – We hope you will join Home Office Careers and start searching among our over 1,000 work-from-home job offers. Use our Resume Builder to create a good resume and read the blogs in Career Resources. There are some good podcasts too – all designed to help train you to find a good job.

  2.' Marsha M says:

    I am in the process of getting myself ready for doing part time work at home, the start up cost is what is holding me back, i need to start a web site, and i have the equipment i need to get started, I am looking more into customer service inbound, been doing that for over 30 yrs, last 15 before i retired was with the state medicaid assisting with provider, plan information, before that medicare part D with Anthem Insurance, and previous to that, was Federal Information Center and also with the State Department so I have varied skills……….so hopefully you will find me back here again to sign up, depending on the set up cost…….thanks

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Marsha,

      You sound very experienced and highly qualified for a work at home career!

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs – Good luck!

      thanks for commenting

  3.' Leah Mae Adorno says:

    I am a working mom. I work 8 hours a day but I am interested to apply part time at to have additional income. I am available at around 8 to 12 p.m. How can I start applying? How much would it cost me?

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Leah,

      It sounds like you would benefit from a part time job with a very flexible schedule like a customer support agent or a writer.
      We have hundreds of open work from home positions waiting to be filled by good job-seekers like you. Sign up today!

      Thanks for commenting

      •' Sandy Weeks says:

        I am looking for part or full time work. I operate and work at a salon and spa 12hr. days six days a week and I could work between clients anytime. What kind of work do you have?

        • Isaac Klein says:

          Hello Sandy,

          We have over a thousand available positions from home employment in over two dozen major career categories.

          More than half of the work from home positions are for pat time employment, so you should be fine working around your current job.

          Being that you work in a salon, you might be a good candidate for customer service and I would recommend you start by looking at those opportunities.

          Thanks for commenting

  4.' Sharon Yea says:

    Worked from home a few years back for. Company located in Houston TX. I loaded data for them. They eventually stopped using a homebase system and went to in house. I loved doing it and would love something like that again.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Sharon,

      Many employers would benefit from an experienced home office worker like yourself!

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership.

      Thanks for commenting

  5.' Amy Morley says:

    I am interested in part-time.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Amy,

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership. Also, included in the premium membership is our Job Concierge and Career Guidance Services which are personalized support services.

      Thank you for commenting!

  6.' JoAnn Anderson says:

    I would like to find such a job because I want to work from home.

  7.' Pamela knotts says:

    Retired after 28 years working for us government. Caregiver for mom. Want to work from home.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Pamela,

      Thank you for commenting – we look forward to helping you find a great job from home so you can have the time for your mom.

      Please sign up and get started!

      thank you for commenting

  8.' Shellie Maynard says:

    I would absolutely love to have a work at home job. I have tried several, been told that they cannot sign up where I live, been ripped off. Obviously I have not found one yet.

  9.' JENNI BROWDER says:


    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Jenni,

      I understand your concern – it’s important to have a job that can work with your schedule.

      We have numerous top positions from home that need to be filled. Get started started as soon as you can.

      thanks for commenting

  10.' Tamaro Lewis says:

    Im looking for a part time home data entry for the extra income i need so i dan buy food for my family please let me know how i can get this started. Thank you

    • Isaac Klein says:

      hello Tamaro,

      Because you mentioned you are in financial trouble, we offer a substantial discount for the following:

      1. U.S. Military personnel (active & retired)
      2. Seniors
      3. Persons with disabilities
      4. Single Parents raising children alone
      5. Foster Parents, Big Brother/Sister & Volunteers helping children

      6. Community Service Volunteers
      7. Financial Hardship (In financial distress?)

      Use this link which will direct you to our special maximum discounts page:

      Thanks for commenting!

  11.' Dianna Lynne Melton says:

    Very informative! Thanks!

  12.' Denise Bryson says:

    Need part time work

  13.' Krystal says:

    I am very interested in finding a stay at home job. I just don’t know where to start.

  14.' Kerene says:

    Good day..can I get some info about your data entry job an part time job also..
    I am more than willing to work from at any time convenient to you…

  15.' Mirian Soldineer says:

    I would like to try this

  16.' Sandy Hefler says:

    I am interested in part time work at home that is Legit Please Leave me some info on how to acquire this info on my E-mail I have been trying to find some at Home business on my on with no prevail Thank You for your help!!!

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Sandy,

      Thanks for commenting and sorry for the slow reply.

      Home Office Careers only provides screened jobs for employment, we do not post home businesses opportunities on our website.


  17.' Sandy Hefler says:

    I have tried to get into some Data Entry work but I have never found anything that is Legit

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Sandy,

      I understand how you feel. That was the reason we started Home Office Careers, so good people like you can get real jobs online.

      We have over 1,200 manually screened work from home jobs available on our website.

      You can get started for free by creating your profile and then you can preview the jobs. Once you have found a position you want to apply for, you will need to upgrade your membership to premium.

  18.' Kari says:

    I’m REALLY interested in finding a part time online job from home. Please help!!

  19.' Lori andrukaitis says:

    I’m interested. Only if I don’t have to pay for software.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Lori,

      We do not sell any software, we provide a premium career service to help people start working real jobs from home.

      Go to our sign up page to begin.

      thanks for commenting

  20.' Keri kerr says:

    Interested in employment and would like to know more about how to get started

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Keri,

      To get started, go to our “Sign Up” page and register.

      We have numerous home jobs waiting to be filled by serious candidates like you.

      Thanks for commenting

  21.' Cheryl says:

    Looking for part time work as i work already

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Cheryl,

      We have hundreds of open work-at-home jobs waiting to be filled by top workers like you. Just go to our home page to learn more and get started.

      thanks for commenting

  22.' nancy johnson says:

    I am thinking about a part time job at home. I worked for the IRS as a data transcriber for 18 yrs and due to a reduction in force my position was deleted. Since I worked for them for 18 yrs I did not and still don’t have a resume. Do I need one to apply for positions if I should sign up? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Nancy,

      yes, a resume is required to get a work from home jobs because that’s how you”l apply to positions. Employers need a good resume to meet you “virtually” and learn more about you. Without a good resume it will be really tough for you to get an online job.

      Good news – we have free resume templates that you can use to get you started fast:

      good luck!

  23. I would love to find a job at home. I have been out of work for 5 years because of an accident. I am a Medical Assistant.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Tina,

      I am sorry to hear about your accident, we are going to get you back into the workforce!

      I would recommend you create your basic profile – then search through our jobs.

      Good luck

  24.' Sharon says:

    I am looking for a part time job on line

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Sharon,

      Good news – about 2/3 of work from home jobs are for part time employment.

      Please start your job search by registering on our sign-up page.

      thanks for commenting

  25.' Corinna says:

    Interested in Part Time data entry online work.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Corinna,

      Data-Entry jobs are available.

      If you are unable to find a data-entry job you should also consider positions in administration and typing or writing opportunities.

      thanks for commenting and good luck

  26.' mary lane says:

    I have 25 plus years of experience as a claims adjuster and customer service representative in medical insurance. I would now like to work from home part time so I don’t have to leave home every day and I don’t need medical insurance.

  27.' Hami Missaghieh says:

    I am interested to find information about becoming wrk from hm employee with benefits!

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Hami,

      We have many home-based jobs waiting to be filled!

      When it comes to benefits from a job, you will need review each job post for the benefits offered and possibly need to inquire with each employer as well.

      thanks for commenting

  28.' Judith Murel says:

    I am seeking employment in the typing field and/or data entry working from my home.. Really need this job a sap… Please advise. Thank You

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Judith,

      Thank you for commenting. Data-Entry jobs are very popular, but we do have several open positions at this time.

      In addition to Data Entry positions we have hundreds of other great work from home opportunities.


  29.' Kelsey Miller says:

    I recently lost my job and i am needing some type of income to help support my family. I have over 15 years customer service experience, over 10 years data entry and 8 years of administrative assistant experience. I would love to start a part time position working from home. Can you help?

    • Isaac Klein says:

      hello Kelsea,

      yes, we can help you. Home Office Careers has many customer service jobs, it’s one of our strongest categories.

      Please register on our sign-up page to begin your job search.

      we look forward to helping you,

  30.' Loriann says:

    I would love to learn about part time jobs from home

  31.' Loriann says:

    Yes I would. I am currently working by always love to challenge myself

  32.' Cecy Paredes says:

    Currently a WFH agent as part time and seeking for better and other opportunities

  33.' Barbara says:

    Jobs offers, is it only available for certain countries? I’m staying in South Africa.

    I need a part / full time position for Data Entry. No luck currently.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Barbara,

      Most of our positions posted will require US work permits. However, we do post many positions that can hire people globally.

      Please register on the sign up page and start searching for open positions.

      thanks for commenting

  34.' Renee Whitehead says:

    I am interested in a Home Office job.Thank you

  35.' Kristina felix says:

    I need a part time job fron home. Im very interesting!!

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Kristina,

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our positions and when you are ready to apply to jobs – upgrade to premium membership.

      To get started, go to our “Sign-Up” page

      good luck!

  36. Looking for recruiting position I can do from home.I have 20+ years in recruiting and staffing in management, professional, manufacturing and non-profit.

  37. Please, this home office careers. What is it about?can u explain it to me ?

    • Isaac Klein says:

      hello Millicent,

      Home Office Careers connects home-based workers to real work from home jobs.

      Please go to our home page and watch our video to begin;

      thanks you for commenting!

  38.' Hayase says:

    I`am looking for job like typing in microsoft or video editing for earn some money to support my parent and to finish my study in college.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi and thanks for your interest in Home Office Careers. You will find we have over 1,000 job offers in 30 different career categories. Sign up a Basic member and then use the Search Jobs function to search through the categories that interest you.

      •' Preeti says:

        hello klein
        I am from India.i like your HomeOffice site.i want a part time or full time job.i completed my MCA (Master of Computer Application).you have any job for fresher?? what kind of job i can found in yor site..pls suggest me..
        thank you

        • Isaac Klein says:

          Hello Preeti,

          We have many IT and technical jobs for professionals like you. But, some of the positions will require US work permits, others will not. So please be sure to check with each employer.

          Thanks for commenting!

  39.' joy raquel says:

    I am a newbie in this kind of job and I urgently needed a job…as of now I don’t have an idea how to do this kind of job,vhope you can help me out with this.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Joy,

      To get started, please create your free account at

      then go to our Job Search page and use the filters to help you find the perfect position.

      Work from home jobs are like traditional jobs – there is no quick buck, you will need to apply and interview and then work before you will be able to get paid.

      good luck and thanks for reaching out!

  40.' Kanchan Tripathi says:

    Hello I m interested in home based work plz u giv me right advise and ideas


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