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Landing A Great Work From Home Job

Work at home: find a home office career

Alan Klein is Home Office Careers Chief Marketing Officer and he has been helping people fulfill their potential and achieve success throughout his own long career.

You’re ready to starting working from home. You’ve heard the promises: No more commuting; more time with your family; flexible working hours; greater control over your life. You may be thinking of some of the other benefits – protecting the environment by driving less, avoiding workplace politics and finally doing what you want, when you want. You are right to want and expect all of this.

Whether it’s for full time or part-time employment, long term jobs or short term assignments, it’s exciting to want to join the rapidly expanding army of people who have work from home jobs and no longer have to report day in, day out to an office or other place of employment.

But you first need to manage your expectations and recognize that you are not alone in your dream: While companies large and small are projecting more outsourced workers in 2016 and beyond, the demand by workers exceeds the job opportunities available. To stand apart from the majority of job searchers and increase the chances of finding and landing the job you want, some extra help finding a job is needed. You are going to have to work at this, so let me share 6 essential steps distilled from experience to help you to land a great work-at-home job.


1. Work From Home Job Categories

Getting started may be the hardest part of the online job search for good work-at-home jobs. As a very first step, an important consideration is to ask yourself “What type of job are you going to be happy with”? Base your answer on your experience, your education, and your interests. You may continue to do what you have done, or perhaps it’s a good time to do something else – enter a category of work-at-home that you’ve thought about and wondered if you could ever make the switchover. Well, why not? Starting a work from home job may be the ideal time to transition.

For example, most people who have worked in Accounting jobs and Finance jobs expect to continue in that field. But what if a person is ready to move on from Accounting jobs and start teaching, or bringing financial skills to the large Healthcare jobs category. Or, another example: Someone has worked in Sales but now would be happier transferring their “people skills” to Customer Support. You get the idea – open your mind to the possibilities, but stay reasonable in your expectations, since every employer will expect you to have qualifications (or at least the potential) to be effective in the job you are applying to.

Next: Are you interested in part-time or full time remote work employment? Do you prefer short-term jobs (or “gigs”) or work that lasts much longer? Most online job search services provide search filters that let you focus your search on the specific working conditions you want.


2. Where To Find Work From Home Job Opportunities

Okay, you’ve narrowed your objectives to the job categories of interest, and you know what type of working conditions you prefer. It’s time to start looking for the jobs from home opportunities that you can apply to.

Search engines are a good place to start. Use keywords like “work from home jobs,” “work-at-home,” “web jobs” “job opportunities” to get started. This type of job search will open many leads for you to follow, but be careful to select those that represent either actual employers trying to recruit home workers, or services that are honest and legitimate intermediaries between job seekers and employers. For example, here is the result of a Google search for “telecommuting jobs”:

Work from home job search: Finding telecommuting positions

Most of what the search engines will find for you are offers to sign up for professional recruitment services and job boards, where jobs are posted. Some of these may allow you to search for jobs on their site, but require a subscription or co-pay if you want to be able to apply for jobs. These tend to be legitimate services that are requesting a small fee to help cover their costs of finding the jobs for you. Our company, Home Office Careers, has a full-time team of job search experts that find hundreds of new work from home job offers every day, and screen each one to ensure it’s an honest job from a legitimate employer where you can make money.


3. Broaden Your Work From Home Job Search

When searching for a work from home position, whether full time or part time, we tend to specify the one area of work we know and do best. Whether it’s Accounting jobs, Media jobs or Healthcare jobs; Computers Technology jobs, Graphic Design jobs or Administration jobs, those are the keywords we use to narrow a search on a site where job offers are posted.

But this can limit your options. While a “shotgun”, or very broad search, is not recommended, neither should your focus be too narrow.

For example, you may be interested in Data Entry jobs, so of course you will want to search that category to start. But many Data Entry jobs and similar positions may be “hiding” in other categories like Accounting jobs, Administration jobs, Healthcare jobs, and HR jobs among others. Many applicants may find there are opportunities for them in large job categories like Government jobs and Technology jobs as well as Education jobs and Customer Support jobs.

When searching a new job category, we recommend deselecting the previous category and clicking only one new category to search. By going one at a time, it will keep things organized and not overwhelm you with 800 offers all at once. Try not to use too many other filters if you want to be able to see the most available work-at-home job offers in the category.


4. Creating A Professional Resume

Everyone who wants to qualify for a good job needs a resume. It is the single best way that an employer can make a quick evaluation of your qualifications for the job being offered. You should see your resume positively; a way to present yourself “at a distance” – it’s an advertisement; not for a product, but for you!

There are several secrets to success in creating an effective resume that can pole-vault you past other candidates and impress employers. These secrets are the result of over a half-century of diverse job search experiences, and are easy to follow.

Resume secret #1: Keep it brief. You may have lots of career experience – or little career experience but lots of “life experience” that has shaped you. You may have high levels of education – or no formal education (although most of us fit somewhere in between). But regardless of how much you have to say, employers and their HR job recruitment departments have very little time or patience to plow through a long personal history.

Have you heard the expression “Elevator Pitch”? It originated in Hollywood and describes the 15 to 20 seconds someone with an idea for a new movie has to impress a producer before he or she gets off the elevator. Take that same concept and apply it to your resume; say to yourself that the employer will only give me a few seconds. That means the “selling of you” has to take place on the first half of the first page. If the employer is “hooked” or interested, of course the rest of the resume will be read . . . but most won’t make it past that first quick glance.

So what do you do? Get a good resume template that you can download and personalize. There are many sites where resume templates in Word format can be downloaded for free. There’s a good resume builder Resume Assistant at Home Office Careers. This site also offers its members excellent career advice. There are also many professional services that will create your resume for a small fee.

Be sure to emphasize your accomplishments: Experience and education are important, but the most impressive elements of your resume are examples of what you have done – what goals you exceeded; what changes you implemented.

When applying to jobs, do not expect your resume to automatically attach to job applications – you will need to use the Browse > Open function when a job application requests it. (Although, be alert to some applications that require that you copy and paste the text of the resume directly into the application.)

In any case, keep a copy of your updated resume on the computer or laptop desktop or in an easy to find folder, so you can easily find it and attach to the applications.


5. The Three Important Job Search Words

Now – important advice for you: More is better. As we said, there is strong competition out there, and the experiences of thousands of work from home job seekers have found that it takes quite a few – dozens or even over 100 – applications before one or more positive responses are received from the employer.

You may have heard the old tenet from real estate brokers that the three most important words to determine home values are “location, location, location.” We can pick up on that idea and transfer it to searching for a work from home job: The three most important words related to success in finding a great job are “apply, apply, apply.”


6. Following Up Your Work From Home Job Applications

Work from home job applicants may be disappointed when no response is received from the prospective employer. A work-at-home job opportunity looks perfectly suited to the person’s experience and there is a sense of enthusiasm as the application is submitted – the applicant believes he or she is the ideal candidate, and expects at least a positive encouraging acknowledgement from the employer. Instead there is no acknowledgement or even a “sorry but” notification.

This is not exclusive to work from home job applications – all job applications are rarely responded to. Today’s employers are less responsive; maybe it’s the nature of the Internet, or because HR departments are overworked.

So don’t assume your application is the last step in the process – it’s actually the first step. When you are filling out applications, be sure to capture the email address, telephone number and any other contact info you can; use the employer’s name to find the Web site and search for the “Contact Us” link. You may even be able to identify an HR or employment contact. Some companies who are active recruiters have a “Join Us” page where you can learn more.

Once you have the contact information, you should prepare to follow up 7 to 10 days after submitting each work-at-home job application. Send an email to the employer, or trying calling. Ask for the HR department and let them know you are a serious candidate, and are requesting an update on your application.

Don’t be surprised if you are told they have no record of your application, or that there are too many applications for the company to reply to each one. Offer to re-submit your application, and ask the person you are in contact with if you can send the application to their personal attention. This will do more than get your application in front of the decision-maker; you are also sending a strong message of commitment and tenacity; telling the employer to take you seriously.

In summing up, the opportunities to work-at-home and gain numerous lifestyle benefits are expanding, and you should be positive about your potential to become part of this movement. Be prepared to work proactively in your online job search, preparing your resume, applying frequently and following up, and success will follow. Questions? Contact Us.

25 Responses to “Landing A Great Work From Home Job”

  1.' Carol Hatley says:

    I would love to work from home since moving from Chicago to Texas. I don’t drive and have no means of transportation, so a work from home position would help me a lot. I can type, I know Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I have knowledge of computers and business. I have done retail work, financing work and some collection work.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Carol – thanks for your interest in working from home. If you join as a Basic member of Home Office Careers you can see over 1,000 work from home jobs that we currently have posted. You may select among 30 job categories to focus on the work that most interests you.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Carol – you have come to the right place to find work from home opportunities. Join us and over 100,000 members and start searching among over 1,200 job offer postings.

  2. Alan Klein says:

    Hi Diana – you may search through our Administrative jobs and you may also find some good Admin-type jobs in Healthcare, Human Resources and Customer Support where hundreds of jobs are posted.

  3. Alan Klein says:

    Hi Lily – we have many work from home job opportunities posted but recommend that you select a few job categories to focus on so you can quickly refine your search and start applying to jobs that you may be qualified for.

  4. Alan Klein says:

    Hi April – Glad that you are interested in finding a good work from home job. Our members are able to see over 1,000 job offers in 30 categories so there are plenty of offers for you to search through. Stay focused though, and home in on work you can do and want to do.

  5. Alan Klein says:

    Ron – good to hear from you and glad to know you appreciated the blog entry. With your great background, you should do well exploring several of our job categories, including Marketing/Media, Healthcare, and Human Resources – add Admins and Customer Support and there are over 600 current offers posted. Wishing you success.

  6. Alan Klein says:

    Hi Chulanjan – It’s good to hear from you; we have many great job offers but to be candid, most of our opportunities are limited to U.S residents. However, we do have some good opportunities that have no geographic restrictions and can be performed anywhere in the world. It’s good that you are a Premium member, so you can immediately apply to job offers as soon as you find them on our Search Jobs page. And be sure to take advantage of our new Premium members services: Career Counseling and Job Concierge – you give us information about your experience and expectations and we’ll get back to you with our recommendations for success. Cheers!

  7. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Apprdciate it!

  8. Alan Klein says:

    Good to hear from you Vanessa. If you become a Basic member of Home Office Careers you can see over 1,000 work from home job offers that are currently posted. When you see jobs that you would like to apply to, that will be a good time to upgrade to Premium membership.

  9.' Muhammad JAMSHAID says:

    Sir I am online job sir works in data entry.thanks

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Muhammed – Thanks for your interest in finding a data-entry job to perform at home. Look into Home Office Careers’ Data-Entry/Typing job category where you can search for job offers. In addition, there may be Data-Entry jobs “hidden” in other categories, so also look into the Administration and Healthcare and Human Resources job categories where there are hundreds of new job offers posted. When you find jobs that you think you can qualify for, that’s the time to upgrade to Premium membership so you can apply to all of the jobs that you want.

  10.' Jeff says:

    Finally, a resource that takes one out of the “scam” options so sadly prevalent on the internet. With a very reasonable fee to boot. I’ve already made contact with my dedicated account manager and look forward to good things that end in being allowed to work from home. Again, thank you.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Jeff – Many thanks for your positive comments. It’s good to see that you are now a Premium member and are able to apply to as many jobs as you want. Be sure to take advantage of our special mentoring services for Premium members: Career Counseling Job Search Concierge. Wishing you success,

  11.' Selena Griffin says:

    I want to learn more!

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Selene – You have not yet joined us, so go to and sign up for a free Basic membership. Then you can learn how to search for job offers by job category, and be able to use Resume Builder to create a professional-quality resume. When you find jobs that interest you and you think you can qualify for, then it’s time to upgrade to Premium membership so you can apply to as many jobs as you want.

  12.' Stephanie says:

    Ive been out of work for three years im looking for something that is legal i dont have no income i need help looking for the perfect home job

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Stephanie – I’m sorry that you have been out of work for so long. We have defined our service as providing “Employment For The New Economy” which recognizes things are no longer as they used to be. Many good people like yourself now need to find one or more part time jobs to perform at home. Or, you may find full time work at home employment. Since you are not yet a member, go to and sign up for a free Basic membership. That way you can see the 1,000 or so job offers we have posted in 31 different categories of jobs. When you find jobs (part time or full time) that interest you, then consider becoming a Premium member so you can apply.

  13.' Kiersten says:

    These are genuinely great ideas in regarding blogging.
    You have touched some pleasant factors here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  14. Is this a true thing or a scam

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Nicolas – Please be assured that Home Office Careers is trusted by hundreds of thousands of members who depend on our continuing sourcing of new work from home job offers. Every offer we post has been selected and screened for validity by our team of professional career researchers. Wishing you success.

  15. I have no experience but I am willing to learn. Thank you pat

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Pat – Have confidence! We have jobs in 30 different careers categories and there are many offers that do not require experience. In fact, we have a separate category for Entry-Level which should be perfect for you. So sign up as a Free Basic Member and go the the Search Jobs page to get started.


  16.' DariaBCobane says:

    Hi there can you mind sharing which blog platform you’re dealing with?
    I’m going to begin my blog in the near future
    but I’m having a difficult time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.

    The reason why I ask is really because your design and elegance seems different then most blogs
    and I’m searching for something completely unique.
    P.S My apologies for being off-topic however i needed to ask!

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