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How Working from Home Changes Your Life

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Renee is an author of many articles for various magazines and blogs. She is the owner of the parenting blog, Next Generation Stay At Home Mom. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing on the beach with her husband and son.

It is a popular belief that working at home full-time is not really possible. In fact, those who work at home, will tell you it is much easier to live your life, if you work at home. Working at home gives you the freedom to control your own work pace, environment, schedule and life. You are your own boss and you answer to no one but yourself.

People see working at home as a part time, in your pajamas, type of job – when presently it is so much more. Working at home means freedom. Freedom from the typical hamster wheel of life, the constant up at 6:30am, leave by 7:30am, lunch at 12pm, home at 5:30pm, dinner around 6:30pm, bed at 8:00pm. That does not leave much together time for you and your family. It does not leave much free time. It certainly looks like it would burn out anyone and make them not be very productive. Yet this is a typical family schedule structure between work, school and after school pick ups. Work at home employees may have to put in the same amount of hours but it is on their terms. Usually they have so many hours a week they have to fit in, it is a set term that they agreed to do. Some work at home employees do not even have set hours as they work on a project to project basis. So however long it takes them to do the project is how long they put into working. They must be vigilant though in knowing and admitting their strengths and weaknesses so they do not sell themselves too short. However, by taking their schedule into their own hands they are able to now schedule their life.

People who work at home are making the schedule of their life. They do not only fill out their work calendar they schedule it around their social calendar. You are much more flexible and able to coach your son’s baseball team or attend your daughter’s violin recital. You are able to take vacations when you want to, and even visit places when they are not so busy because you are more flexible. By working at home you are taking control of your life’s schedule and are living a life that you want to live on your own terms.

While gathering research and quotes from people for this article I set a certain date to write this blog post on. As a work at home/stay at home parent I could not have picked a worse day to write this. Today was just a bad day. Even us who stay home have good days and bad days.

Stuck inside with a heat wave, a preschooler, and my husband who also works at home has been rough and today was day three of the heat wave. Our son decided not to nap, making him extremely sensitive and still crabby at the same time. (I will never understand how three year olds will do that). I was overflowing with laundry, cleaning and work to do. My husband was trying to do phone calls in quiet and our son was just melting down about everything from a weird string on his blanket to banging into the wall for the third time in one day because he insists on running around every corner. This bad day, I had to laugh, was nothing compared to what bad days used to be.

I remember days getting to work early hoping to be done with my work to leave on time. Not being done with my work on time because I was given someone else’s work to do in addition to my own, because “I’m such a good employee”. I remember many days when it was a beautiful day outside and I never was able to even see it because it was just starting when I arrived at work, where I worked all day in a cubicle, barely seeing a window and never smelling fresh air unless I went and ate my lunch outside or in my car. Plus, I always remember everyday ending in a traffic jam on the way home. I live near water and we have a lot of bridges, many nights while sitting in our unending 5:30pm traffic tram I would look out over the bridge and see the sunsets and enjoy them as that was as much of the nature in the day I would probably be able to see.

I now watch the sunsets almost every night from my back porch with my husband, who also works from home, and my son. There are negatives for every job that you have, but the choice is always do the positives outweigh the negatives? Does working at home really change your life? Instead of only ever hearing my side of things I asked others who work at home what their favorite things about working at home are? The majority of them pretty much all agreed on the same types of things.

I was very interested in Jenny Mae, as she has just started working at home. Yet after only a few weeks, she is already seeing the multitude of benefits. She loves all the money she saves not having to buy gas or eat out all the time. She also enjoys being able to keep up with laundry and household chores during her breaks. It is much healthier to be more physical and active when you have a break (especially if you sit all day at a desk), instead of always lounging on breaks. Working at home makes it easy for you to be active, as you are in your home so you can easily tend to chores or household projects. Home cooked meals are more popular at home, because it is much easier to cook. Even if you have a busy work day at home you are much closer to your kitchen. By working at home she is able to make sure she has every weekend free because she can make her own schedule so she is able to be sure to see every one of her son’s games. Jenny Mae’s son is in school, she loves being able to be there for him especially being able to pick him up and drop him off at practice and other events. Sometimes the smallest moments with our children are the most memorable.

“The best is being available to my child. I have missed so much of his growth with my previous job that this (working at home) is simply amazing!” – Jenny Mae

The second work at home friend I found was Deb. Deb inspired me because she has worked from home for a long time. She has already raised her family and is still working from home. She had some great insights into how positive working at home can be, not just for you, but for your whole family.

Deb was a supervisor for a tax firm and as she married and had children she realized she never saw her husband or children even after many years of the juggle. She decided after her third child that she wanted to work from home. Her favorite part about working from home is being able to be with the kids. The flexibility of making her own schedule came in handy and it also kept her more “on her toes”. For her, everything about working at home is positive.

“I was able to create a positive environment for me to work in; which made the work so much better and helped to raise the kids in a positive and healthy way.”- Deb

A survey done by Forbes indicated through summaries the top ten benefits of working from home from the viewpoint of the employee. The top benefit for working at home was having a better work/life balance. By working at home you are in control of your life and schedule it the way you are the most comfortable and happy. The second top benefit was saving on gas, avoiding traffic, being more productive with work, less distractions around, eliminate long commutes, quieter atmosphere at home, less stressful environment at home than work, more time with your family and the last benefit was that it is more environmentally friendly. That is a very strong list of benefits to be a work at home employee.

Working from home is extremely healthy for you. You have more time for physical activity, have more time to go out and have a social life with family and friends. You have more time to take your family out and to travel to places you have not seen. (According to Nature’s Pathway) Your body does not get excessively tired and you never get a case of the “Mondays”. Working from home is always less stressful and creates much less anxiety for the employee. You are able to control the time, place and complete environment that you are working in. It is important to feel at ease when you work so you can be at your most productive.

Some other responses from those who worked at home that I thought were really good things to mention; were that you did not need a car (so no car payment or insurance). One girl loved that she could wear whatever she wanted and did not have to worry about her appearance. Many enjoy working at home for the freedom to be able to travel. In fact quite a few are able to travel while they are working. There is a couple jet setting across the world working from their laptops you can read their story on their blog,

After reading all Giordana Toccaceli interviews and gathering all the information I needed to write this article it made me rethink my “bad day” from working at home. I got to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with my husband and son. I was able to get some gardening done. I played cars and read books to my son. I spent an hour outside on our porch watching the sunset with my husband. I did four loads of laundry. I put my son in his pajamas, read him a bedtime story and kissed him goodnight. I then, had time to go back to work and fix and finish whatever got out of place for the day. So I am now able to start over on a new slate tomorrow, depending on my schedule.

12 Responses to “How Working from Home Changes Your Life”

  1.' Kristie Tidwell says:

    Looking to work from home so I can be with my youngest child as they go through high school. We home school. We must be together between the hours of 8:00-3:00. Once I get them started, I have free time to work, if I can find something to do from home. I have been always been involved in family businesses and I am very self motivated. Just need a chance to prove myself.

    • Hi Kristie! I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. I would love to help you find a position that meets your needs and can fit around your family life. Please feel free to send me an email ( listing your background and work experience so I can help you find something that would work for you. Take care!

  2.' Sherry Whiteside says:

    This sounds great. I am retired and have been seeking flexible employment. The workforce is no longer my friend because I grew older. Really could use some help. SS just isn’t cutting it. Happy for you to find what works for you. Be blessed

    • Hi Sherry! Thank you for stopping by and shooting us a message! I would be more than happy to help you find a home office job that meets your needs. Feel free to reach out to me via email ( and send me over some information regarding your work experience and background so I can help point you in the right direction. Take care!

      •' Neya says:

        Hello Sherry I’m very interested in working from home, I’m so tired of bout negligence of my supervisor, please can you Guide me to find the right work from home? Thank you
        Neya van Zant

  3.' Karen Martin says:

    My job of 29 years as Exec. Administrative Assistant recently closed and I am desperately seeking a dependable, trustworthy work from home position that I do not have to pay to work.

    I am anxious to hear from you please.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Karen! I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss of job – I know how tough that can be! However, you have definitely come to the right place in search of a home office position, as we only post 100% remote jobs on our site. You never have to worry about the jobs or companies being trustworthy because we have a team of recruitment and online career experts who screen every single job and company before actually posting them to our site. We have your best interest in mind at all times! We have over 100 administration positions posted, and this particular posting for an Executive Assistant, I think would be of great interest to you – The small Premium Membership fee we charge provides you with total access to applying to as many positions as you’d like. You are not paying for work, you are paying to have access to applying to positions. As a Basic (free) member you can search and view all the positions we post on our site. We are currently running a promotion where you can save 25% for the lifetime of your membership. I would be happy to provide you with the link if you are interested. Please reach out to me via email ( and I will send it to you! Take care!

  4.' Heather says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I recently sent you an email. I am currently seeking a dependable, trustworthy job working from home. A real job that I don’t have to pay to work. I recently had to resign from a very good job due to anxiety driving. I hope you can help me. Thanks and I look forward to hear from you.

  5.' Shirl Guerrero says:

    Good morning Stephanie,
    I’m very interested in working from home. This is new for me and I’m not sure how to go about it. Having an opportunity like this would give me more time with my granddaughter and I would be able to be there more for my daughter. Also I can continue to fight myself on those awful mornings (Thyroid issues) and just roll on over to my computer haha Being that my kids are grown, I feel that I can rock this and be very successful!! Looking forward to hearing from you and you have a fabulous day!!! :)

    • Hello Shirl! I am so happy you reached out! It sounds like a home-based job would be perfect for you and is what you need to keep that work-life balance. I would be more than happy to help you find some jobs that meet your needs and interests. Please feel free to reach out to me via email ( and please provide some information regarding your past work experience, background, and the types of jobs you’re looking for. Look forward to hearing from you!

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