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How to Deal With a Case of “The Mondays”

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Rebecca is a newlywed and an aspiring fiction author that got her start in content creation five years ago with her beauty and lifestyle based blog and YouTube channel.

Why is it that Mondays seem to suck so much? Time seems to pass slower, you can’t concentrate, your to-do list is sky high… Also, you might be coming down with a cold but you aren’t sure because so far your only symptoms are fatigue and dehydration.

The reason is simple, you’ve broken away from your routine for a few days and getting back into the swing of things confuses your body. Bodies are super sensitive so having a departure from your usual schedule over the weekend throws everything out of whack.

Luckily for you, I’ve got a few tips to help keep your Mondays more enjoyable.


Tip #1: Keep (relatively) the same sleep schedule all week

One way to make sure your body stays in a natural rhythm is to keep a regular bedtime and wake up call.

I know, I know — “but it’s the weekend?!”

You can definitely still have fun and sleep in if you want to, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this through the whole weekend. If you want to go out and sleep in, do so on Friday and try to keep Saturday and Sunday relatively normal by switching things up only by an hour or so.

I usually go to bed around 10 PM and wake up around 8 AM (I love sleep), so during the weekends I’ll go to bed no later than 11ish and wake up no later than 9ish. By staying in your usual rhythm (or at least something close to it), it helps your body cope with your Monday morning workday, and bounce back faster.


Tip #2: Hydrate

If you need to face your Monday head on with a big cup of coffee, make sure to chug some water first. Always hydrate before you caffeinate! There is a variety of studies in both camps that say that caffeine does or does not dehydrate you, but regardless of what may or may not be true, I always feel better and more energized if I have a glass of cold water before I have my morning coffee.

Another way to keep those energy levels up is to add some coconut oil to your coffee. One tablespoon per cup will do. It doesn’t change the flavor much and it adds some long lasting energy because the fat in coconut oil becomes fuel, rather than being stored in the body. More details can be found on The Coconut Mama.


Tip #3: Give yourself a break

If you feel emotionally drained on Mondays, then writing in a journal every morning before work can help you get into the right mindset. Thinking about what I’m grateful for before I get into the nitty gritty of my workday has always helped me feel more at peace with all that I have to do.

Throughout the day, I also recommend taking frequent breaks. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to take long half an hour breaks whenever you lose focus. Take small, 5-10 minute breaks with a purpose.

On days when I feel really off and distracted, I’ll keep a second to-do list of short tasks that I want to do but don’t need to do. For example, making the bed. Then using the app Flat Tomato I’ll get my work done.

Flat Tomato works by setting a 25 minute timer for you to work on specific tasks. Don’t stop working until the timer runs out. Then, a 5 minute timer is set where you can do whatever you want. After that is over, you have another 25 minute work timer. It’s repetitive but it works. Having these little 5 minute breaks to read, write poetry, make my bed, etc. is really nice to look forward to in between your work sprints.

These three tips always keep me on task and product on days, like most Mondays, where I just feel like going back to bed.


What tips do you have for keeping yourself motivated on Mondays? I’d love to read them in the comments.

2 Responses to “How to Deal With a Case of “The Mondays””

  1.' Brenda Pace says:

    Don’t tell me work-at-home folks get a case of the Monday’s? Something must be wrong with this picture! I get a case of the Monday’s only because I have to leave my home for work and I head into 8 hours of stress. I actually dread it every day. :)

    • Hi Brenda! Haha, yes we work from home folks dread Mondays just like anyone else! Home office jobs carry just as much stress as a typical office job does – the great thing though is you don’t have to commute!

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