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How To Build Up Your Resume In College – Work From Home


As both a current college student at the University of Miami and a pop culture leader on Twitter, Emily works from home on online projects as well as freelance work.

If you ask any working professional for advice on how to get a great career right after you graduate, they’ll say this: Gain work experience. But how can you do this while still in school? It seems like an easy fix, but with so many different things factoring into a college student’s schedule, achieving this can be tricky.

There’s a lot to consider. You may be thinking that in order to start gaining work experience, you need to decipher what exactly your field is. While this decision might be obvious for some people, most college students still have a difficult time deciding the right major for them, thus not applying for field-specific jobs. However, you don’t have to let your current uncertainty cripple you in your job search later. Whether you’re sure about your path or not, there are hundreds of jobs you can do now, that will help you in any field in the future. Jobs in areas like public relations, communications, brand representation, marketing and sales can prepare you for any career, and look great on a resume.

Your next thought may be, who on earth would hire a college student with no experience?  The truth is, lots of people are willing to hire students to work for them. As long as you’re motivated, have great communication skills and are willing to learn, there are many options for you. The best part is, the internet is full of jobs like these posted by people who are looking for entry-level candidates to work for them virtually.

Now you may be thinking, how does working for someone online or from home work? Well you’ve come to the right place for the answer. This site is dedicated to assisting remote workers, and most importantly, connecting them with a large pool of available jobs and employers looking for people like you. They’re home to many remote workers who have chosen the work-from-home life because it’s easier to achieve than you think.

The application process for remote/online jobs is generally the same as any other job. For college students, you’d list any experience you have pertaining to the position (i.e. taking a communications, computers, typing class etc.) on your resume and submit that with a winning cover letter. After that, companies may ask you to interview with them via a conference call or video chat. This is becoming everyday protocol and vital tools used for employers to keep in touch with their employees. But don’t worry, the interviews aren’t all that different than those in person (check out our guide to virtual interviews here). If all goes well, your employer will give you a play-by-play of what the protocol will be with work. Regularly, it will consist of weekly check-ins, emails, video calls and regularly-scheduled assignment due dates.

Seems easy enough right? As a college student, it’s easier to schedule work assignments while balancing school than it would be with your average in-person job. However, having jobs while in school isn’t for everyone. Which is why internships and volunteering are other great places to start when building your resume. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of opportunities to intern and volunteer from home or remotely too! There are many organizations in need of students to virtually assist in writing blog posts, updating and creating media content, and more.

There are never-ending options for college students looking to gain experience or just make some extra cash online. It may sound too good to be true, but take it from me, a college student who works from home, it’s completely possible and a great opportunity. I’ve built up my resume enough to qualify for full-time jobs by the time I graduate just by working for companies online. Follow my steps above and make sure you ask all the right questions. If you think working from home is for you, get involved in the community, make connections and start getting jobs that will prepare you for life!

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