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Finding A Work from Home Job – Don’t Get Discouraged!

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Rebecca is a newlywed and an aspiring fiction author that got her start in content creation five years ago with her beauty and lifestyle based blog and YouTube channel.

If you want to work from home, I applaud you. You are about to begin an exciting, long, and varied job journey.

Finding a new job is difficult, no matter what industry you are trying to get into. Trust me, I know. If you read my Work From Home history post you’ll know that my job experiences have taken a few swift turns into directions I did not anticipate.

So if you are having a hard time getting into that dream work from home job, don’t feel discouraged! You are not alone.

Before you throw in the towel, here are a few things you should consider while you are looking for a new reputable work from home job.


1. Recheck your expectations

Finding a new telecommute job is generally not a quick task, no matter what your qualifications are. Just because you are excited to work from home, doesn’t mean you’ll get there quickly. Like finding any kind of job – it does take time!

But don’t give up. I’m here to tell you that it is okay for your work from home journey to take some time. It’s like that (occasionally annoying) saying, good things come to those who wait.

Stay persistent! Keep applying, work hard, and it’ll happen. Once you get into your position and get to experience the benefits of working remotely, you’ll know it was worth the trouble getting there.

I’d also recommend you take a look at my recent post Working at Home: Myths Vs. Realities and My Work From Home Diary so that you can see a little more of what you can expect from a remote worker career path.


2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Your journey is not going to be anything like someone else’s and that’s okay. As a blogger, I find myself unintentionally comparing my blog and its success to other more lucrative blogs. Doing this usually makes me feel down and disappointed. It’s a horrible habit that I’m trying to break.

One way that I’ve been working on keeping myself away from this habit is by making a conscious effort to acknowledging when these thoughts sneak into my mind. When I notice I’m thinking jealous or comparative thoughts, I say to myself “My journey is not theirs for a reason.”

It takes some practice but I’m already noticing a difference in how I feel, now that I’ve started implementing this little monitoring trick!

How you get to your ideal job is not going to be the same as others. You can learn from their experiences but you can’t replicate their story. It’s their story for a reason.


3. Express how you are feeling

If you’ve been reading my blog posts on Home Office Careers for awhile, you know that I’m a big fan of journaling. I mention it time and time again because it works!

If you are feeling frustrated about not getting the job you wanted (Oh I’ve been there!) or the fact that you have been searching for months for a new job, write it down in a journal. Writing down your feelings is a freeing experience, it always gives me relief when I’m having a bad day.

If journaling isn’t for you, express yourself in some other way. Talk to a friend, paint a picture, work out your anger with some kickboxing classes, or even use an adult coloring book to relieve stress (I just got one and love it!). Just don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside.

You are going to get the job you need, it just may not be as quickly as you hoped. It’s totally understandable to be frustrated about it. You just need to make sure that frustration doesn’t beat you up inside because you are going to need your inner strength to chase your goals. You can do this!


4. Reevaluate your approach

Make sure your are approaching your job application process in the best way possible. It’s likely that you could have an outdated resume, aren’t presenting yourself in the right way in your cover letter, or a multitude of other reasons.

It’s often even recommended to have multiple resumes to present depending on the job type. Make sure that for each position you apply to, you tweak your resume and cover letter to best target the position you’re applying to! I’m working on creating a second resume myself because I think my main one doesn’t show my social media skills well and I’d like to apply for those opportunities too.

To help you get started, Home Office Careers has a resume assistant that I definitely recommend you check out. It presents examples and templates for many different work from home industries. Check it out if you feel like you aren’t getting as many callbacks as you were expecting.


5. The power of follow up

Last, but definitely not least, never underestimate the power of following up on your application! So, you’ve spent all that time searching for positions that you qualify for, filling out applications, updating your resume so it looks its best for the position you’re applying to….and you still feel like you aren’t getting any closer to snagging that home-based job. Follow up with the company you applied to! In these times, employers typically become inundated with job applications once they post a position. Stand out from the crowd! If you have not heard back from a potential employer after a few days of sending in your resume, follow up! Find the hiring manager’s contact email address on the company’s website or locate the right department to get in touch with and send an email letting them know you have recently applied to the position and would like to know the status of the job. This will not only make an impact on the employer and show them that you are serious about wanting the position, but it also keeps you relevant in the mind of the employer.


Overall, stay positive. You are going to find the right job for you, it just may take more time to get started than you initially expected. It’s okay! We are here to help you in the interim!

What kind of blog posts do you want to see on the Home Office Careers’ blog? How can I help you in your work from home journey? Let me know in the comments so I can get typing!

22 Responses to “Finding A Work from Home Job – Don’t Get Discouraged!”

  1.' Gail Bundy says:

    Hi,I’m looking to work from home. Due to an accident I am no longer able to stand 10 hrs or more as my old job required. I used to be a Cook but I know there’s gotta be something out there for me and I refuse to give up.I only have a high school diploma but I’m willing to learn. Can you help?

    • Hi Gail! Absolutely, I would be glad to help you. We have plenty of positions posted on our site that only require HS diploma – so no worries there at all! You can search on our site for jobs that specifically only require HS diploma by logging into your account, clicking on the green “Search for Jobs” button and using our search filters on the left-hand side of the screen. You will want to click on HS diploma located under the “Level of Education” category and then click on the “Filter” button. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email me! Take care!

  2.' Denise King says:

    At this point I want to keep a positive mind regarding finding employment with your system. I was advised by several individuals that paying a fee to find employment might not be the way to go. I am feeling like maybe I should have listened.

    My reason for applying for your system is I am scheduled to have a hip replacement, though I am presently employed I will be done for sometime and I was hoping to become employed at home while I rehab.

    Going through your listing just does not seem encouraging however I will still plug away. I do hope a response is in view.

    Please send something my way!!!!

    • Hello Denise! I am so glad you reached out – I would be more than happy to help you! I can completely understand your friends’ hesitation in paying for work. With Home Office Careers you are not paying to work. Upgrading to Premium membership gives you access to applying to unlimited positions we post on our site. Not only that, but we offer Concierge and Career Counseling services to our Premium members which helps you find a position as well. We post new work-at-home positions to our site every single day – making it super easy and convenient for our members to access these positions rather than spending hours scouring the web or other resources and trying to decipher if the positions are legitimate with legitimate companies. We take all of the work upon ourselves and truly dedicate our time and efforts to bringing only the best positions to our members. Again, our goal is to help our members be successful in finding home-based work – and we take our role very seriously. Please feel free to reach out to me via email – – I would be happy to help you locate jobs that suit your needs! Look forward to hearing from you!

  3.' teresa certuche says:

    I recently have started to take care of my brother here at my house who is in hospice care and need to find a job I can do from home can you help me.

  4.' Ann says:

    I am looking for part time work i can do in the evenings to help pay for my sons college. I work full time, but have hours that allow me time in the evenings to work. I am an Accountant. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Ann! Thank you for reaching out! We have plenty of part-time positions posted on our site. You can look specifically for those jobs simply by creating an account, logging in, clicking on the green “Search for Jobs” button and then using our search filters. You’ll want to click “Part-Time” under the “Job Type” category and then click on the Filter button below. I would love to help you find something! Feel free to drop me an email – – and give me a little bit more information regarding the type of industry, job, etc you’re looking for. Talk soon!

  5.' Indea McCombs says:

    I am unable to pay the fee to find online employment through your site. Though I can view some job postings as a member. In order to apply it asks me to upgrade with each job I’ve wanted to apply to. Is the only way to apply to a job from your site to upgrade and pay a fee?

    • Hello! That is a great question! Yes, as a Basic (free) member you’re able to view and search through all the jobs we have posted on our site. You’ll also receive our daily newsletters highlighting more jobs and you can take advantage of using our Resume Assistant. Once you find positions of interest to you and you wish to apply, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium membership. Once you’re a Premium member you will have total access to applying to unlimited positions! Not only that, but you will also be able to use our Concierge and Career Counseling services to help you in your search for home-based employment. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions, I am always happy to help!

  6.' Pam Johnson says:

    Hi! I know the feeling of discouragement. I was recently laid off after 18yrs working for a large corporation as an Executive Assistant. I worked the last 10yrs at home and LOVE IT!! I am looking to continue to work at home in the same type of role which is why I joined your site. I have applied for a few positions, but nothing has come about for any of them. I wish there were a bit more EA positions available. Is there any way you can help? Perhaps I am just searching incorrectly. Thank you!

    • Hi Pam! Thank you for your comment! Please do not get discouraged – finding a job is a journey, and unfortunately sometimes it can take a little bit longer. But the good news is that you have definitely come to the right place in search of true, home-based work! It sounds like you are doing all the right things in applying to several positions. I would be more than happy to help you as well! What I suggest doing is searching through our Administration jobs as well as Customer Support as they both lend themselves to requiring the kind of experience you have. Please feel free to drop me a line and I will help any way I can. Take care!

  7. Yes Stephanie I am not able to leave my home to search for employment. Would you please be able to assist me in finding an at home job.

    Thank you

  8.' Whitney says:

    Hello Stephanie,
    I am writing in.hopes that you can help me find a job. I am available anytime and I am willing to work however many hours needed. I am looking in the field like assistant, customer support, typing etc. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Whitney, it’s great to hear from you! I would be glad to help you and I am happy to let you know that we have several positions posted that would be of interest to you based on what you said you’re looking for. If you haven’t already, please sign up for an account here: Once you do that, log into your account and click on the green “Search for Jobs” button and then use the search filters we offer. I would suggest searching under “Assistant”, “Administration, “Customer Support” etc. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at Have a great day!

  9.' Jacqueline Blackwood says:

    Hello Stephanie
    I am looking for a work from home job. I am troubled with arthritis which is causing me not to be able move as am use to. I am looking in the area of Customer Support, Administration, Assistant Typing etc. However my concern is am in the Caribbean and I don’t if you cater for persons here. Can you help?
    Thank you

    • Hi Jacqueline! Thank you so much for your interest and for reaching out! We have plenty of positions in the areas you’re interested in. You can view all the positions simply by creating an account, logging in, and clicking on the green “Search for Jobs” button. It is definitely possible to secure a position outside of US residency. It all depends on the job, and many employers we work with are open to people working anywhere in the world. But please be aware that some employers may have specific residency requirements, and only make offers to U.S. residents, so it’s best to check the job offers for details. What I suggest is you continue your Basic (free) membership and search through the positions we post both on our website and in our daily newsletters. When you find jobs that interest you and that do not require U.S. residence, then it will be a good time to upgrade to Premium membership so you may be able to apply to as many jobs as you want!

  10.' Maureen says:

    I am working but not making enough money to live on and am interested in supplementing my income.

    • Hello Maureen! Well you have come to the right place in search of jobs you can do from your home. We post both full-time and part-time jobs – most of them being permanent, however we do also post temporary and freelance jobs for those people looking for a bit more flexibility. So we will definitely have something for you! To view and search through all the jobs posted on our site please create an account here: by entering your name, email address, and creating a password. You will then want to log into your account, click on the green “Search for Jobs” button and you’re all set to go! Feel free to reach out with any other questions you have. Take care!

  11.' Jodi says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I have been in production management for many years. I was at the same job for 25 years and changed jobs and it didnt work out at all!! Im so ready for something different. I would love the opportunity to work here at home. I definitely have the discipline for it. However, I have basic computer knowledge at this point and I was wondering if there would still be opportunity through this site while I proceed to educate myself further through schooling?

    • Hi Jodi! I appreciate you reaching out and providing some information on your background – I can completely understand your desire to try something new! You have come to the right place in your search for home-based work. We post new jobs every single day to our site; all that can be done from home! It is remarkable how much the workforce is changing and how many companies are now hiring remote employees! The jobs we post on our site are just like any job you would do from an actual office, so you don’t necessarily need to be a computer whiz to find employment! I would love to find out a bit more as to the types of jobs you’re looking for. Feel free to email me – – to give me a bit more info and perhaps attach your resume so I can help suggest a few positions for you. Take care!

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