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Employment for the New Economy

Join the work from home industry, leading employment for the new economy.

Isaac Klein is the CEO of Home Office Careers and NGM Media LLC. As an internet entrepreneur, Isaac is always creating innovative ways to better help people and businesses. In his spare time he enjoys; being with family, playing sports and helping several charitable organizations.

Employment in America has changed, we are no longer in an industrial or manufacturing based economy, we are developing into an information based workforce that no longer needs to go to work, to start working each day.

President Obama said during the recent State of The Union Address on Tuesday Jan 12th 2016, “We are in a new economy, where Americans no longer have 1 job for their careers. The president went on to say that; “The only people who can expect to have a job for 30 years and receive a retirement plan, are those people working within the walls of the government.” In other words, The President of the United States was telling the American public in the most important address of the year, that the way in which Americans work and gain employment has changed. The culture of careers is not the same as it was for many generations in the past.

The culture of American employment and career expectations are changing at an eclipsing rate. This is why it can be a great idea to talk to a career coach and learn tips for your resume and applying for jobs. In a single generation, I have watched as the old rule book of careers has been thrown out the window. When I graduated college in 1998, the idea of pursuing a single career was the norm, it was expected. It was also normal that one might change career paths once, or you might switch companies one or twice in your first 5-6 years, and after that you would stay put at your company for the bulk of your remaining career. Words like ‘job hopper’ were serious concerns, as top companies would not consider perspective employees who they thought might quit after just 1 or 2 years.

Fast forward to 2016 and 1-2 years on the job would be considered a standard tenure for a professional. Spend 4-5 years at a job now and you’re a dinosaur. The new economy is much more than just about constant movement from one job to the next, it’s about the culture of work and the employment strategy used by many companies. Running your business, you need to focus on what you do best, and you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the time or skill set to run HR. Check out for HR consultant to handle all HR issues. After the last recession and the financial crisis, which was preceded by the tech bubble – companies have changed perspective on employment, benefits and how they hire. Combine that with the fact that entire industries have gone obsolete and out of business like Kodak and blockbuster but giving rise to new industries spurred by the internet revolution and everything that supports therein.

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The New Economy – what does this really mean?

From a macroeconomic perspective this is nothing new, every so often over the course of our economic evolution, old industries fade and new industries rise up. But what’s different about this new economy is the way in which people are becoming employed and how they work. With the growth of the internet, information based jobs which can be done from home without going into work (remote work) are becoming more and more common. In a recent Employment Report by Home Office Careers, it was found that Home Employees are both a large and a growing segment of the US workforce.

Join the work from home industry, leading employment for the new economy.

The new economy is more than just the evolution of a single industry like technology, the new economy is being spurred by the internet creating more jobs in the field of information. Many of these jobs can be performed anywhere with internet access. No time before in the history of modern economics, has an industry been able to have a majority its employees be able to work remote from their homes. When the workers from the buggy whip makers over 100 years ago lost their jobs to the new auto industry, these workers got new jobs manufacturing something else, but they still got up in the morning and went to work like they did before and as the generations of the workers did before them. But now, with the information revolution, workers are going from the office to the home office as their employment options have changed.

A great benefit our new economy is the ability for tens of millions of Americans to work from home. The benefits of work from home are huge for both the employee and their families. It has enabled millions of stay at home moms, people with disabilities and disorders to achieve a career without leaving their homes to earn an income. The new economy has provided financial freedom and new opportunities to so many who did not have these chances before. There are so many good things that come from more people gaining financial independence and from bringing workers that once rarely saw their families back home, so they can be a part of those families like never before. This is having a profound difference in many American homes, strengthening family bonds and home values across our nation. The new economy has strengthened the independent workers, the freelancers and self-employed who have more opportunities than ever before.

Join the work from home industry, leading employment for the new economy.

The new economy has been evolving and developing over the past 20 years. Slowly more businesses are adjusting their strategies towards hiring more home office workers. These changes open up more opportunities for remote workers across the country. People who have been unable to take a typical job due to health or family reasons, can gain employment now with businesses far away in other states that are outsourcing positions, or a factory worker who used to work shifts on their feet can work shifts seated at a desk for a job in the new economy. American jobs are not the only change in this new economy, it’s how American’s work, the culture of employment and the career paths that have profoundly changed the most.

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18 Responses to “Employment for the New Economy”

  1.' Rebecca Chapman says:

    I worked for 34 yrs doing warehouse work. I am currently looking for data entry working from home. I am excited about the work force changing over to work from home. As stated in your article. I have wanted to work from home for a while. Working from home is a dream come true for me.

  2.' Tammy Holloway says:

    Hi my name is Tammy Holloway I am searching for a Customer Service or Data Entry position. I’m excited about working from home because it would allow me to be with my family and do other projects do as well. I have an up-dated resume’

  3.' Pamela Bircher says:

    How much does it cost

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Pamela,

      Thanks for inquiring about our service. The highest price is the monthly renewal membership which is $19.95, but the price goes down substantially if you sign up for a longer term.

      Good Luck and please let us know if we can assist you any further,

  4.' Angela A Harrison says:

    I have to find a legitimate work at home job to care for my mother! And still bring in income! Help me please.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Angela,

      I know that our Career Assistance team will enjoy helping you mom find a real work from home position.

      After you complete your registration, use the “Career Assistance” tab on your dashboard and have your mom receive personalized advice and job recommendations.

      thanks for commenting

  5.' Ishrat khan says:

    Hello I’m interested in working from home for a legitimate company

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Ishrat,

      Thank you for inquiring, we have many great jobs from home available on our site.

      You just need to register on our sign up page and then start your job search.

      Good Luck

  6.' Penelope Ritchie says:

    I have been scammed by a “so-called” work-at-home job before, to the tune of $5000. How do you screen your prospective employers to prevent this from happening?

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Penelope,

      I am so sorry to hear about you losing such a large amount of money.

      First off, no employer found on Home Office Careers website will ever request money from you, it’s the opposite, the jobs pay the workers.

      To screen our job posts, we use a double verification system. One person will validate the job by doing a series of ‘checks’ and research to make sure it’s a real company that needs workers and is not a solicitation. Once approved, the job post goes to the job research team’s approval manager who will make a second verification before approving the job to be posted.

      We look forward to helping you find work

      good luck

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Penelope – Thanks for expressing your concern. Home Office Careers never posts “business opportunities” or other “get rich quick” schemes. Our members are assured that every job offer we post (and there are 1,000+) is a valid job offer from a legitimate company. Our team of professional job searchers double-checks each offer and there is never an offer that requests money or payment of any type. Even our Sales job offers are never commission-only; we insist that every sales job is either salary or salary plus commission.

      So be careful and never reply to any offer that asks for payment or an investment – and rest assured you will never see those types of schemes and scams on Home Office Careers!

      Wishing you success,

  7.' Lisa Swenson says:

    I recently finished my AA degree and am seeking employment. I have lots of experience and though I have been applying for many jobs have had little success. Working from home would be beneficial as I live in the country and most of the jobs would require a 45 minute drive or longer one way.
    What could you offer me and do you do any training?

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Lisa – If you are looking for a work from home position, Home Office Careers can help. I see that you are not yet a member, so go to and sign up today so you can begin seeing the more than 1,000 job offers we post every day. We understand that you live in the country and do not want a long commute to work. That’s the same reason many of our members have chosen the work from home option. We have jobs listed in 30 different career categories, from Accounting, Data Entry, Customer Support and Admin to Marketing/Media, Healthcare, Human Resources and Writing, so there should be plenty for you to search through. Wishing you success!

  8.' Mary Martin says:

    I would really like to do data entry from home. Any task could be completed in a quick, accurate, serious manner. Just think no smokes or dumb jokes.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Mary – Data-Entry/Typing is one of our most popular categories. We have a number of these offers posted every day, and even more are found in other job categories, including Business, Administration, Consultant and Human Resources. Members are able to see the over 1,000 work-from-home jobs currently posted on our site

  9. Alan Klein says:

    Hi Karen – We have job offers in 30 different career categories, so there should be something there for you. Since you do not have traditional work experience, you should start looking at the over 70 Entry Level jobs we have posted. Go to the Search Jobs page, and Entry Level is at the bottom of the list on the left side.

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