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Employers Are Hiring More Home Office Workers

Employers are hiring more Home Office Workers

Isaac Klein is the CEO of Home Office Careers and NGM Media LLC. As an internet entrepreneur, Isaac is always creating innovative ways to better help people and businesses. In his spare time he enjoys; being with family, playing sports and helping several charitable organizations.

Work from Home Employees are a large and growing segment of the US workforce. The 2015 Employment Report by Home Office Careers discovered that companies are increasing their hiring of remote, home-based workers. Employers are already employing a large percentage of their workforce to telecommuters or better known as Home Office Workers. The US workforce is now in a post-recession evolution as companies have needed to change their spending habits and the way in which they hire workers. Hiring home workers is less expensive for businesses and employees prefer it. Outsourcing to home office workers is part of a larger economic change where work from home has become Employment for the New Economy.

Home Employment is more than just a trend or a new industry to lead our economy. Home employees represent a change in how Americans are working. Work from home jobs are the employment of our new economy. The information industry is creating job opportunities for millions of workers coming out of the recession. Employers, who changed how they hire since the recession are relying more on home office workers for the savings and advantages they offer. Work from Home employees are both a large and a growing segment of the US workforce.

Work from Home Employees make up a large segment of the US workforce. The 2015 Employment Report discovered that 65% of US firms employ home-office workers. That’s an impressive discovery. I knew first hand as CEO of Home Office Careers that the work from home industry was in high growth, but I did not expect such a large segment of employers to be currently hiring home workers. However, of those remote employees, about 31% are working from home full time.

Part Time Employees represent more than half of the home office workforce. Part-Time Employment represents a majority of work from home jobs. Part time home employment also is a part of the change in how companies hire workers, the New Economy for Employment. In a recent article I wrote for this blog, I shared research about the increasing availability of Part Time Jobs from Home. Part Time Jobs exemplify the evolution in both the new economy for employment as well as the post-recession period of companies hiring in a thriftier manner than before.

Hiring Managers target 28% of their recruitment ads for home-workers. This represents a large segment of the new jobs available for home employees. Home Employment is now a reality for millions of American workers. It seemed like only yesterday that the notion of large scale home employment was more of a dream than a reality. The 2015 Employment Report was conducted among 121 Hiring managers and represents clearly a large and existing opportunity for home office workers. One can even go a bit further with the data from this survey topic and deduce that roughly 28% of employers work is now for home based employees. In other words, if 28% of the recruitment ads are for work from home employees, then wouldn’t 28% of the companies work load be outsourced now?


Work from Home Employees are a growing segment of the US workforce. 63% of employers expect to have home office workers by 2020 according to the 2015 Employment Report. Already two thirds of companies hire some form of remote home-worker, it will be incredible for the work from home industry when the remaining third of companies begin to test outsourcing jobs and help to grow the industry. Many businesses are followers, in the sense that they do not take risk and won’t change their business practices until they see their competitors or peers do the same. Employers that were slow to catch on to this shift in employment are now quick to catch up and benefit from hiring work from home employees.

Hiring Managers plan to increase recruitment of home office workers by 21% in 2016. That’s a huge increase, as 2016 is already here and as CEO of Home Office Careers I can affirm the increase in demand from companies across the US looking to hire more home-workers. Only 3% of our surveyed respondents from our 2015 Employment Report indicated that they would not be hiring home workers. These hiring managers represent a small minority of the 121 hiring managers that were professionally surveyed. In fact I was surprised this number was so small, since we know that many industries cannot outsource their jobs. Nevertheless, the Employment Report shows a clear and present growth in hiring for home workers in the near future.


Employers are hiring more Home Office Workers


Post-Recession Evolution

During the most recent recession, businesses in most industries experienced an economic slowdown. Over years of slow business and weak financial returns, business were forced to change, to evolve from how they existing before. Businesses cut back on employees during the recession but during the rebound, these businesses did not add these employees back into their previous roles, businesses become wiser and frugal when it comes to hiring.

The Post Recession Evolution of businesses changed the way companies hire workers. Rather than hire a full time in-house employee whom the business would need to provide benefits for, the company might now opt for 2 part time remote workers who can get the same job done with fewer hours and no benefits. Businesses are frugal when it comes to hiring, and employees have fewer long term onsite career options than were once available before the recession. But, the way in which companies hire workers is more than just because business lost revenue during the recession and don’t want to make the same hiring mistakes twice, or because companies want to save money and overhead. The biggest change in the evolution of employment since our recession is because the US has evolved into a New Economy.


Employment for The New Economy

Employment for the New Economy is the slogan for Home Office Careers, and the reason for that is because we are in a period of our economic history where US workers are not changing into new industries, but where and how Americans work is changing. Regardless of the recent recession the US economy has pulled it from – the US was on a new path for employment. The information age has arrived and web based companies are leading the employment revolution. Companies that have nothing to do with internet or technology are also benefiting from hiring home office workers because they can outsource portions of their; admin, clerical, sales, accounting and so on to remote workers.

Work from home changes where people work and this is a big shift from any prior economic revolution. With the foundation of web technologies, the new information age has arrived, and this industry is giving birth to millions of new work from home positions, now and in the years to come. Understanding how new jobs are being created in America helps to comprehend that employment has changed – the way Americans work has forever shifted from the back office to the Home Office.


Work from Home Employees are more Cost Effective

Employers find Home Office Workers to be more cost effective than hiring onsite workers. According to the 2015 Employment Report conducted with 121 Hiring Managers, 33% of the respondents said that they found Work from Home Employees to be more cost effective than onsite workers. I am actually surprised by this result, I think close to 100% of companies would save money from hiring home-based workers. After all what overhead costs are incurred from a work from home employee? Perhaps the Hiring Managers have not had thorough meetings with the accounting departments at their companies because I don’t see how hiring remote worker could not have a cost savings per home employee?


Employees Prefer to Work from Home

Employees would prefer to work from home than come to work. In fact, from the 2015 Employment Report we found that Hiring Managers have seen a 28% increase in the request from onsite workers to be able to work from home. Again, this comes as no surprise to me – who wouldn’t want to work from home? Well, there are many employees that would prefer to come to work than to stay at home. Many workers need the structure of a formal office, they need to be around other people for a sense of well- being and they like to get out of the house every day, to not be around family. However, these people are diminishing in number as work from home becomes more common place and more socially acceptable. I think we can expect to see more people trend towards work from home careers in the years to come.

Employers are Hiring more home office workers in many common industries that thrive with telecommute employment. The most popular work from home opportunity for job seekers are Customer Service Jobs. Customer Service Jobs are being offered for home employment by all types of companies, even businesses that have nothing to do with the internet. Employers are outsourcing back office operations like Customer service, Data-Entry Jobs, Administration, Sales and many more positions to remote workers. It doesn’t matter what industry a business is in, there is little to no need to have certain roles performed by workers in an office that can be done from a home office. To learn more about the different types of career from home, I highly recommend you read; Top 10 Work from Home Jobs, an article I wrote a few months ago that was very popular on Facebook.

Employers don’t need to sell workers on the notion of working from home, because you don’t need to sell something that’s already sold. It’s a given that almost all workers want to work from home at least part-time. When employees work from home they tend to be happier and more productive than they were onsite. The main reason for this are distractions in the office environment that lead to lower employee productivity. That comes with almost a sense of irony as employer’s early concern with work from home employees was that they would be distracted at their homes from family or easy temptations like the fridge or TV.

Hiring home office workers vs. allowing onsite workers to part time work from home are completely different concepts. There is a distinguishable difference between employees who come to the office and want to work-at-home part time, verses an employer eliminating an onsite position to replace with remote employees for all of the financial and strategic benefits. Many hiring managers start outsourcing to their existing employees by allowing some to work-at-home part time while still coming into the office some days of week. While this benefits the employee enormously, it has little to no benefit for the employer. If the business wants to experience the full financial and productivity benefits of converting to a work from home team, they will need to go all the way and replace onsite staff with work from home employees.


The Best Place for Employers to Hire Home Office Workers

Employers are hiring more and more home workers, however, two thirds of Hiring managers find work from home employees to be more difficult to hire than onsite workers. This is because they don’t get to have face to face interviews with work from home employees. In person meetings provide hiring managers with a lot of information such as; the candidate’s appearance, the candidate’s temperament, the candidate’s personality and so many little things that a hiring manager may not be able to detect when conducting a virtual interview. The best website for employers to find and hire a top home office worker is through Home Office Careers is free for employers to post work from home jobs and free for approved employers to preview resumes of top work from home talent. Candidates from Home Office Careers are dedicated to working at home and are available for immediate employment with top companies recruiting home office workers.


About the 2015 Employment Report

The 2015 Employment Report by Home Office Careers was conducted through a survey of over 121 Hiring Mangers, HR Managers and Recruiters. The purpose of the research report was to learn about the current state of home employment in the US workforce and have a prediction of where the work from home industry is headed. Findings of the report were recently published in a Press Release including 109 major news outlets across the country reaching in excess of 10 million viewers! To read about the Highlights of the recent Press Release, please read this blog; HR Managers Survey Press Release. Home Office Careers works exclusively with companies that hire work from home employees.


Employers are Hiring more Home Office Workers

Employers are increasing their recruitment ads for home office workers now in 2016 and are expected to increase them forseeably through 2020. Work from home employees represent a large and a growing segment of the US workforce. At this rate the notion of working from home will seem like the norm for millions of American workers by 2020. Already a booming industry, work from home opportunities will only increase as the information industry grows and as technologies continue to improve our ability to work and live freely.



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  1.' Diana Becher says:

    Looking for recruiting position I can do from home.

    I have 20+ years in recruiting and staffing in management, professional, manufacturing and non-profit.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Diane,

      Sounds like you are highly qualified and ready to get started!

      We have thousands of screened work from home jobs waiting to be filled by serious candidates like you.

      Thank you

  2.' Mary MacDonald says:

    Eager and ecstatic to rejoin the workforce after years of health issues since mid-30’s. (age 43 currently). Confident in customer marketing and marketing skills, with excellent phone etiquette, organizational skills, and time management skills. Let me show you what an asset I will be for you.
    Thank you.

  3.' Jewell Brown says:

    How do someone know if these home based positions are not scams?

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Jewell,

      Thank you for commenting and asking a great question!

      To prevent our members from being scammed, Home Office Careers has a team of job researchers and screeners that carefully review each position before it is posted for quality assurance.

      Posting 100% real work from home jobs is what makes us truly unique – there is no service quite like this.

  4.' Deloria says:

    Work from home is a convince for me, . I would like to try.

  5.' Susan says:

    I am looking for work at home. I am on chemo and need some extra money where I don’t have to be at a desk or walking all day. I have looked at so many things but I don’t want to pay anything up front, I don’t want to do a job where I have to buy something or use my email address and keep getting mail from them for doing a survey. Just good honest work for a wage. I have seen some where you post the it acts like you get paid per there video but then later you go back and it looks like what you posted had to sell before you get paid but is represented you get paid by these companies just to post.

    Please steer me in the right direction please. Thank you sincerely, Susan

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Susan,

      I am sorry to hear about your situation and I will pray for your speedy recovery.

      You can get started for free by creating your profile and then you can preview the jobs.

      Because you mentioned you are not in your best health, we offer a substantial discount for the following:

      1. U.S. Military personnel (active & retired) and their families
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  6.' Gail Knapp says:

    Only interested if there is no cost.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Gail,

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership. Also, included in the premium membership is our Job Concierge and Career Guidance Services which are personalized support services.

  7. What do I need today to start working from home now how are wages determined I work in the call center for a hospital now does that increase my chances of employment

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Georgetta,

      The wages will differ per position, you will need to check that information on the job listings or contact the employer.

      having a current job will have no bearing on your ability to work from home as log as they do not have a time conflict.

  8.' Barb Wilson says:

    I am extremely interested in working from home

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Thank you for commenting Barb!

      We have thousands of verified work from home jobs waiting to be filled by good candidates like you.

      Just go to our sign up page to register and begin.

  9. More information please

  10.' Rosetta McKinnon says:

    Thank you for this in site on something I’ve been wanting to do for the last several years. I’m most definitely interested in working from home, especially since I’m taking care of an elderly parent. This will help me to at least generate an income and keep my mind busy and more productive. I will look into the links you’ve listed and hopefully I’ll be able to find something that suits me.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Rosetta,

      Thank you for commenting, I know the career team will do a great job getting started. Be sure to use all our great support options to maximize your benefit of our premium service. If you have any questions reach out to your account manager who can call and talk to you further.

  11.' Rita Manning says:

    Hello, I’m 51 and drove professionally for many years. I have gone thru some difficult health problems and dont want to go back to driving any more. I have been looking for something where I can sit down or stand up when I need to. And working from home would be the ideal job for me. How can I find a Employer who could teach me the system and knowledge to do this from home and return the work needed everyweek. Thanks you Rita Manning
    Lancaster, California.

  12.' joan says:

    I am very interested in work from home positions. customer service and sales.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Joan,

      Customer Service is one of our best categories for home employment. We typically have a few hundred available positions for this industry at any time.

      to begin, please register on our sign-up page. Good Luck

  13.' Kathy says:

    I would like more information on this

  14.' MacKenzi says:

    Currently work from home but pay is not ideal and am not properly utilizing my education… any leads for better pay would be so greatly appreciated

  15.' Donette says:

    How do u get started n this?

    • Isaac Klein says:

      hello Donette,

      Use our job search to find your perfect home-based job and upgrade to premium when you are ready to apply or receive personalized account support.

      thanks for commenting

  16.' Tina Turpin says:

    I’d like to work from home for your business. I have five years data entry experience, please send me information on your company. I’m very interested in working for your company.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Tina,

      Before you get started, I want to make sure you understand that we, Home Office Careers, are a premium career service, we are not the company that will be hiring you.

      Please go to our home page where you can watch our video and learn more about the service.

      thanks for commenting

  17. BLUEJEANLL@YAHfOO.COM' Linda Nelson says:

    Interested in at home employment, office, reception, etc

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      Hello Linda,

      We have over a thousand screened work from home positions waiting to be filled by a motivated job-seeker like you.

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  18.' Elaine Williams says:

    I want to work at home.22 plus in healthcare industry.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Elaine,

      Thank you for commenting and we look forward to helping you!

      You can get started for free by creating your profile and then you can preview the jobs. Once you have found a position you want to apply for, you will need to upgrade your membership to premium.

      Good Luck

  19.' Daryll Moya says:

    I’am interested with your offer. I also wanted to be part of your team/company, just to help my mom and my study as well thank you.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      hello Daryll

      Thank you for commenting and we look look forward to helping you reach your stay at home career goals.

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  20.' Monte Fitting says:

    I am looking for a work at home job can you help me out. thanks Monte my phone number is 717-557-3333

  21.' Katy says:

    This is my first time researching a work at home position. I will be retiring soon. Since this is an early retirement due to I am currently caring for my husband who was diagnosed with the onset of dimentia and alzheimers. I need to secure a job that can be done from my home. I have a variety of skills, from customer service to data entry. I need to know what type of equipment I will need so as to upgrade what I already have.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Katy,

      Please create your free account at and then look for positions posted on our job search page.

      I hope your husband feels better – good luck to you both.


  22.' Debra Burns says:

    I was looking for something to do for work at home

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Debra,

      Please get started at and then go to our Job Search page to find a real work from home position.

      thank you for commenting

  23.' Berylyn Jack says:

    I was please to see Home office when i opened my computer. I would love to work from home. I am a Tulane University Graduate with an Associate of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

    I love the work that I do and it won’t be a problem for me to get started at home office careers. Thank you for posting Home Office

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Berylyn – Thanks for your interest in Home Office Careers. Tulane is a great university! Working from home can be a great way to earn some money while you are starting to find your way into a great career. If you are not yet a member, sign up as a free Basic member so you can see the job offers in 30 career categories. When you see jobs you’d like to apply to, then consider upgrading to Premium so you can apply to as many jobs as you want.

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