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Customer Service Jobs: The #1 Work from Home Opportunity

Customer Service Jobs Opportunities – Home Office Careers

Isaac Klein is the CEO of Home Office Careers and NGM Media LLC. As an internet entrepreneur, Isaac is always creating innovative ways to better help people and businesses. In his spare time he enjoys; being with family, playing sports and helping several charitable organizations.

Customer Service Jobs, also known as; Customer Support Jobs, are the most popular positions for work from home making them, ‘The #1 Work from Home Opportunity’. When I say this is the #1 opportunity, I am referring to the demand of these positions from both the job seekers as well as from the employers looking to hire in this industry compared to the other major careers. Customer Service Jobs: The #1 Work from Home Opportunity, is a follow up from the recent article; Data-Entry Jobs: Very Popular Work from Home Opportunities. Similar to Data-Entry Jobs, customer services jobs have wide appeal and are in high worker demand. But unlike Data-Entry positions which are hard to come by as there are few available, Customer service jobs are abundant and the demand for customer support representatives are growing!


Customer Service Jobs Online

Customer Service Jobs consist of a wide range of duties, but all have the similarity of helping customers. Common jobs in this industry include; Support Agents, Virtual receptionist, order fulfillment, account management, cancellations, refunds, technical support, information support and so much more. Customer Support Jobs are all about providing assistance to customers in some form or another, whether that’s helping the customer directly over the phone, or through the internet.

Customer Service jobs from home were one of the first popular telecommute or work from home careers available. In fact Customer Support jobs from home have been around before the web, being performed over the phone. Years before the start of the internet, intelligent phone routing systems enabled home-based customer service agents. However, the internet has vastly increased the range of duties for this industry. Before the internet age, there were fewer work from home customer representative jobs than there are now. And, now there is a wide range of different types of support jobs which can be found through new businesses developed through the internet which didn’t exist before, like technical support and website order fulfillment.

Technical Support Jobs have become increasingly more popular in recent years. These are a type of customer service opportunity that is technically oriented, so some training and technical degrees may be required for these positions. Many support jobs also fall into the sales category, as many customer support agents may also be expected to up-sell and cross sell customers. While other roles in this field may have little direct contact with the customer or like many roles you may never speak with the customer, but your communication is done through email or live chat. The type of customer service job you choose should take great consideration into your personality. Extroverted and outward people make great phone support agents and product support reps, whereas more introverted personalities will feel more comfortable with email and virtual communications.

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Customer Service Jobs Opportunities – Home Office Careers


The skills needed for Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service jobs can cover a lot of different roles and there are a lot of different things you could be doing in the industry of Customer Service. Some roles may require a lot of phone contact with customers whereas other roles may be more about providing technical assistance via the internet. But no matter which position you choose for customer service you will need to have these essential skills; Have Patience, Be a; Good Listener & Good Communicator, Be Calm, Have a Positive Attitude and Ability to Lead and End a conversation.

These skills are the most essential to doing well at a career in customer service. But to excel at this role and succeed at a higher level in this field you will also want to have or develop additional skills like; being able to sell additional products or being able to persuade customers. These skills can help good customer support agents to earn commission as well as their salaries. But perhaps one of the best tips I have come across in my research creating this article, was written by where they discuss the ability to “Read” customers. This skill will take some time to develop if you are new to the industry, however, once you can master the skill of understanding the needs of your customer, you will be able to go leaps and bounds further toward helping them. Reading a customer can also provide a huge advantage in product sales giving you the leg up over your peers.


How We Know Customer Service Jobs are the #1 Work from Home Opportunity

Customer Service Jobs are in high demand from both job seekers as well as employers. Here is how I know Customer service jobs are the #1 work from home Opportunity right now:

  1. Based upon the data within the keyword tools in both Google Adwords as well as Bing Marketing accounts held by our company. For example; in October of 2015, there were approximately twice as many impressions for Customer Service related keywords on Bing Advertising as there were for Administration and Clerical Jobs combined!
  2. When using the MOZ professional keyword difficulty tools, I determined there were as many requests for Customer Services jobs on Google as there were for any other major industry in the fall of 2015.
  • A third and conclusive indication that customer support jobs are the most popular for work from home, is through the internal statistics from Home Office Careers. As ceo of Home Office Careers, I am in a unique position to see the supply and demand of jobs through our career service. Customer Service jobs are consistently among the most requested, the most recommended and we typically post more of these positions than any other major career industry!

Search Engine Data, specifically keyword and bidding forecasts, are the tools I like to use to see how popular one industry is compared to another. This data is free to use and accessible to all, who have Google and Bing marketing accounts and who know how to find and interpret this data. The keyword tools and bid forecasts allow experienced marketers to see how frequently people use certain keywords in their online information searches. This enables me to see comparably how many people are searching for customer services jobs vs any other industry. I like using both Bing and Adwords for these demand indicators, as together they cover over 90% of all internet searches.

In addition to using the keyword tools in Google and Bing, I also enjoy using the Moz pro keywords difficulty tools. These tools provide insight into Google and Bing and provide a level of confirmation when comparing my keyword demand reports with those of Moz. In other words, the Moz system analyses the Google and Bing platforms for keyword demand based data from within the last 30 days. This is an algorithmic version of what I do manually in the Google and Bing accounts myself, so when compared with Moz Pro’s results, I have confirmation that the demand is the highest among major career industries!

The third indication I use to know that Customer service jobs are so popular and more so than other industries for work from home, is through the supply and demand of these positions in Home Office Careers system. As ceo of Home Office Careers I am in a unique position to see the supply; that is, the amount of positions we have available for this industry and the demand; which can be measured by the amount of customer service requests we have for these jobs. Customer services jobs are among the most common jobs we post here at Home Office Careers and they are among the most sought after careers from our job seekers.


Customer Service Jobs Opportunities – Home Office Careers


Why are Customer Service Jobs so Popular?

Customer Service and Support Jobs are so popular because in general, they require little training and experience to start. As I mentioned in a past article about the Top 10 Work from Home Jobs, these opportunities have very wide appeal. Also, customer service jobs are among the most flexible of all career types. Customer service for most internet brands runs non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A home-based mom that might have hours of availability while her children go to school would benefit from this type of very open schedule. Customer service agents, product and technical support reps can find very flexible shifts to accommodate a busy schedule.

Flexible hours and the ability to control your own schedule are very important for many people that cannot go to work and only have pockets of available hours to work each week. Another reason customer service is so popular among job seekers, is because it’s a generally pleasant job. While some days can be tough if you have some bad customers, but in general most agents have a high level of satisfaction performing these jobs. Being happy is important and customer service careers where workers can control their own schedule and be happy with their daily roles is a great combination for success.

Job growth is another reason for the tremendous popularity of customer support positions. Job availability is growing very fast for this industry. Not only do I see hundreds of new customer service jobs in Home Office Careers, I also see the same growth from the 2015 Employment Report we did at the end of last year. In our report, we found that Work from Home Employees are both a large and growing segment of the workforce. Customer Service positions have been a staple in the work from home industry since pre-internet and as the internet growths, the demand for home-based customer service agents is also growing.


How to find Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Jobs are common online. Job seekers can find customer service offers on just about any major career website. But, what you really want to find, is a great Work from Home Customer Service Career. There is little need to go to a traditional onsite job to work in this industry. In fact, there are far more advantages to working from home than going to work as a customer support agent. Customer Service jobs don’t need to be done at an office, they can be done from anywhere with a good internet connection.

When you are ready to search and apply for a top Customer Service Position, you will want to use The Home Office Careers Job Search page and use the category filter on the left margin. Customer Support Jobs are among the most popular jobs posted here at Home Office Careers so you will likely see a few hundred, screened available positions all for telecommute. If you cannot find the perfect role, please be sure to contact our support team, because at Home Office Careers we have a team that will research and help you find positions to start if you are unable to on your own. And you can learn more from this popular article; Landing a Great Work from Home Job.

How much you will earn and get paid as a Customer Service representative will depend on many factors; such as your experience, the company you work for and what your expectations are. For example, if you would be doing product description, sales and fulfillment, you could earn a commission as well as your base salary and make over $20 per hour on average. But, the typical pay for a customer service agent is $15 per hour according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Technical help agents can also expect to earn more than agents that have little to no expertise. Agents can also benefit from having multiple employers and work more than one position. This is common for workers with existing jobs or families that they care for. Part time Customer service jobs are very common as this is a top industry for flexible work schedules.


Customer Service Jobs Opportunities – Home Office Careers


The future of Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Opportunities will be abundant in years to come for job seekers. The supply and demand data I see as CEO of Home Office Careers as well as the data and research we have discovered in our 2015 Employment Report and the keyword data discovery using keyword tools in our marketing accounts, points to job growth in the future. However, the types of customer support opportunities will continue to change as new businesses evolve and demands for these roles progress.

Technical Support jobs are the fastest growing segment of the industry. These careers directly support internet companies and websites where billions of dollars of business is conducted daily across the world. Many technical help desk positions are also designed for B2B support. Typically customer service is a B2C role, where agents are operating on behalf of a business to support an individual customer, whereas many technical support roles are for business support. Businesses continue to upgrade their systems and platforms to be more efficient and to keep up with progress – these companies are seeking the outsourced support of technical help agents.

Sales and Support roles are growing industries for both the B2C and B2B agents. Sometimes customer service can cross into sales, when there is the opportunity for an up-sell or cross sell depending on the businesses. Typically a customer support rep is not going to make outbound sales calls, however some businesses will want their virtual agent to handle more than product information or order fulfillment from an inbound sales opportunity. It really depends on the needs of the business and the abilities and desires of the worker.


Customer Service Jobs – The #1 Work from Home Opportunity, was written through research I had started while writing about the huge demand for Data-Entry Jobs. It was during my research for this other industry that I kept seeing the Customer Service Jobs demand beating out that of any other major career industry. This led me to further research this topic and I was amazed at how active and dominant this industry is for remote, home-based positions. In the end, it makes a lot of sense why these careers would be sought after the most by home-office job seekers as well as by the businesses looking to hire these workers.

Customer Service Jobs can be a great starting point for a long term work at home career. If you would like to learn more about this industry or how to get started with a work from home job in Customer Service, then please: Sign Up and get started!

Have you worked in the Customer Service industry before? If so, please share your experience by commenting below – I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1.' Paulette says:

    I have work customer service for 20yrs in law enforcement. And like helping people solve the daily problems .

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Paulette,

      We have hundreds of available customer service positions for nice people like you that like helping others.

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership.


      •' SHARON DAVIS says:


        • Isaac Klein says:

          Hello Sharon,

          We have over a thousand screened work from home positions waiting to be filled by serious candidates like you.

          I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership. Also, included in the premium membership is our Job Concierge and Career Guidance Services which are personalized support services.

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  2.' Kimberly Jackson says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a work from home job.. Thanks

    • Isaac Klein says:

      hello Kimberly,

      We have many screened work from home positions waiting to be filled by serious candidates like you.

      To get started, go to our “home page” to learn more.

      thank you for commenting

  3.' OMETHA Willis says:

    I’m interested in working from home providing excellent customer service. Could you provide me with a list of legit companies and information on weather they provide the computer equipment.

  4.' Jean williams says:

    I am a retired registered nurse seeking a part time home base job

  5.' Christine nitti says:

    Wants to learn how I can work from home also

  6.' geneva jaques says:

    I want to work from home I love customer service and customer sales to

  7.' Carole Mayner says:

    I have worked for myself as an insurance agent since 1996. I’m wondering if I can work part time in a Customer Service area with Possible Bonuses? Thank you, Carole… PS… I have an older MacBook Air computer as well and wouldn’t be able to upgrade until I had more income.

  8. so far I have found nothing to help me.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Linda,

      Please log into your account and on the left margin of the page are 2 buttons I want you to use:

      Career Assistance – submit a request to this department and they will send you recommended positions for you to apply to.

      Appointment – use this to schedule a phone call with your dedicated account manager who will make sure you are using the job search correctly and provide you with job search tips.

      We look forward to helping you


  10.' WALTER KAISER says:

    I have had 22 years in Customer relations by running a contracting service organization .

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hi Walter,

      You sound highly qualified.

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership.

      Thanks for commenting

  11.' Kathy Caldwell says:

    I have looked at so many of the “work at home” sites, I am cross-eyed…..Really, I am retired and on a fixed income trying to supplement said income. I have experience and time for a part time position at home. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Kathy – I’m pleased to see that you have been a member of Home Office Careers since October 31 2015 – thanks for your loyalty. Every one of the over 1,000 jobs we post are screened for validity by our team of researchers, and we have jobs in 30 different career categories. We recommend checking every day for new offers that are posted, and be sure to apply to as many jobs as you can. Our members report that it takes more than 20 applications and at least 4 months of applying frequently to land a work from home job, so be persistent and have confidence. If you would like to try Premium membership, you will get the personalized support of a Dedicated Account Manager and our Career Assistance Team, as well as being able to apply to as many jobs as you want.

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