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6 Ways to Save Money When You Work From Home

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Many people want to earn some extra income, whether they have a traditional job or they are a stay-at-home mom. One way to do this is through work from home jobs.

Work from home or telecommuting jobs might not pay you attractive salaries like traditional office jobs, but there are ways to cut costs when working from home. Doing these specific things will help you make up the difference and allow you more financial freedom.

So, here are 6 ways working from home can save your pocket by cutting regular costs and looking at ways you might not have considered earlier.


1. Traveling or Commuting

The first and foremost expense that often burns a hole in your pocket is commuting when you have a regular office job.

When you work from home, you’re no longer traveling daily, so any money that would’ve been used is now being saved.

This also saves you the headache of worrying about your daily or monthly traveling expenses like driving to your workplace or taking a public mode of transport.

If you own a car this will mean reduced maintenance and repair costs and less fuel expenses. It will also decrease the number of miles on your vehicle, extending the life of your car.


2. Food Bill

When working at a standard job, you would probably eat out daily and you might even buy a coffee or two throughout the day. Those lunch bills and coffees will no longer be an expense when you are working from home.

Working from home means you eat at home and prepare your own meals. The cost of preparing your own meals is comparatively less than eating out daily. Some tips to save on your food bill are to:

  • Buy in season. Seasonal produce is always cheaper and tastes better.
  • Clip coupons. Many stores offer double coupons and in-store deals so plan your grocery run around those days.
  • Be creative with leftovers.

While it’s easy to graze and overeat being at home all day, you’re ultimately saving money and not having to worry about the bills when you eat out with your co-workers every day.


3. Saves Time

Working at an office job often means spending time commuting to and from your job.

Those extra hours are saved when you work from home. This can free up time to pursue a variety of tasks – some of these can save you money.

With a few extra hours you can spend your time in your kids’ school by volunteering rather than investing money for a school charity.

You can also save some money on childcare by having no childcare or part-time childcare when working from home.

Other ways you can use your free time and save money are:

  • By preparing and cooking your meals rather than rely on ready to cook processed food
  • By doing small fixes around the home rather than hiring a professional
  • By spending time with your family which is priceless in itself

4. Healthy You

“Health is wealth.” A daily commuting job takes a toll on your health, whether you are stuck in heavy traffic, traveling in a packed subway or dealing with weather conditions – commuting stresses you out completely.

This can cause medical issues over time. It might not be easy to calculate the amount of savings a person will experience by avoiding the stress of daily commuting, but it wouldn’t be wise to ignore the possibilities.

For starters, stress can shorten your life. When you are under stress, you release cortisol, a hormone, as a way to combat stress on the body. Cortisol has been associated with higher mortality and the more stress you endure, the higher chance of early death.

Also, when someone is under stress, they have a harder time sleeping. A lack of sleep can cause accidents, delays your cognitive processes and can lead to serious health problems like heart disease or high blood pressure.

Working from home can alleviate a lot of stress and it will help you sleep better.

5. Clothes

When you have a traditional job, you definitely need to look professional and appropriate. And looking this way isn’t that easy until you invest in some nice clothing.

But, the benefit of working from home will save you this cost. You will need fewer dresses and accessories when you are working from home. You can get away with clothes that are more casual and less formal.

6. Tax Benefits

Some great things about working from home are the tax benefits. You can claim your business expenses such as:

  • Maintenance expenses
  • Your office space
  • Phone bills

Ensure that you have retained the receipts and make a claim for those expenses that are business related and not your personal expenses.

These work from home office claims cannot be made by office bound employees. So, make sure to ask about tax benefits when you have your interview.

These are only a few ways you can save big when you work from home. You might not notice huge savings right away, but over time, the less you drive your car and the more you eat at home, you will see monthly savings.

So, now it’s over to you – what ways do you save money when you work from home?

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