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5 Snacks That Can Be Eaten At Your Desk

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Rebecca is a newlywed and an aspiring fiction author that got her start in content creation five years ago with her beauty and lifestyle based blog and YouTube channel.

I do not recommend eating from your desk or skipping lunch but let’s be honest, it happens. Especially when you work from home and are in delegation of your own time.

If you do end up in an emergency situation where you need to eat at your desk, here are some snack ideas to keep your brain active and keep your stomach from grumbling.

I tried to keep these snacks relatively on the healthy side but not all of them make the cut so do let me know in the comments some of your go to snacks.


1. Anything in a cup

Items that can be eaten from a cup are a lot easier to multitask with. For example, Cheerios in a cup! It doesn’t sound that appetizing but if you are dying of hunger because you overslept and didn’t have time for breakfast, “drinking” Cheerios in between your word count goal feels like heaven.

Other cupable items include smoothies. To make smoothie making quicker, I recommend preparing several smoothies in a bag to keep in your freezer. All you need to do is dump the items from the bag, a spoonful of protein powder or yogurt, and some liquid into your blender and you are prepared for an antioxidant rich drink to enjoy at your desk.


2. Snack bars

Be weary of snack bars since many of them are chock full of unhealthy ingredients but the bottom line is they are so filling. Some of the more safe brands include LARABAR and QuestBars but if you need a meal supplement right away, grab the closest peanut butter flavored bar you can find. Anything with peanut butter leaves me full for an hour or two.


3. Speaking of peanut butter…

The oldie but goldie PB & J won’t fail you if you need a quick snack or meal. Plus, sandwiches are easy to bite and then put down. Just make sure you don’t make a sandwich that features a whole lot of ingredients that could slip out and land on your lap while you are eating; that would not be pretty.

If you want to spice up the traditional PB & J, try a peanut butter and banana slice sandwich. Or just dump the peanut butter entirely for a different nut butter, like almond butter. Sunflower seed butter tastes surprisingly good as well.


4. Dippables

Items you can dip are a bit of a risk but if you are able to pay attention and not dip with reckless abandon, these items are yummy and quick.

My current favorite dippable is celery and carrots with hummus or ranch. Other ideas could include broccoli or fried green beans in ranch dressing. Buzzfeed has a list of 21 dippables you can try but many of them require more preparation.


5. Biteables

Apples, peaches, and other fruits and cheeses (hello Babybel, I love you) are easy to just pop in your mouth. Just have a napkin handy just in case the item has a high water content and ends up dripping on your chin.

You can of course eat chips at your desk but they can be so greasy and end up leaving a residue on your keyboard. I don’t recommend it.

So those are a few easy snack ideas that you can eat at your desk on days that you absolutely need too. Please do share some ideas in the comments as well if you have love a certain snack I didn’t mention.

2 Responses to “5 Snacks That Can Be Eaten At Your Desk”

  1.' Torrence says:

    There are a few more that I have snacked on that you can add to the list. One is nuts, whether it’s peanuts, almonds, cashews or whatever your favorite nuts are. Another I do that really energizes me is trail mix, especially the one with chocolate candies in it. I also like any kind of seedless grapes. Lastly, to keep it healthy, I like dried fruit chips like bananas or dried apple chips. A lot of times these snacks are healthier than my meals. Happy snacking!

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