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12 Work from Home Jobs You Should Consider

12 Work from Home Jobs you should consider if you are looking for work or to change careers.

Isaac Klein is the CEO of Home Office Careers and NGM Media LLC. As an internet entrepreneur, Isaac is always creating innovative ways to better help people and businesses. In his spare time he enjoys; being with family, playing sports and helping several charitable organizations.

Work from Home Jobs are on the rise with new opportunities coming available every day. A recent employment report by Home Office Careers found that two thirds of companies will be hiring home-based workers by 2020. Every day we see here at Home Office Careers, hundreds of new jobs for at home workers. With thousands of work from home jobs for a person to choose from, the selection process can be a bit daunting, where should a jobseeker start their search if their new to work from home and what types of jobs should be considered if other applications are not getting interviews.

Job seekers know most of the common careers for work-at-home like; Customer Service Jobs or Data-Entry Jobs, but there are many other careers that people often overlook. Jobs that might not be considered by job seekers tend to be less common or might be new to the world because they are part of a new technology. These jobs usually get fewer job searches are good ideas for job seekers to consider because they tend to have less competition.

Jobs are not equally in demand. Some jobs have a lot more competition for the open positions than do others. Frequently when a job seeker is having difficulty getting a job, or even getting interviews from their job applications, it is because they are only applying to the most in-demand jobs. While job seekers should always continue to apply to positions that match their primary interests, it is also recommended they consider other jobs that might be less competitive and easier to get interviews because the hiring manager is not overwhelmed with job applications like they frequently are for the most popular work-at-home posts.

12 Work from Home Jobs you should consider were selected because I wanted to share a combination of known industries with less competition for the positions and jobs that are very new because they have been created by the development and growth of the Internet. If you or someone you know is looking for a new job or change of jobs, then they should consider these 12 opportunities;


Digital Media Careers & Internet Marketing Jobs:

1.) Social Media Manager & Strategist

2.) Digital Marketing Manager

3.) Media Buyer


Design Jobs Online:

4.) Graphic Design

5.) UX Designer

6.) Videographers for Video Content Creations


Work At Home Technology Jobs:

7.) Web Developer

8.) Help Desk

9.) Project Manager


Sales Jobs From Home:

10.) Business Development

11.) Inside Sales

12.) Regional Account Manager


Jobs in these fields are not only easier to gain employment with compared with the most popular work-at-home industries, but they also present great opportunities for career growth and stability. Employers are hiring more home office workers, it’s up to the job seekers to find the right jobs that can lead to interviews.


Digital Media Careers & Internet Marketing Jobs

Online Media Careers and Marketing Jobs are highly recommended for job seekers that enjoy being online and using social media and participating in various Internet activities. In other words, if you spend hours a day on the Internet you might be a great candidate for these types of jobs. A good aspect of media and marketing jobs is that there is typically a wide range of different types of positions from beginners and interns up though executive level. Media and marketing jobs are also fun careers, because they deal with human interactions and improving communications between businesses and consumers.

Media and Marketing Jobs have a wide appeal to many different personality types and people from different backgrounds. These careers include creative people that generate the advertising campaigns you see online, statisticians, business MBA’s, reporters, social media mangers and so much more. While some industries appeal to only specific types of job seekers, media and marketing jobs include all personalities and people from all backgrounds.

Jobs In Digital Media and Online Marketing present great opportunities for job seekers that love being on the Internet and want to be a part of the web. Billions of people go online everyday around the world, people that work in media and marketing get to “touch” all those people in one way or another, and this can be a very fulfilling and meaningful career. Specific jobs you should consider include social media strategist, digital marketing manager and media buyer.

Social Media Manager Jobs and social media strategic consulting are growing in demand as companies are investing more advertising resources into social media marketing. Most businesses nowadays use their social media accounts as part of their marketing strategies and those businesses that can afford to hire social media managers and strategists to optimize and manage their social media accounts. Social media use has grown every year since its inception, more consumers are using it and more businesses as well, and these jobs present a stable and high growth opportunity for many years to come.

Digital Marketing Manager Jobs are great opportunities for people with Internet marketing experience. Whether your experience is limited to creating some Google Adwords campaigns or if you have experience managing a multi-million dollar digital marketing budget, you will like a career managing ad spending for clients campaigns. The primary role of a digital marketing manager is to maximize a clients ROI, for their ad spend budget. So, for every dollar spent on advertising, how much return can the manager achieve for their clients. Marketing Managers have many different online ad buying accounts they can work from depending on the client. Learning and gaining experience in all the major marketing channels is essential for a long term career in digital marketing.

Media Buying Jobs are similar to digital marketing managers, as digital marketing managers will frequently do some media buying as part of their role. Specifically, the media buyer will purchase advertising from a third party, usually through an ad exchange or a PPC network, and their goal is to buy the best possible traffic for each campaign they buy for. Buying media is tricky, especially digital media where sometimes the majority of the Internet traffic bought can be fraudulent or fake. Media buying takes both experience and good industry connections to facilitate quality buys on behalf of clients. Media buying job opportunities are available for people of all experience levels. Typically media buyers will gain expertise in buying media for a specific industry or they will specialize in buying only certain types of media like display ads or re-targeting campaigns.


12 Work from Home Jobs you should consider if you are looking for work or to change careers.


Design Jobs Online

Online Design Jobs should be considered if you are an artist, a decorator, an architect or any type of person that has a great sense of visualization and how about how things should appear. If you or someone you know is a starving artist, has talent for seeing the little things that the rest of us just don’t notice – then they should really think about finding an online design job.

Design jobs that can be done from your home over the Internet have many applications in our modern Internet world. Popular websites you see on the Internet were created by graphic designers, had UX designers involved and continue to grow through visual content being developed by videographers. While I recommended you consider these three jobs in design, there are countless other positions covering many forms of digital art.

Graphic Design Jobs have been in demand since the Internet got into full swing at the beginning of our current millennium. Unless you’re a really small business using a website template, most business websites are custom built and require graphic designers to produce the visual elements of a great website and the many advertisements you see. Graphic designers are the visual creators of the Internet, they design what we see when we go online.

UX Design Jobs are not as common as graphic design jobs, but they are becoming more popular as companies come to rely more on their Internet sales as a greater portion of their business. UX designers dictate the layout of a website and what path or process the consumer or visitor will take once they are on the website. Consumers are tough, if a website has poor navigation, if it’s badly laid out and difficult for people to use, then fewer customers are going to want to return and shop again on that site. Companies understand the importance of not losing businesses due to a bad website, or a site that is just too confusing or distracting for the public to use. UX designers make sure that the experience a customer has once they arrive on the website is a positive one and so they can easily move through the website, find what they need and continue.

Videography Jobs online are not as common as graphic design or UX design positions, but they are in demand with companies investing in their new content creation. Content marketing is becoming a greater portion of businesses online advertising budgets. The average business doing Internet advertising spends about 30% of their marketing budget on content development. New videos, how-to videos or explainer videos are an essential part of major websites. Digital videography jobs are more than just recording video, they include being able to edit and alter videos for the specific needs of a client.


Work At Home Technology Jobs

Technology Careers and Jobs that build the Internet are always in demand and will continue to be for years to come. Right now as you read this article, you are benefiting from the work of countless web developers and engineers that created the hardware in your hand, or at your desk, the software on your device and the endless websites that deliver all your favorite content and shopping opportunities. Tech Jobs are not for everyone, unlike the media and marketing jobs where people from all backgrounds and educations are welcome and can thrive. Tech jobs are different in that generally you need training and education in the niche that you operate in.

Jobs In technology are abundant across many fields. The technology industry is vast and covers so many different jobs. From hardware to software, to communications connections, data storage and security, the opportunities in technology are virtually endless. In this article the three technology jobs I would like you or someone you know to consider are web developer, help desk and project management. These positions have high growth potential and will be around for years to come.

Web Development Jobs also cover a wide range of skills and computer coding possibilities. When it comes to creating software or building a website, there are many correct ways to get a project done. There are typically many ways to achieve the same goal, but depending on the web developer you ask, they may have two very different opinions about how to accomplish the same objective. There are many common computer languages like PHP, C+, JAVA or SOAP and there are also many more niche programs developed specifically for business applications like Oracle or WordPress. Employers need web developers with different skill sets to meet their different demands. Large companies will frequently have departments full of specialized web developers working as a team to build and manage complex projects, whereas a smaller business may have one or two developers to manage their backend technology operations and build their website.

Help Desk jobs are great for job seekers in the tech industry with less experience and typically earlier in their careers. Help desk jobs are similar to Customer Support jobs but are specific to a variety of support services that need this role filled. If you are not a tech person it’s likely that your only experience dealing with one would be a help desk agent, perhaps when you needed support for a computer problem like a PC virus or help with software. As long as consumers purchase technology driven products, there will be need for help desk agents making this career choice stable and recommended for technology workers earlier in their careers.

Project Manager Jobs in technology should be considered by experienced individuals that want to take their knowledge and use it to manage teams of developers or engineers to create software and web projects. For those of you reading this who are not familiar with the process of creating websites or a new software application, the project manager is the one who takes the lead on the project and coordinates the various developers to each do their piece of the project so it can be completed as one. Most projects take anywhere from a few to a few dozen experts each doing their part of a bigger project. The project manager is responsible for making sure each developer correctly creates their part and then tests the finished project.


12 Work from Home Jobs you should consider if you are looking for work or to change careers.


Sales Jobs

Sales jobs are one of the oldest professions and work from home sales jobs have been available since long before the Internet. Your probably wondering what’s so special about sales jobs and why would I bother to mention these opportunities when everyone knows they exist. While many job seekers cringe at the thought of being a sales person, I am recommending three specific types of sales that appeal to different types of people at different stages of their careers. But, yes, to a certain extent, sales is sales, however some sales jobs are for overconfident and extroverted personalities while other positions in sales can be done by normal tempered people with a willingness to try.

Work from home sales jobs should be considered by job seekers of all experience levels. To be honest, you can be a complete novice and step into sales and be a star employee within a few months. There are almost no other jobs or fields of work where a person with little to no education, with no experience but a great will to succeed, can earn more money and get ahead faster than peers in the same business for many years. Sales jobs are almost always based on production and sales results, not on experience or education. Employers care about one thing from their sales people, and that’s production. The more you sell the better you will do and the more you can earn. But keep this in mind: Sales can be hard. Sales has one of the highest burnout rates for any profession and few people make a long term career of it, even though the income can be great.

Business Development Jobs should be considered for outwardly, friendly and likeable people. If your talents are in making connections with other people and helping a business grow, then consider a job in business development. Business development jobs are B2B so you may need to have industry specific knowledge and experience to be an effective business developer in many fields. Business development jobs are usually not for beginners, but depending on the industry, your background can make all the difference in how effective a business developer you might be.

Inside Sales Jobs are highly recommended for home office workers that want to leverage their sales skills for top return on their time spent working. A top inside sales rep working on mostly commission can earn $50+ an hour and more. Experience, the type of industry and the company you work for all affect how much you might earn. Sales can be exciting when you’re doing well, but it can be very depressing and frustrating if you’re not doing well and your time is not paying off. I recommend teaming up with a good company that pays a fair base as well as commission. If you are new to sales, then you will definitely want a good base salary, whereas the better your skills are the more likely you’ll be considering mostly commission opportunities selling desirable products and services. There is an endless array of the different types of things you might be selling for a company. As a work at home sales rep you likely will have a lot of flexibility in your schedule and might want to consider working part time in sales while working another job for supplemental income to see how things go with the more lucrative sales opportunities.

Regional Account Manager Jobs are recommended for experienced sales agents and business developers, when you want to do less sales and more management and maintenance of customer accounts. Regional Account Managers typically oversee other sales managers within a region or will be the sole sales manager expected to oversee the accounts currently with the company. Businesses have important accounts that need attention and constant oversight, to ensure large and institutional clients are happy and keeping their business with the company you work for. A regional account manager may be expected to do some travel to meet or entertain clients in their region. While new sales opportunities are always on an account manager’s mind, their primary concern is not losing that account and keeping the client satisfied to maintain the status quo for the company.


Work from Home Jobs are careers available to workers with a good computer and high speed Internet access. Work-at-home is not a secret, millions of people are actively looking for work from home jobs and there are more job seekers than there are available positions. Applying to highly competitive work from home opportunities like Data Entry Work or Customer Service Jobs can sometimes feel frustrating when you don’t hear back from employers. After a few dozen applications and no interviews – you’re ready to pull your hair out. That’s when you need to take a step back and see what’s wrong about the types of positions you are applying for and begin to find other types of jobs that you can do.

Home Office Careers provides dedicated Account Managers and a Career Assistance team to help our Premium members find jobs that match their abilities and might be less competitive to start. Each day our Career Assistance team responds to our member requests for help. The primary goal of the Career Assistance team is to provide job recommendations to our members. Having personalized job offer recommendations helps job seekers that might be having less luck getting interviews because they are only applying to the most popular and competitive positions, where the employers are deciding from among more than 500 applicants sometimes!

12 Work from Home Jobs you should consider is just a small sample of the many jobs available for home based workers on If you or someone you know is looking for a work from home job and is having difficulty getting interviews after submitting many job applications, then let our team of career specialists help you.

We look forward to assisting your work-at-home career search!

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  1.' alifiaali says:

    im data entry professional with excellent customer services n pretty good when dealing with clients. i hope i must get my job fast plz let me know if anything

    •' alifiaali says:

      i really need online job in data entry ,my typing speed is very fast , n i really do it very earlier in my skills thankyou

      • Isaac Klein says:

        I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership. Also, included in the premium membership is our Job Concierge and Career Guidance Services which are personalized support services.

        To get started, go to our “Sign Up” page.

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    • Isaac Klein says:

      hello Lesley,

      We have hundreds of available positions, many of which are relatively easy like, writing or customer service. It really depends on your background and what you are looking for.

      Please start by registering on our sign-up page and then begin browsing our jobs.

      thanks for commenting and good luck on your job hunt!

  2.' Tammy brooks says:

    Im interested in a home job. I habr lots of experience with compu9and customer services

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Tammy,

      To get started, go to our “Sign-Up” page and register. Then start searching for job using our the job search page. When you are ready to apply to a job or if you would like our career Assistance – a personalized support team, then you can upgrade your membership to premium.

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  3.' Jacqueline says:

    I have worked different fields of job some were just temporary help for typhoon disaster. But very good learning experience. Other jobs stayed awhile but as a mother couldn’t afford daycare so no choice but to quit. Wish they had this kind of work back then would of made it a lot more easier. I have a lot of gaps in my history of employment but still just the little time i spent in some areas was a well learning experience. I am a hard worker and love to learn new things but i am also a very customer friendly person. I want to apply for most of these home jobs but a lot of them you have to pay and yes i don’t mind but to be honest i just don’t even have a little to spare. I would love to have a chance in showing a company how i work and working from home is the only way i could get a job. Thank You

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Jacqueline,

      We have hundreds of screened home-jobs waiting to be filled by motivated candidates like you.

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership.

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  4.' Lesley Wheatley says:

    I would really like to find something that I can work from home. I have some office experience and I am a very fast learner!

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Lesley,

      I would recommend you create your free basic profile, and then search through our jobs and when you are ready to apply, you will need to upgrade to premium membership. Also, included in the premium membership is our Job Concierge and Career Guidance Services which are personalized support services.

      Good luck on your work from home job search!

  5.' Patricia Parker Lundberg says:

    My credentials include progressive responsibility with documented success in the areas of accounts receivable and credit & collection as various organizational levels.

    I am accustomed to a fast-paced environment where deadlines are a priority and handling multiple jobs simultaneously is a requirement. I enjoy a challenge and work hard to attain interpersonal skills.

    I would love the opportunity to prove myself as an outstanding work from home opportunity

    Thank you

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Patricia,

      Thank you for commenting

      We have many available work-from-home jobs waiting to be filled by online job-seekers like you.

      To get started, go to our “Sign-Up” page or home page to learn more – Good Luck!

  6. Isaac Klein says:

    Hello Patricia,

    Thank you for inquiring I would love to help you be more informed about our service.

    I would recommend that you begin on our home page; and then continue through the site and please let us know if you have any questions. Our toll free number is located at the top of every page on our site for members convenience.

  7.' Monte Fitting says:

    I am looking for a work from home job. I am a reliable and dependable person. And I work well with other people.

    Thanks Monte phone 717-557-3333

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Monte – I’m glad to see that you have joined Home Office Careers as a Basic member and hope you are looking at some of the more than 1,000 new job offers we have posted and which are updated every day. There are 30 different job categories and you should be able to go through the ones that are most interesting and find offers that you think you could qualify for. When you are ready to start applying, you will need to upgrade to Premium membership – that will also allow you to work with your Dedicated Account Manager and speak directly with a member of the Career Assistance Team. All the best!

  8.' Feri Safavi says:

    I am looking or a home-based job as an administrative assistant / Data Entry in Medical field possibly. Have worked in positions as case manager / admission coordinator in Long term care facilities with more than 10 yrs of experience..I am a fast learner and reliable hard worker.
    Thank you!

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Feri – We’re pleased to hear from you and we appreciate your desire to work from home. You should search through the large Healthcare category where we have about 150 job offers posted. I’d also recommend Customer Support if you are good with people and like solving problems. If you are not yet a member, sign up today at

  9.' Anita Smith says:

    I really need typing work to do from home. I type 200 wpm, so that says it all. Work will be done VERY quickly and VERY accurately. Please give me an opportunity to prove myself.
    Thank you so much
    Anita (

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Anita,

      We have many opportunities for writers on HomeOfficeCareers.

      Please login and start searching using the filters on the left margin of our job search page.


  10.' Laura Solo says:

    Hi Issac,

    If you want me to sent you my RESUME, just let me know. That should be a Data Entry At home job. Thanks for your understanding.


    Laura Solo

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Laura,

      Home Office Careers is a job posting site and careers service. We do not accept your resume, you will want to give this to your potential employers when you apply to positions found on our site.

      thanks for commenting

  11. i am really looking for a job as a data entry operator on home

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Agil,

      Data Entry jobs are very popular, but we always a have some available for our members.

      Please login and go yo our Job Search page to look for positions.

      thanks for commenting

  12.' LINDA KELLER says:

    interested in working from home as a help desk jobs and what is the pay for the membership find the work from home jobs.

    • Isaac Klein says:

      Hello Linda,

      Thank you for commenting. We have a lot of new positions for help desk jobs and customer support.

      Please create your account and start searching for jobs!

      • I’m looking for something that I can set my own schedule and be able to work as many hours as I want. Some weeks forty hours and some weeks less. I’m open to what ever that job is. I’m good in customer care and have worked in sales. available any day but Sunday.

        • I’m looking to work from home, would like to set my own schedule, some days maybe 8 hours and some less. I’ve worked in customer care and also in sales. I would like $15.00. I’m available 6 days a week.

          • Alan Klein says:

            Hi Sandy – We’re pleased to recognize you as a Basic member of Home Office Careers. Here is some basic information to help you understand and take advantage of our services:

            As a Basic member you may search for jobs and use Resume Assistant to create a professional quality resume.

            If you wish to apply to any of the jobs you find on our site or in our daily newsletter, then you will need to become a Premium member, with the ability to apply to as many jobs as you want, as often as you would like. Premium members are also able to have access to our Career Counseling and Assistance service.

        • Alan Klein says:

          Hi Sandy – We’ve replied to your more recent inquiry. Please see our response dated July 14 2016.

  13.' Joy L says:

    I really need a work at home job,I have some experience and I’m a good learner!

    • Alan Klein says:

      Hi Joy – Please join as a free Basic member so you may start looking at jobs, reading Career Resources, and creating a good resume. Have patience because it can take a long time and many job applications to get a good work from home jobs.

  14.' Tariqul Islam says:

    I need the job from here but I live in Bangladesh. Is there any opportunity for Bangladeshi people.

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