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10 Unconventional Work From Home Tips

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Rebecca is a newlywed and an aspiring fiction author that got her start in content creation five years ago with her beauty and lifestyle based blog and YouTube channel.

Hello there remote warriors! Today I’m sharing with you ten unconventional tips to stay on track during your work from home journey. Most of these tips apply to people that already work from home but the first few can also be applied to people trying to get into the career path of a remote worker.


1. Keep a regular list of possible job opportunities

Some work from home jobs are temporary, or simply don’t pay as well as you’d like, so keeping a rolling list of places you can send applications is not only helpful for an emergency unemployment situation — it also sends the message to yourself that you are worth more. Never settle for less than you deserve.

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2. Apply, even if you aren’t completely qualified for the job

I read an article recently that talked about the differences between male and female applications that said men apply for jobs, even if they are missing some of the qualifications, and are more willing to ask for more than a woman would. That scared me because I’ve done both of those things. I could have 9/10 qualifications and I’ll chicken out and close the application.

Whether you are male or female ignore that fear that you aren’t qualified enough for this work from home job, you can learn as you go in most cases as long as you understand the aim of the position and have some of the skills described.


3. Have three (or more) resumes

Many remote workers are looking for multiple jobs in different industries, yet still only have one resume. I’m guilty of this. Having multiple resumes to highlight different aspects of your experiences and job aims will make you look more fitting for the jobs you do apply for, bringing you closer to an actual interview.


4. Wear a suit, even when you work from home

Sure, we can dress as casually as we’d like — no one is going to see us working in our pajamas. But if your to-do list is as long as you are tall, break out your favorite work outfit and you’ll get things done much quicker. A suit (or work dress) puts you in the right mood for checking off those to-dos.


5. Listen to a motivational speaker as you get ready for work

I am signed up to a few different success centered mailing lists. Honestly, too many. But they often send me different motivating TED talks, old recordings of success webinars, and many more. These podcasts and YouTube videos have become my armor on days where I just can’t seem to motivate myself to get out of bed.

So now on the days that are harder on me (like Mondays) I just unlock my phone, pull up a success related talk, and give it a listen while I’m getting ready for the day. Suddenly, I’m pumped up and ready to face anything.


6. Stand up more

Many people fall into a trap of working as much as physically possible at their desk and then just plopping down in front of the TV when they are done. Not a good idea.

After getting an activity tracker and becoming intimately aware of how little I move around day to day, I started adding more laps to my daily dog walks and taking the long way back home. I know now that that I’m giving my body the steps I need to be healthier, even though I don’t have an office to walk around in or outside lunch meetings.


7. Have a mantra

Mantras have really helped me in the past. The basics of it is to have a buzz phrase to define your goals or to help you during a particular scenario. For a few years mine was “If I can’t change it, why worry?” and since then I’ve been able to be more patient and calm while face scenarios that are out of my control.

Having a mantra to define your work from home journey can help keep you focused and happy.


8. Buy a salt lamp

This is one of my weirder work from home tips. Many remote workers spend less time outdoors because they aren’t spending time in a commute, walking to their favorite lunch spot during their office break, etc. so you may not be exposing yourself enough to fresh air.

To remedy that situation, I keep the windows open when I can and have scattered some plants and salt lamps throughout my home. Salt lamps, like houseplants, purify the air. However, salt lamps have a gorgeous orange glow and even help tame allergies so they can be a bit more fun than plants (plus you don’t have to water them).


9. Use a focused playlist

Through some trial and error, I’ve come to realize that I can’t have silence while I work. Silence makes it too easy for me to get distracted. For awhile I tried having YouTube play videos on autoplay, letting me catch up on my subscriptions while I write. However, I would find my average words per minute decreased with that practice.

Then I tried listening to music and I discovered that they same thing happened with pop music. I was just bobbing my head too often to pay attention to what i was doing.

Eventually I found the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify that mixes together classical music, ambient tones, and mellow beats together to keep me in my seat and working.

Other great playlists I use on rotations include Brain Food and Atmospheric Calm.


10. Buy or create a totem

If staying motivated is the problem, having a totem at your desk could be a motivating practice for you. Similar to tying a string around your finger, buying or creating an object to represent a goal and having it visible for you to see is a great motivator to keep you working or striving for more.

An easy totem could be a picture of your family (for the life you want to create for them) and a more obscure one could be a ship in a bottle (to represent your upcoming vacation).


So those are my more obscure work from home tips to share with you today. Do you have any weird ones? Please do share in the comments because it could be helpful to other readers.

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  1.' Grace Wanjiru says:

    I have just started working at home and i have found the information very helpful.
    thank you.

    • Hi Grace! That is so great to hear that you have begun working from home – congratulations to you! I hope you continue to find our articles beneficial to you as you move forward in your career. Best of luck!

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