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10 Thoughts Every Work From Home Employee Has


Rebecca is a newlywed and an aspiring fiction author that got her start in content creation five years ago with her beauty and lifestyle based blog and YouTube channel.

Working from home is a blessing and…interesting. Being at home for extended periods of time can create interesting dynamics between yourself, your work, and your family. Here are some thoughts that run between my mind, and the mind of many others, when working remotely or on your own schedule.

1. Sure, I can fit something else on my to-do list.

This is probably the number one thought that crosses my mind. Being at home makes me think I have all the time in the world to be productive. But too many items on your list can be just as bad as none. This thought also blends in with “I can definitely take on one more client.” Lately I’ve been keeping my to-do list to only 5 items, everything else I get done is just extra. Keeping a set number to your list makes sure you only focus on the priorities.


2. Okay, I’ll take a ten minute break and then I’ll get back to work.

When being at home, it’s harder to delegate breaks to end exactly when they should. Especially if you notice a pile of dishes in the sink or your dog needs a walk. If you think it’ll take a moment, give in to the distraction and then get back to work right away. Just don’t take on a big project right in the middle of your work day that doesn’t actually have to be done, instead use that project as an incentive to get done early.


3. What time is it?

A watched pot will still boil, despite the saying. But watching your clock will certainly be boring and make the time feel slower. I recommend using the app Flat Tomato to keep you on task and aware of the time, without being obsessive about checking it and losing your iPhone battery.


4. I’ll eat at my desk today, just this once.

Working through lunch is a problem many people have, not just freelancers. It starts as a once in awhile thing and then becomes a habit hard to break. But being at your desk all day isn’t going to help your productivity. If anything, it’ll hurt it. Currently I try to take a walk around the block right before lunch and then I’ll eat at the table instead of my desk. It makes me feel a little more recharged and ready to work again.


5. I won’t take a break so I can finish up earlier today.

Not taking breaks is just as bad as taking too many. As I’ve already mentioned in several of the other thought breakdowns, you need to rest up to be able to do your best work. And honestly, when I skip breaks I just find more and more to do. I never finish early, or even on time, if I don’t make it a priority to stop at a decent hour. Don’t fall into this trap!


6. Multitasking definitely makes me more productive.

I’m sorry to say, no, you are not getting more done by doing multiple projects at once or even (gasp) watching TV while working. I know, I multitask everyday. It doesn’t make me feel more productive, it just keeps me in my seat because I have ADD.

But since I’m a little odd I’ve timed myself doing different similar activities during multitasking and when I work only on one task. A project will take me 2 hours and 15 minutes while multitasking (ie watching TV) and only 1 hour and 45 minutes when I focus on only that task.


7.  I don’t need an accountant, I can learn how to do my own taxes.

This is something I’ve been struggling with and now I’m giving up. Yup, finding an accountant is on my never ending to-do list. Do you know of any virtual accountants? Let me know in the comments.


8. Man what a long day, I’m just going to relax and watch TV until I fall asleep.

This isn’t a conscious thought on my part but it certainly is a common one for me. After a long day at the computer, I just want to lay on my couch and binge watch Netflix shows. The only thing motivating me from not doing this is my Bellabeat LEAF activity tracker. The American Heart Association recommends 10,000 steps a day and I’ve only been averaging about 5-6000 since I don’t have an office to walk through daily.

As I mentioned in thought #4, I like to add in walks throughout my day. I’ve started doing this so I can bring my total steps closer to 10K but it has had some unexpected side effects. Since I’ve started going on three walks a day, I’ve become more peppy and have felt more on task when I am working.

Watching TV definitely won’t help me get to 10,000 steps.


9. Today I will not get distracted at all.

And then you end up on social media.

It’s just going to happen. Accepting my usual distractions has actually made it a lot easier to move past them. Sure, seasoned telecommuters have less of a problem with this but it happens to everyone time and time again so don’t feel too bad about it.

All Tech Considered has a list of a few social media blocking sites you can try to keep you on track.


10. I need a new job.

It’s okay to want a new job and to still be grateful for what you’ve had. I have this thought quite often. Working from home can be a challenge but it’s one worth having.


What common thoughts jump into your mind when working at home? Have you felt any of the above?

4 Responses to “10 Thoughts Every Work From Home Employee Has”

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